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  1. RRSSS

    Big Wing V6 - Register

    Just get the two bolts either side on yours painted black and you're all set!
  2. Just make sure the weave is symmetrical. I think (someone correct me if I'm wrong) the weave on the reverie side skirts are the same for both sides, which means both "face" the same way. The Lotus ones (on the 380 cup for example) are symmetrical (and in my opinion look better on the car) but a lot more expensive!
  3. RRSSS

    Buying a Cup 430 - Thought Process

    Thanks! Will post more shortly
  4. RRSSS

    Big Wing V6 - Register

    I was considering but I think they look too big for the car. The regular 430 ones are growing on me. i believe the cost of the 380 end plates are around £550 from Lotus (and you might want to get them painted)
  5. I'm pretty sure my LF1 had that piece on, so can't be a new addition... B&C's Type 25 has the wooden gearknob fitted. Looks better than in pictures!
  6. RRSSS

    Buying a Cup 430 - Thought Process

    Ok couple more... Black and gold Lotus badge: Had a different logo stitched on the headrests: Extra alcantara added onto the dash panel in lieu of the not so nice plastic: Got a few more bespoke things done in the interior...
  7. RRSSS

    alexthewheelman’s Exige Cup 430

    I believe XPEL have got a template for full front end, along with mirrors and sills.
  8. RRSSS

    Buying a Cup 430 - Thought Process

    ok 😂
  9. RRSSS

    Buying a Cup 430 - Thought Process

    Some more pics recently:
  10. RRSSS

    Lotus Exige Cup 430

    Switch it to an led bulb and you're in a different world! 😎
  11. RRSSS

    Lotus Exige Cup 430

    Congrats first of all! I presume yours is the green one from Central Lotus? Unfortunately with the harness bar from the factory, the trim panel is non existent, I presume for lack of space. I noticed this on B&C's demo a while back. Even the seat belt cover assembly is missing! Another downside to the harness bar is the (even worse) rear visibility!
  12. RRSSS

    My 380 Cup!

    @mark248am Lived there for 11 years, great track! Was lucky enough to hang around the P1 when they first brought it down to Bahrain for some shots!
  13. RRSSS

    Buying a Cup 430 - Thought Process

    I'll post some more pictures shortly! Spec-wise have spent more time on the interior. Exterior is Motorsport Black (same as LF1) with the gold accents as you can see on the pictures above, "decal modifications" as well and some other bits here and there 😀 ... Oh and all the matt black is removed and rear transom painted! Re. ceramic and ppf, don't leave home without it! What colour/spec have you gone for?
  14. RRSSS

    Buying a Cup 430 - Thought Process

    Indeed gold it is.. loved the scheme on the LF1 so decided to mix it with a hommage to Type 72. Some more details going on the exterior along with personalised interior.
  15. RRSSS

    Buying a Cup 430 - Thought Process

    👍 Haha plate can't do anything I think the brackets are bonded on the inside.