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  1. Ah well I said offers over 3k didn't see an option on Lotusforsale to say that 😉
  2. Removed advert as per forum rules. Bibs.
  3. Hi, Not sure if my car is really a project, but I suppose most of our cars are projects in some way or another? A little job I'd been meaning to do since I got the Elite was change the insulation under the bonnet. After a lot of thought about some nice shiny modern options (even the gold which I almost went for) I settled on something that looked as close to original as I could find. After removing the old matting i discovered someone had left an interesting drawing on the underside of the bonnet. i assume this was done in the factory ( I think I've seen other drawings else where on the forum?). I've no idea what it signifies. Looks like a 50 to me ? Maybe just M50 bonnet? Photo 1 before, Photo 2 bonnet with matting removed, photo 3 completed (minus inspection light which was melted and disintegrated....)
  4. Hi all, having just posted a pic of my car in the picture thread out side my castle........ I'm afraid it doesn't look as good close up. The usual micro blisters and peeling top coat. I had a long chat with a wrap company at the show and it seems like a really good idea, and cheaper than paint. Has any one wrapped their car yet? I assured that it'll work OK on fiberglass as they do boats, caravans ect.. Only now I'm stuck between sticking with original colour (or as close as) or going completely mad......
  5. I managed to get to the Motors by the Moat show at Leeds castle a couple of weekends ago, seemed rude not to take a picture of the car with the castle....
  6. Thought I'd join in on the 'picture of your Lotus at the local petrol station' thread....
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  8. Great to see another Elite on the road, good job!
  9. Managed to get out to first show of the year
  10. Would love to come along to a meet, unfortunately she has now decided to mess about when warm.... Different topic I fear . I can only find 1 esprit n/s mirror on eBay, another different topic too....
  11. shaft off, drum came off easily..... Yes, I'm very lucky to have some excellent facilities to use( cant find a replacement door mirror anywhere!) replacing drive shaft with special tool (shiny drums now) the special tool / adaptor
  12. hi all, I have meant to post a reply before now but you know how time goes by...... I managed to get an MOT pass I removed the drive shafts from the drums, not as tricky as I thought. I was loaned an adapter used for removal of bolts from land rover prop shafts ( although I assume it would work on most prop shafts? ) both sides drums and pads seemed very smooth so I gave them a good roughing up with emery paper. The driver side was pretty much seized up so manager to free this up with a selection of WD40 and a large screwdriver. Gave everything a good clean with break cleaner, gave the drums a coat of paint ( just because) replaced every thing, tested seemed ok to her for a re test. A pass. I did consider replacing the hand break cable and cut the access hole under the rear seat to do so but have not had the time to do so yet. I took a few pictures during the work for anyone's information will post when i figure out how to....
  13. Hi Dunc, Thanks for the reply, I had thought along the same lines, hope to get into it at the week end...
  14. Hi All, So, having taken my new toy for its MOT it failed
  15. sussexelite

    Lotus Elite

    Bit late for an update but had the engine and gearbox out, mainly thanks to a good friend who is an ace mechanic. Gearbox shot due to a collapsed bearing. Tried to get spare parts but ended up getting a whole second hand box from lotus bits (the last one apparently?) it looked in very good condition, checked it over , popped it all back together and now seems to be driving fine. Carried out engine service etc whilst it was out and discovered timing belt was 1 tooth out? Good job we fitted a new belt! As I say all seems good now and I hope to get some fun in if the sun shines :0)
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