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  1. It didn't hang around. Very sad to see it go but it would have been modified when I got round to it and I may have felt guilty given the number of surviving examples. It is being restored to original. Far better to concentrate on the red special locked away. Always room for a project or 2 John.
  2. Tons more photos and spares but I can only upload a certain amount at a time. I can chuck up a WETRANSFER link later. As stated.... I wasn't selling but am beginning to soften to the idea
  3. As per title. The car was not for sale but a few have been sniffing about and I am beginning to open up to the idea of moving it on before I get round to it myself. I have put it in here as the car isn't for sale.... but could be if someone is looking for their next project. This is for the enthusiast and is not to be broken for parts - This is my strict policy with regards to certain vehicles. The car is 99.5% complete. I have spares to help you along as well. Let me know....
  4. This one was one of the first 100 Excels ever produced. As for being an endangered species...very much so. With only 11 believed to be left in existence I have seen most of these and sold one of those 11 last year that is due to be appearing in a classic race series at Knockhill. The Narrow body cars are my favourite due to being less fussy in terms of looks. This is most definitely one car I would not be disappointed if it did not sell.
  5. As per title. I am in the midst of a big tidy up in the courtyard in preparation for a new onsite lodger and also keeping on top of projects. Sadly this rare beast is not the first in the line for me to finish... hence time to move it on
  6. 2 things. 1. IF the paint is original, much of the top layer will be dead, you may have to cut through the very top layer with a machine polish to reveal the real colour. Then scan the colour after doing this 2 - Not all paint places are created equal, you may have better luck elsewhere. Don't shoot me down ..... Halfords did a very good match on a touch up paint for me on a Peugeot 309 Goodwood where others had struggled. Yellow is meant to be one of the hardest colours to match up when requiring fresh paint.
  7. Post details and I can look at it for you. If it's a scam or not, I can view it when in town. Cheers Kieran
  8. If only I had known about this.... I would have contacted a few more folk as well. Poor old boy, gets hassle for having a car that is bright and not a boring colour... Not biased here in any way shape or form
  9. Never a truer words said.....The ewp needs a constant flow, even if it is a trickle. The problem with most controllers is that they pulse based on a set time or pre-set temperature which is rubbish. The ewp needs to at least flow 10- 20 litres per min even when idling just to circulate. My next incarnation will be with a thermostat and the temp sensor inside the main block. Testing with myself and another has found that setting the sensor to a lower than anticipated temp has a positive effect when using an ewp. Instead of going for 90C start lower at say 65C. Work up from that. It sounds counterintuitive but depending on how you control the ewp, it is more likely to ensure a constant flow and is a far safer starting point.
  10. It has to be said.... I like the pic associated with lumpy Eclat....
  11. There is nothing wrong with knowing that you have done work and have sprayed everything as you would want it. If nobody else appreciates the unseen work... At least you know it is there. Building a car is like building a house as you go up the chain. The first one you build for an enemy. The next you build for a friend The last you build for yourself. If you always build for yourself, you know the quality is there even if you or nobody else can see it.
  12. In reply to many of the associated problems.... Ethel runs Evans powercool to deal with hotspots in the head. Custom aluminium radiator bought before the Chinese alu one was made available. The system I built around a davies craig ewp 115. With aluminium rad, evans ccoolant, ewp 115 and controller and no thermostat as the system is self regulating using sensors that detect a 3 deg C drift. ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL!!!!!!! Is where you place your sensor for the water pump. The reason for this is the PWM module only pulses the coolant around the block every 10 secs until it reaches the desired temp on the sensor and then it activates the pump to flow harder. The problems for me which are still ongoing is that Evans stores a lot of heat but also sheds it very quickly. The temperature swings due to the location of the sensor and what temp the pump and fan self regulate is too high to maintain a low flow. Overcooling is a serious problem to contend with on the above item combination. I am currently looking at removing the standard pwm controller and letting the ecu control both ewp and fans so the pump is flowing at a slow rate all the time as opposed to letting the block cook and then overcooling the whole assembly through pumping the superchilled coolant from the rad. This is not an easy path... The problems associated with this route are: undercooling, overcooling, temp sensor placement, coolant temperature (not as easy as simply saying 80C), alarms to indicate pump failure and a few others to boot.
  13. - They are Smiths Guages on the narrow body. Worth pulling the speedo cable out and spraying lubricant down the end. - 14 inch Supra wheels as standard on A reg - I personally would stick with a 4.1 over a 3.9 diff as the extra bit of acceleration on the 160 engine suits the gearing better. The interior looks quite nice in cream leather and it sounds like a decent amount of work has been done over the years.
  14. Quite happy to show it but it's a waste of a photo... T'was already crash damaged and missing a front end when it arrived... So I am guilt free
  15. A very early 82' narrow body excel (labelled éclat) next to the Riviera. Both are eventually going the same direction as Ethel (when time permits)- full strip and modernization but the Riviera will be retaining the original external cues and interior with thanks to suppliers of seat material supplied by Mark @Loose Cannon
  16. Not a lotus part... but easily one of the sexiest parts my stepdad has produced for one of my projects .... Renault 5 turbo 2 rear arms in stainless.
  17. An afternoon well spent removing a basketball ring, trellis and covering the outbuilding in a coat of bitumen. It now looks a lot tidier and has been weatherproofed in preparation for further work, more insulation, more tools, new door and eventually another ramp. Happy bunny today
  18. I would rather sit by the side of the road with head hung in shame and bonnet open than use K-seal. The post use devastation any form of coolant bodge (copper) seal kits leave is horrific. Wrecks coolant galleries, blocks radiators and sticks to waterpump fins. I would walk away from any car that has had this put in it
  19. You are still talking about this.... pull the trigger already. Have you driven it already? If not...why not?! The only thing someone I know was disappointed with was the gearbox on the db9...Sold it 6 weeks later as a result. Not sure how to read that though as he rebuilds gearboxes for a living.
  20. Screengrab and forward to Wendy = ... oh you meant the other one before
  21. Sooooo ... question is what is the efficiency likely to be? Is the idea behind this as a generator i.e small power unit for a hybrid vehicle/house to charge cells or as a direct drive to gearbox? What kind of bhp or torque for the model size and can the size be upped continuously without diminishing losses i.e will the power follow the percentage the size has been scaled up?
  22. An electric or rotary driven compressor would be an interesting way of adding compression and controlling intake that could be adjusted to change fuel mix ratio instead of a butterfly. Seems a sensible way of starting the rotors as well using compressed air instead of a starter motor.
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