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  1. I subscribed to EVO for many years; I have a general interest in all performance and 'special' cars. The level of writing used to be excellent and the variety of topics and cars was always interesting. From two or three years ago, it seemed to me that Porsche was mentioned and championed in every single issue. I have no special axe to grind with Porsches, but I have never been attracted to them either. I just got bored and fed up with having it rammed down my neck every month, when what I wanted was a magazine dedicated to reviewing all brands and styles of performance cars. I am now a very happy subscriber to Octane.
  2. Hi Gareth, Of course, I saw that show advertised. I know what you mean - I hardly ever see one, especially when I want to i.e. when I am in mine. Now, I have seen two in the past week! I nearly fell off my bike Sunday. It was one of the more recent Esprits but I couldn't tell which model, as I didn't have time to look and possibly crash into the other MAMILS around me... Simon
  3. I was on my bike Sunday morning riding the Tour of the Broads cycling event and spotted you coming the other way near to Coltishall somewhere. I gave you a thumbs up, but you were probably fed up with all the lycra clad two wheelers... Car looked great, and I think I spotted a Lotus Sport sun visor strip across the top of the windscreen? Simon
  4. Hello Nick, That makes sense - I had to do a double take on a Monday morning seeing your car - I really wanted to catch you up but not possible on the Haddiscoe bends! Esprits of all vintages really stand out among modern traffic with real road presence, but then we are all biased aren't we?! I would like to come to the meets but I would not be happy leaving my car at my work place in Norwich. I would love to meet up with you and look at your cars and show you my Esprit, so let me know when would be good for you one dry weekend. Cheers Simon
  5. This morning at about 8.20 at the St Olaves bridge in Norfolk. You were about 6 cars ahead of me in the line of traffic - I couldn't believe it and it looked great amongst the lines of modern 'normal' cars. You must have carried on towards Beccles, as I turned towards Norwich at Haddiscoe. I would have liked a closer look but the traffic would not allow it, so I am not sure of the exact model, S2 or S3?
  6. Love it - I have driven one very similar - It has a beautiful ride. It has to be one of the best looking saloon cars ever; at the same time graceful and purposeful. I like the current XJ shape, but it does not have such beautiful proportions/lines, or such a timeless design.
  7. I think there's a lot of truth in that Buddsy - Some people like to make themselves feel better by putting you down when you have an interesting car like a Lotus. It makes them feel better about driving something safe and dull. I've never understood that mind set; I still give owners of other nice cars a thumbs up as I appreciate the car, regardless of whether I'm in my Lotus or not .
  8. Another of my favourites from late 70's and early 80's was the Fiat X1/9. Haven't seen one driving on the road for years. I remember wanting the VS model with two tone paint job - Classy!
  9. This is rapidly turning into (for me) cars that I loved as a boy/yoof in the seventies and early eighties. Loved the Opel Manta Rallye back then but have not seen one for years. It's still a lovely shape. As a boy, I thought it really exotic and sporty; I grew up with my dad owning a sequence of 4 or 5 VW Beetles.......
  10. What about the Renault Fuego? As a lad, I really liked the shape when they came out.
  11. God, I loved the Monte Carlo when I was a youngster. I had a Polistil model of one in light metallic green, and was convinced I would have one when I grew up..Sadly, that did not happen. I am not sure I ever saw many on the road even in their heyday. Indeed, I loved the look of all of the Beta range, especially the coupe - Used to see those around.
  12. I went to Duxford today for the Flying Legends air show and whilst on A11 southbound saw a yellow Evora 400 undisguised travelling on northbound carriageway between Thetford and Norwich. It looked as though it had some type of red and white trade plate on the front. I was surprised to see it doing the return trip on my way home at nearly the same spot! Was there an event at Snetterton or Hethel? It was good to see one on the road and in a bright colour - Looked very good....
  13. Mine was a Fiesta XR2 Mk1 in light metallic blue - just like this one. Actually, looking at that image, all of a sudden I want one again..Love boxy hatches (Golf Mk1, Delta Integrale etc). It was 1982 on an 'x' reg. and, of course, I thought I was the dog's danglers in that. I had to wait until I was 23 and earning to pay for lessons and the car, after studying for what seemed like forever and using nothing more than a bicycle for years on end. Always lusted after a 2.8i Capri in the same colour but never managed that one - Followed this up with a white TR7 convertible - Oh dear, less said about that the better.......
  14. That's just damned inconsiderate when I am trying to work...
  15. That looks the absolute danglers - Gorgeous!
  16. Thanks David, Yes, it must be the light as it appears slightly darker. Laser Blue is a gorgeous colour in the flesh on most Lotus cars. Congratulations - It looks a real eyeful!
  17. Those Evoras with the black accents look fantastic; aggressive enough while retaining a classy, sophisticated look. David, what colour is that blue? It looks terrific. The red SR always looks epic too.
  18. I agree with you Pete - I see it as a positive. I love TVR too and was sorely tempted by a Sagaris last year after testing one. They have such presence and a gloriously thunderous soundtrack too. They are really holding their value and even appreciating - I suppose asking prices are different from selling prices achieved. I have always admired what Lotus stands for, but I am also a general petrolhead and can appreciate why people are equally drawn to the drama of TVR. I, for one, would love to see a successful rebirth of another British sports car. Good luck to them and I will follow with interest - and keep my eye on the Sagaris....
  19. I really like the look of the 400 and the fact that it has been made to look more aggressive, especially at the font. However, I have always wanted the rear lights to be more prominent - Either a larger single lamp (like Alfa 4C & 8C) or a pair of current size on each side to give it a stronger rear styling. I can't help thinking that the rear lights can get 'lost' a bit. I am nitpicking here, as I really like it.
  20. Thanks - I did a double take when I saw it and just remembered to snap the images in time. I followed it for a bit up Newmarket Rd with my passenger window open & it sounded great. I am sure it is going to look epic in the right paint job and colour!
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