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  1. 16 hours ago, The Pits said:

    Nice car but I'd always yearn for the earlier dash and boost guage. I liked the revised dash at the time and bought a V8GT too. But it doesn't do much for me now. Seriously under-endowed in the guage department!

    Johnny, you have an Integrale - How many gauges does a man need in his life? :)

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  2. I think it's definitely worth £50k.

    Not sure how mine can be valued - Ex Dany Bahar car, completely re-built by Motorsport at Hethel with only approx 3.5k miles put on the car since its complete rebuild in 2010/2011.

  3. Took mine out last week-end as I had to take it for its MOT - Passed, no problem.

    Then went to a Skoda dealership, as I wanted to look at the new Superb as a potential company car when mine is due for change later this year.

    The salesman nearly wet himself and was all over the Esprit. He said that after years selling modern cars (same garage used to be an Audi dealer until a few years ago), he had lost the passion for them.

    Then he said that seeing and hearing cars like the Esprit reignited that passion and reminded him why he loved cars in the first place. I thought that was really telling...

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  4. Thanks Alan, yes I like that shot too. I don't see it anymore as I now have the Exige in that space. I've put the Esprit away for a while as I like to keep it clean!

    It felt great to be in it again this weekend; both cars are real events and attract positive attention in equal measure.

    Cheers Simon

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  5. Spotted early evening between Somerleyton and St Olaves.

    You were coming in opposite direction. I was in yellow Exige V6 Cup and saw you late as you came round corner. I flashed my lights and good to get a wave back. Sounded great too as it went past!

    That's the second time I've seen you on these roads - can't be another like that here...

  6. Very much of interest! I look forward to further updates on such an exciting time for you.

    Good colour choice too; subjective, of course, but definitely best of the three in my eyes.

    Scott is a top bloke but dangerous for the state of one's bank account.

    Looking forward to the next installment....



  7. Thanks Bibs,

    I read the thread; clearly a top man.

    There was a reference to a presentation on DPM. Is this something that can be read somewhere on here? As an owner of newly acquired V6 Cup Exige, I would like more info on this aspect.

    I saw you at FOS on B&C stand and wanted to say hello but you were talking to people at the time & didn't want to interrupt. I came back later but you had gone.

    You had earlier given my son a poster of the 3-11 - He took a shine to the black one on the stand.

  8. Lovely Laser blue Evora coming in opposite direction in South Walsham, Norfolk today. Colour looks great on the road.

    Good to exchange waves and finally get to see another Lotus. I was in the yellow Exige V6 Cup.


  9. Excellent pictures of a beautiful car. It almost looks like a toy car under that plane.

    Like many of us, I imagine, I've been mesmerized by the Esprit since I was 11 years old and saw an S1 in 1976 at a show. Back then, it seemed truly otherworldly.

    Others will disagree but I now think the V8 looks the best. That is awesome in black!


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  10. Hello Simon,

    I would be up for a drive, either in the evening or at the weekend.

    Let me know when you are thinking about arranging something. It would be good to have a little informal, varied convoy of Hethel's finest on Norfolk's roads.

    Cheers Simon 

  11. Hello James,

    Just seen this thread today and watched your videos and really enjoyed them.

    I love to share others' excitement when collecting a new car, especially one as special as the 400!

    I think it looks epic in yellow too; good choice. I have looked at the white one at SMC a couple of times, but decided this week to buy a used V6 Cup Exige in Solar Yellow.

    I still fancy a stripped out and raw car for a while, but the 400 is on the radar for later perhaps.

    I look forward to further updates and thoughts on your ownership experience.










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