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  2. Here's mine, how original do you want ? Only noticeable mods are 888's and Itg air filter. Ian.......
  3. Possible engine issue, still in the fault finding mode at the minute. Who's the got guy in Scotland regarding a rebuild for this engine....... or do need to go south and over the border ? Cheers, Ian.......
  4. Sorry guys, my Sunbeam Lotus has an engine issue, not fully diagnosed yet. Will have to give the Revival a miss. Cheers, Ian.....
  5. Great turn out and breakfast. A good selection of Lotus cars to drool over, myself and David with our Sunbeam Lotus mixed it up a bit.. Cheers, Ian.....
  6. Just had a word with SWMBO, she will be with me. Were are 12 miles north of Inverurie, so we will meet you there. Cheers, Ian......
  7. Brian, Please ad me to your list for the V8 breakfast at the Fennel. Cheers, Ian......
  8. Sorry Allan, I didn't have this car in June. I was about the end of July when got my hands on it. I bought it from a chap down in Wales, he spent 18 months rebuilding it. As with all classics, it will be an on going project. One job for this winter is, fitting it with power steering.
  9. Yes Brian, I'm regular at the Fennel in Inverurie on a Sunday morning. Just 12 miles down the road from me. There is another Sunbeam Lotus in Westhill Aberdeen. Cheers. Ian.......
  10. Hi Folks, A rare Lotus I would say
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