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  1. You didn't read into that deep enough from other sources.... Moronic woman looking down at her phone stepped out into the road on a green light for traffic. I hate cyclists but on this occasion they have punished the wrong person. If you are looking at your phone, you are not in control, even as a pedestrian. We get these morons all the time in Aberdeen. Seen a few run down as a result of randomly stepping out whilst looking at their phone.
  2. Gradually gaining ground on those annoying jobs that have been holding me back. Progress however has required me to cut off my nose to spite my face. Harsh progress but necessary.
  3. Have you seen the adverts for joining the army now. It basically states if you have no aspirations in life and nobody else will take you.... I suppose you will have to do. Bloody terrible.
  4. For the record. Most of us hate Jimmy Cranky. Enough of the independence... YOU LOST!
  5. Unlikely to need cleaning at that age then. The cold does make a big difference. Original cats tend to be double skinned for more heat retention and quicker warm-up. Most sports cats i have seen are single skinned for lighter weight plus cheaper and quicker construction. The way to get a sports cat through is a hard drive and literally drive into the MOT as it's time is called before putting it onto the emissions machine. If it passed everything else you can get it re-tested on just this. Depending on what materials you have to hand in a drawer or garage? Wrapping the cat in manifold wrap is always an option for heat retention. Or refer to the sports cat manufacturer and question whether it will pass an MOT? Likely the reply will come back "Not for road use" as catalytic converters have to be type approved and that is expensive for the certs. Is it high CO or unburnt hydrocarbons it's failing on?
  6. Has the cat been on long? If it has been on a few years, it might be worth running a bottle of cataclean through to clear off any contaminants. Even the cleanest modern engines burn oil with the blowby from the crankcase vapours and egr being sent into the engine. When cleaning rx8s and diesels I run water and windscreen fluid via a high pressure nozzle after the maf to clean the induction pipework, valves, combustion chambers and cat. Do it when the engine is relatively cool and it will make it to the cat to clean it out. You can see the carbon in the chambers on the rotaries has gone from thick oily black to light grey deposits. While you are at it. It is worth cleaning all of the sensors ie MAF, IAT, MAP and any other ignition applicable sensor to make sure it is running as clean as possible.
  7. I put on the winter tyres earlier today. Absolutely shocking service from your provider. I put mine on as a result of thr temperature no longer reaching 7C with windchill in Peterhead. The summer tyres just don't cut it around here after that. I would honestly quote what they have said and pass it on to a regulatory body. It is almost as if they are encouraging you to take risks! Deliberately ending your policy as well so they don't have to reimburse you as well is unacceptable and I would think potentially they are in breach of contract as they haven't given you chance to rectify it..... whether you would or not. I don't tell mine if I change to winter tyres. It is my choice what I put on the car. Bearing in mind many of the cars I have had - the original manufacturer stated tyres are no longer produced anyway. If an accident occurs, it will be noted that I had maintained my vehicle to use the best possible items for the road conditions.
  8. Got the Ducati 906 Paso running. Lovely sound, lovely smell. If only I could bottle the smell of oil, fuel and CO from a carbed machine... love it. I would call it Au de Homme.
  9. Where are you starting from? If you start lower down, a route through Pitlochry and over the Fettercarins is one of the best ways to go. It will get you through the boring bits and avoid the dual carriageways. If you get stuck on the way. The kettle is always on in Kininmonth. Cheers Kieran
  10. TP sensors on these are terrible. They have tracks that wear out. They can be replaced with a hall effect sensor. A sub-optimal cat converter code can be attributed to fuelling: MAF, TPS, coil pack or ecu engine coolant sensor I.e anything that controls fuelling and timing will mean the fuelling will go out of kilter and be picked up by the 02 sensor and throw a code. Passed superbike test on Saturday.
  11. Vanya... my money is on a throttle position sensor fail for the Maserati. Very nice though
  12. Get a neighbour to write you a receipt. Sorted.
  13. Your best bet bet for removing the studs without destroying anything will be spark erosion. It will effectively remove the stud leaving the threads intact.
  14. So not a day to be happy as I have been way too busy for that. - First baby girl 5.5 months ago. Finally seem to be gelling with her. - Long trip to the Philippines and Japan for work. 6 weeks of easy work and partying. - The yard is full of interesting cars despite moving on the Eclat Riviera - Today has begun the big task of stripping out the concrete base from the main workshop. Bloody hard work on one of the hottest days of the year but 1/4 of the way through is somewhat encouraging. Just happy really. Not moody, just slowly moving forward.
  15. This made me happy too! I get a chunk of my yard back when the Elite and subsequent Excel moves down the production line Glad to hear it's running properly now.
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