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  1. Hi Mark, congrats on getting your car! Think they're spoken for let me double check
  2. Oh @BatMobile, metallic black is for Adam West.. Motorsport Black is for Christian Bale
  3. The LF1 plaque is probably the best for open viewing compared to the rest.. I was stopped at some traffic lights once and a guy came up, put both his hands on the glass just to take a look inside (while I was in the car engine running etc)
  4. Congrats! Great car , the build quality on mine was top notch
  5. @Woots It's called cabin fever buddy Jokes aside, the oem piece looks and feels great.. very sturdy bit of rubber, shame they couldn't fix it onto the lip better. As @Edinburgh 111s mentioned, using 3M adhesion promoter prior to applying 3M tape works wonders
  6. Don't be silly, that said goodbye to me by entrance ramp 3 of the Eurotunnel at Folkestone I've got these on under the splitter (sorry pics taken from my 'gram hence the "@"): Got a spare box if anyone wants it
  7. The Type 79 won't be the same as a "regular" Cup 430. Externally, it will come with carbon side skirts and rear canards, along with pin striping. The stripe along the top of the car will be different to a regular Cup 430. The interior will have a different seat stitching design as well as a wooden gear knob. The plaque on the passenger side will be different as well. My car was delivered with black wheels, then Bell & Colvill had them painted gold to match the gold bits from factory. Good luck!
  8. Congrats @FF! Motorsport or Metallic Black?
  9. Not really At the time, the 430 came in black, red or silver I believe... dealer getting it done would have been more cost competitive
  10. Agreed, that's why I went down the same route when I ordered mine!
  11. Good luck and good job going through the Exclusive Programme! It's a great thing for Lotus to do, weird that they don't advertise it as much as they should... Looking forward to seeing what you've come up with
  12. Since the storm has passed....
  13. ... hopefully you'll have yours run in by then?
  14. ...and not a daily driver!
  15. Just wondering how many miles have you all clocked up so far? I think @alexthewheelman probably has the “oldest” 430 here so presumably the most mileage?
  16. Just touching on the front rubber lip topic, I had it removed from mine before collection because I’d seen it drooping on a demo I had and, well, it was obvious back then that the bolts holding it are not up for the job. As I’ve mentioned to @BatMobile, I’ve picked up a SLIPLO skid plate kit and will see how it fits. Might have a spare set if anyone’s interested
  17. I had the same in Germany last year (air temp was 35+ Celsius). Dealer in Frankfurt plugged in and diagnosed that it was protection from over heating. You may want to get a software update from dealer. A lot of 430s had this.
  18. A couple from Goodwood Circuit recently
  19. Great colour choice! Agree with @BatMobile replace the silver badges / decals with gold along with the fuel surround
  20. It’s on the V6 but pretty sure not on the 430 Cups anymore
  21. Did a short trip couple weeks ago to Stuttgart, Frankfurt and surrounding areas, thought I'd put a couple of pictures up! Did a quick tour of the Porsche factory, no cameras allowed inside. Saw a couple of .2 GT3RS and Speedsters on the production line with some Exclusive options Stopped off at the Ring Splitter survived Stopped off at Komotec ...and saw this monster
  22. Enjoy! just out of interest, what’s the top speed allowed with the soft top on?
  23. @alias23 Don't hate the sparkly helmets! Although the mis matched pinstripes are next level classiness
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