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  1. RRSSS

    Black & Gold Cup 430

    Thanks! That Type 79 (I presume it's same one as they say its the only one in the world) was made for Goodwood to showcase their Exclusive Programme. However, I felt that a lot of the bits were not thought through.. ie. badges are yellow, fuel surround silver, spoiler struts are silver etc etc... Also a happy "coincidence" that I created mine before this one was thought up!
  2. RRSSS

    Black & Gold Cup 430

    @BatMobile since you asked 😜
  3. RRSSS

    Lotus Exige Cup 430

    I believe Hofmann's can do it (or at least the last time I enquired), and I think Central. Couple of things though: 1) If they can do it does not necessarily mean warranty will be fine! 2) As mentioned earlier, not all will have the wiring loom. I believe the earlier cars did. If it has the wiring loom then it's a simple job of ordering the button and installing, along with the ECU update. If there's no wiring, then it will be a more complicated job
  4. RRSSS

    Lotus Exige Cup 430

    I wrote about it recently, B&C have stated that it would invalidate warranty if the button was added. Also, just to note, my car does not have the wiring in place, so might be worth checking yours to see if it's there πŸ‘
  5. Lol see you in the car park πŸ˜‘ I actually find the seats in the 430 comfier than in my LF1 before.. not sure if the padding has improved or alcantara. Getting in and out of your Tilletts are a bloody nightmare! Perhaps this is down to individual feel for each person as we're all built differently. Also on my trip to Prague, the standard fuel tank wasn't that big a deal, except through Germany when it was emptying out at an alarming rate due to the "de-restricted" roads.. I get that on track the larger tank has its benefits.
  6. "Short" but very sideways ride... I'm glad different people go down different routes in car ownership, as the saying goes, otherwise we'd all be driving the same thing. @GFWilliams has spent the time and "trial and error" of many things in his car to get it right for him. Small things: I like the fact that he's machine cut the a/c knobs for example, very clever. I've had the benefit of going through "Lotus Exclusive" so my interior is slightly more bespoke than standard. In fact, I think it's also unique to me! And all my carbon bits have symmetry πŸ˜‹. Looks-wise, I know we've talked about this before standing in front of a 380 Cup, but I prefer the looks of the updated front bumper (i.e. 430). Initially I was sceptical, but it has more than grown on me (same as the smaller spoiler end plates!). Obviously you wouldn't want to modify a brand new 430 Cup for fear of warranty issues, so let's say that's not a realistic scenario to most people. I'm glad I sold the LF1 and went for the 430 Cup. The fact that I "visually" personalised it so that it's basically a 1 of 1 is a tremendous add-on ☺️. As for performance comparisons, well @GFWilliams let's get both side by side, forget the "rev battles" in chiswick and let's see how much faster the 430 is πŸ˜‹ (kidding, I have no idea which one's faster!)
  7. Great turnout well done @Bibs and everyone else attending! Nice chat with @hedgerley prior to the parade laps πŸ‘
  8. I'll be heading up from Surrey on Saturday if anyone's on the same route?
  9. Used this for a long road trip all the way to Prague, worked extremely well. Doesn't fall off, can be swivelled for landscape view etc. Also helped that we all had walkie talkies (Kirisun PT558) in case anyone in the convoy went out of view!
  10. RRSSS

    Black & Gold Cup 430

    Somewhere in Czech
  11. just put it in D, sit back and rel.... oh wait....
  12. RRSSS

    Lotus Exige Cup 430

    Going back to the OP's post, I thought I might add a few things that went wrong on mine last few days. Am on a road trip: Surrey - Frankfurt - Prague - Frankfurt - Surrey On day 1, in a Belgium petrol station somewhere, the passenger door release failed. The lever does not work now, so the only way to get in and out is from the outside (with a bit of luck!) I'm guessing either the cable has disconnected, or the locking mechanism has malfunctioned somehow (the door pin looks really suspect). Once we figured out that we could manage with this issue for the time being, we set off... only to find that the rear window had essentially de-bonded from the bulkhead! How did I find out? It was fxxxing loud in the cabin. The plexi was rattling away, so had to find some duct tape at the next stop and do some DiY. Later on, somewhere in Germany on the way to Frankfurt, the rev limiter started to kick in at 4k rpm in every gear. This meant around 110mph in 6th, great.. with a bunch of derestricted roads ahead of me 😑. Pulled over, restarted, and it went away. For some reason, the cruise control doesn't work when this happens as well. However, seeing as it was a great day, this limiter problem came back again a short while later. This time, restarting couldn't cure it. So nursed it to Frankfurt and booked in a visit to the local service centre the next morning. Diagnosis showed that apparently it was a safety feature kicking in when over-heating. To be fair, temperature was around 35C, with road temperature around 46C. Called my local dealer back home, they've never heard of this. Day 2, just before the Czech border, the MIL light comes on. Stays on for the rest of the day to Prague. etc etc etc.... On the bright side, once the temperature dropped, the car has been fine. Engine and gearbox have done fine on the autobahn, let's see what my dealer says when I take the car in for everything to be checked!
  13. RRSSS

    Exige picture & video thread

    I'll add one to this
  14. Yup red one going round.. I think that will end up as a press car. It's a one-off as in they made it to demonstrate what you could do through the exclusive programme. You could always order that exact same design!