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  1. Ohhhh dear. You have a pikey infestation. The lambs will have been hunted by dogs for sport (for fun) and indicators left to baffle people viewing the carcass. The plaiting of the horses maine is an indication of which horse to steal! Pig farmers have the best way of dealing with them.
  2. Sorry bud, you will struggle to attract attention to these as most owners are requiring the sierra xr4 ones for originality or will simply get an aluminium one from Mike T for just over £30 and will support the main suppliers to keep them in business for parts longevity.
  3. I can help you out on that one.
  4. If you have any brake cleaner handy try this as iy can dissolve silicone into crumbly bits.. Alternatively try a product designed specifically for removing bathroom silicone. I know you say it is butyl but the properties to silicone are not dissimilar.
  5. I am due back on land next week which is when I am looking at removing the dog parlour so will have more room indoors. Let me know what you are up to as I will have an extended time off in august and september where I will be kicking heels so to speak. When I am back you can chuck it over the pit if that is any help?
  6. Afternoon John Good to see another one in the area but sad that circumstances beyond your control may be moving it on. Got some slave cylniders in recently if that helps.. I can get it up to a better standard in my time off in the next few months if that helps? If you put it on to the excelnet forum it would be appreciated as there are currently a few in search of late model excels. Cheers Kieran
  7. Just going to have to find something else to drop into Mildred...
  8. Winning a W12 engine on an open auction and then the seller saying it wasn't enough.... breached selling rules. Not happy!
  9. Congrats on your narrow body excel.. I remember it going for sale about 3-4 months back. The early ones without bonnet vents are particularly rare these days.. Probably less than 10 of this generation left... Nice to see the original colour on the bumpers too
  10. Its probably on the same street as the ol boy with the pristine classic ford thats not moved from the garage since 1977 or is it in the barn with all the sd1s and cosworths.... Dont worry... your secrets safe I have a lot of stuff to sort before I hunt for an esprit.
  11. My outbuildings should be coming down at the beginning of next year to make way for a new workshop. After this I was looking to have an open ramp weekend as not many have access to ramps these days. Enough parking for about 8 cars outside of the outbuildings currently. Just concentrating on getting the house more habitable currently. I am only just a bit further North than Aberdeen now ( about 35 mins on a quiet day).
  12. This has already been suggested by Don Hasi to me. Head up for a weekend or ramps and tools facilities. You complete all the work yourselves, feel proud, have beer, bbq and bouncy castle for the adults amongst us. The other halves get a spa treatment in a hotel whilst you work on the car You would have to sign a waiver form accepting responsibility under the ramps as your own.
  13. I view that as a real shame as it could have gone to an enthusiast who may have resurrected it at its correct value or it could have given its parts in a worthy cause. No bonnet, wrecked shell, etc... probably cat. C. for £3k is way overpriced. Sold my celebration with a v8 to Brian for not far off that. Good luck.
  14. Neither of those options worked. The "current location" dropped me in birmingham.. The postcode option just froze... Hence had to physically drop a pin.
  15. That didnt work for me. I had to right click on the map, zoom in and physically drop a pin.
  16. Fueltheburn


  17. My location needs editing. I used my current location.... it dumped me in Brimingham area - only about 400 miles out or you can delete it and I will re-do it.
  18. Sorry I can't make it this year Gordon. I have some essential upgrades I am carrying out so will be out of action for a while.
  19. Doesn't feel real yet. Got the keys to my new hoose and workshop Let the fun begin.
  20. The diagram on the right is your pump for the HC as the one on the left is for an LC engine on an excel. Its a quick job to change just the thermostat. I personally use the 82C thermostat.
  21. That is actually a more impressive build than you are giving it credit for. An original OE MAF for a 205/309 GTI from peugeot is over £400 last time I checked. The sum of the parts greatly outweigh the sale cost. If you have driven a sorted 205 or 309 gti... it just makes sense. It's a very easy car to fall in love with. As for the Merc E190 EVO, it is a completely different animal from the E190 Cosworth.
  22. David I see you haven't added your name to this list due to being a hillclimb entrant. I am also registered for the hillclimb so don't know if my name is to be removed from the list here?
  23. Lets get this rolling as it seems a wee bit quiet for an attendance thread. All paid up... I just have the small task of rebuilding things before august whilst finishing house move RDSF Entrants 1. Kieran Lee (Ethel on the hill )
  24. Evening Tony Do you have an account number or paypal address I can forward payment to instead of a cheque? Cheers K
  25. Imagine having this sat side by side in a double garage with the Altair green Elite David had at the NEC.... Lovely looking beast.
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