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  2. Apologies, i don't recall the exact cost but I had Murray's colour code and fit at a discounted price shortly after I purchased the car.
  3. Ordered from Lotus Motorsport. Fitted by Murray Lotus.
  4. Hi all, My LF1 is currently for sale: LINK Cheers Brian
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    LF1 On track

    From the album: My LF1 on track

  6. B12ANR

    My LF1 on track

    My LF1 on track
  7. Yes, so far so good. Two down, three to go. I seem to be the most unlucky owner by far.
  8. Nope. Not a sausage. I don't even have the carbon plaque on the dash showing the race win number. But I got a free MIL light from running premium fuel and botched paint job...
  9. First tank of fuel was in Edinburgh, the second tank was in Drumchapel roughly 50+ miles away.
  10. There is a light on the dash when cruise control is active and the 'R' on the stalk is the resume. All the functions work fine for me. If you press the on/off (large button at bottom) you'll see the light going on and off on the dash. If you cancel cruise by switching the cruise off then the resume function obviously won't work. If you cancel it by braking then just press 'R' and the car should accelerate (pretty aggressively IMO) back to the original speed.
  11. The car had fault code 'P1302 MISFIRE Catalyst Damage Levels'. Gary from Murrays came through to check the car and gave the car a once over and cleared the fault code. I'm still being advised not to use V-Power Nitro+ but I'm about to phone Hethel and request it in writing. More to come no doubt...
  12. The car is totally standard. I'm waiting on Hethel phoning me back but in the meantime Craig at Murrays in Edinburgh would like the car to read the fault codes.
  13. Update: Murrays think it's the Shell V-Power Nitro+ fuel that's the problem. I'm a little concerned that a car this expensive doesn't run properly on a premium fuel so i'm making a call the Hethel to discuss. The MIL light is also back on again.
  14. I've emailed Craig and Brandon at Murrays but no response yet. Hopefully it's nothing serious.
  15. Hi all, I had the dreaded MIL light yesterday. I started my car and immediately noticed the idle was lumpy. As I drove the car out of my garage the car was spluttering and felt like the engine was being flooded each time I pressed the accelerator pedal. It would initially die then cough back into life and rev. I tried switching the car off again but it made no difference. Nor did allowing the car to idle until it had warmed up. Amazingly I started it this morning and the light has gone off. I assume it's the exhaust sensor creating the error. The car has 340miles on the clock... Has anyone else had the same problem?
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