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  1. Enjoy! just out of interest, what’s the top speed allowed with the soft top on?
  2. 3D lettering for "L O T U S" is the way to go!
  3. Thanks @BatMobile Going by your username this was yours?
  4. Strange you say gold is not available as a colour pack as I got mine done at the factory... Looks like you've just wrapped it then? Also, do they not have dustbins where you are?
  5. Yes column painted Motorsport Black to match the exterior and most of the interior colour pack. Passenger airbag is covered in that amazing dimple effect
  6. Thanks! No airbag delete, went for normal wheel but added some gold stitching on the underside: It's not on the "normal" order sheet, you have to be creative with the Exclusive Programme!
  7. Just make sure when you put the cover back, you click it twice back into place in the middle. If it's not back on properly, the sides may "pop" out when on speed.
  8. Thanks! Thanks @Bibs, I noticed that before, but thought it was US shipping only
  9. @Tex Very nice! It's about £200 isn't it? Did you get it directly from the publisher?
  10. More importantly, what is the sum insured that you guys are putting in? E.g. For me, Grove & Dean quoted sum insured 20k excess is 2k and cost is £178.
  11. If someone can confirm the 102 situation I'll be there (and probably there on 12th as well!)
  12. Thanks! That Type 79 (I presume it's same one as they say its the only one in the world) was made for Goodwood to showcase their Exclusive Programme. However, I felt that a lot of the bits were not thought through.. ie. badges are yellow, fuel surround silver, spoiler struts are silver etc etc... Also a happy "coincidence" that I created mine before this one was thought up!
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