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  1. I took a whole load, prob too many!
  2. Great weather, great cars, great event overall, what more could you ask for - a huge congrats and well done to all involved in the organising
  3. Thanks to the m25 I missed the birchanger convoy, but stopped off there for a ped and went cross country to the a11 which was pretty empty, much nicer route than the m11 which looked pretty sticky! Off to the BBQ now
  4. Check the hooks meets and convoys thread troy - there is a gathering at swanley a20 services and another at Stansted m11 services as I understand it
  5. What time is the m11 stanstead services convoy leaving, i'm hoping to be there about 2pm ish
  6. I'm in for 1 ticket please Bibs, assuming I'm not stuck in friday traffic hell..
  7. Excellent 2nd day at the show, thanks to the sun for putting in an appearance in the end Great to meet some new people and have a gander around a selection of varied motors and the planes weren't bad either! Kudos and thanks to Neil, Bibs and and all involved with organising and helping with the show
  8. will be leaving in 5 mins, see you there shortly
  9. I can meet you there at 9 Do you mean the Esso garage London bound?
  10. Bagged me a sat & sun ticket, lets hope the sunny weather holds
  11. chrisroy


  12. Better late than never, and similar to others posted already, but my photos are at:
  13. Yes I'm going again with a bunch of mates and staying in the PH campsite at Blue Nord
  14. Howdy all, just signed up, so will see you all there next weekend 226 - Elise 111R
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