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  2. Johnny, you have an Integrale - How many gauges does a man need in his life?
  3. I think it's definitely worth £50k. Not sure how mine can be valued - Ex Dany Bahar car, completely re-built by Motorsport at Hethel with only approx 3.5k miles put on the car since its complete rebuild in 2010/2011.
  4. Ha! Ha! Not yet, as I want to look at the new Sportline version. They told me that it should be in UK showrooms in a couple of months' time.
  5. Took mine out last week-end as I had to take it for its MOT - Passed, no problem. Then went to a Skoda dealership, as I wanted to look at the new Superb as a potential company car when mine is due for change later this year. The salesman nearly wet himself and was all over the Esprit. He said that after years selling modern cars (same garage used to be an Audi dealer until a few years ago), he had lost the passion for them. Then he said that seeing and hearing cars like the Esprit reignited that passion and reminded him why he loved cars in the first place. I thought that was really telling...
  6. Nice one, Bibs. I live in the area and I still love it too when I have to go there for a service etc. It's certainly a great feeling driving down Potash Lane, a quick glance to the right at CTL for a hopeful, cheeky spot of something classic, and then into that gate. Feels like a real homecoming.
  7. Looks terrific, Mark. Enjoy!
  8. Love it. When I first started looking seriously for a V8 Esprit, top of my wish list was a Sport 350. They look superb.
  9. Cheers Arun, now that is a great shot; the car looks awesome on track! I look forward to the thread updates.
  10. Thanks Alan, yes I like that shot too. I don't see it anymore as I now have the Exige in that space. I've put the Esprit away for a while as I like to keep it clean! It felt great to be in it again this weekend; both cars are real events and attract positive attention in equal measure. Cheers Simon
  11. Hi Imran, These are vinyl strips the first owner had put on the car at Hethel. I think they look great and really sharpen up the front end. Cheers Simon
  12. I was at my brother's house last week-end and walked past a window from inside his house and just thought it looked epic through the window - Couldn't resist a photo... Two months in and loving Solar Yellow !
  13. Some great images of lovely Esprits have been posted here recently. I had to have mine MOT'd Saturday so took the opportunity to clear its throat a few times in the sun. I gave the old girl a good wash before putting her away. I hadn't driven it for a few months and it was great to see and hear so many appreciative comments etc. There really is a lot of affection in this country for Lotus in general and, in particular, for the Esprit. How nice is it to have a car that's a bit out of the ordinary, yet does not attract resentment from others?
  14. Spotted early evening between Somerleyton and St Olaves. You were coming in opposite direction. I was in yellow Exige V6 Cup and saw you late as you came round corner. I flashed my lights and good to get a wave back. Sounded great too as it went past! That's the second time I've seen you on these roads - can't be another like that here...
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