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    Elise S2 111R
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    2bular 7", TRD Filter, Exedy clutch, EP Flywheel, Moroso Baffled Sump, EP wiper spray bar
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    NW Kent

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  1. I took a whole load, prob too many!
  2. Great weather, great cars, great event overall, what more could you ask for - a huge congrats and well done to all involved in the organising 😀😎😍🤗
  3. Top nosh, cheers Bibs - banoffee tart was to great end with as well 👍
  4. Thanks to the m25 I missed the birchanger convoy, but stopped off there for a ped and went cross country to the a11 which was pretty empty, much nicer route than the m11 which looked pretty sticky! Off to the BBQ now 😎
  5. Check the hooks meets and convoys thread troy - there is a gathering at swanley a20 services and another at Stansted m11 services as I understand it
  6. What time is the m11 stanstead services convoy leaving, i'm hoping to be there about 2pm ish
  7. I'm in for 1 ticket please Bibs, assuming I'm not stuck in friday traffic hell.. 👍
  8. Excellent 2nd day at the show, thanks to the sun for putting in an appearance in the end 😎 Great to meet some new people and have a gander around a selection of varied motors and the planes weren't bad either! Kudos and thanks to Neil, Bibs and and all involved with organising and helping with the show 👍👊
  9. will be leaving in 5 mins, see you there shortly 😎
  10. I can meet you there at 9 👍 Do you mean the Esso garage London bound?
  11. Bagged me a sat & sun ticket, lets hope the sunny weather holds 😎
  12. chrisroy


  13. Better late than never, and similar to others posted already, but my photos are at:
  14. Yes I'm going again with a bunch of mates and staying in the PH campsite at Blue Nord
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