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  1. Car still looks good. Nice to talk today call if you need to know anything else. Regards Roy.
  2. Just looking at indemnity form which says insurance policy in full force and effect to cover the risks associated with using a vehicle on track. Roy.
  3. Just got off the phone with Adrian flux.the insurance company equity redstar will not cover my esprit for the parade lap on sunday.anyone know of any company that do this type of cover. Thanks Roy.
  4. Thanks Bibs tickets came today. Roy.
  5. might of been me in a nautilus blue v8 on the way home from bristol after buying a few parts.
  6. Hi. if you buy parts at the sale will you be able to have them sent to your local dealer. or do you have to take them on the same day. Cheers Roy
  7. Very sad to say but i have to cancel.2 of us would have been there sunday & monday but my business commitments have changed and will now be working.there will be a room at the hotel spare as well. i hope you all have a great time and look forward to reading all about it.
  8. number 25+26 1-Roy Mc Nulty 2-yes 98 v8 3-yes-Lynn 4-yes-2 5-no 6-yes 7-yes 8-south yorkshire
  9. 72 73 1 .Roy 2 .v8 3 .+1 4 .not required 5 .s yorkshire
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