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  1. Hi Folks, Unfortunately I am already committed to a Club Lotus event at RAF Cosford on the same day. Sorry I can't make, but you all have a great day. Best Wishes Apple
  2. Apple100


  3. Hi Bibs, A wonderful event, and a great day at Brooklands. Thank you for making me so welcome, and that goes to everyone else I met, your all a lovely bunch of people. made the effort all worthwhile. Apple
  4. Dear John, Haven't logged in for a while and just picked up this thread I had this problem after finally getting my car back after a total restoration. When pulling the release, like you, it partly released the hatch but not fully. Popped over the Paul Matty to sort it. In the workshop Brian fetched a large metal bar with a hook on the end. Lifted the release lever, inserted the hook below and captured the cable. Then firmly, but without yanking he pulled on the cable and the rear hatch release. This will usually work where the cable has stretched or the small brass nodules on the cable
  5. Just took delivery of my V8 Esprit after a long and protracted total restoration. I had not had much use of the car before it went away, so now I am getting used to the car properly for the first time, WOW. However, On my third outing of getting to know Edward Esprit, gentle progress seems fine but when I tried to accelerate I got awful engine judder. As the engine had been totally re-built I thought maybe it's a bit tight, be gentle. Anyway I took it back to Paul Matty and had it looked at. The chaps quickly identified the problem. NOT a tight engine, NOT the clutch (which may still be a p
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