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  1. 2bular valved system - it's straight though with the valve open and....ermm...quite loud!! Here's a little video:
  2. I'll have to check my invoice but I think it's the 'Castro React SRF fluid
  3. Yeah it was a good track and quite technical in places which I enjoyed. The tyres lasted OK although they did go off the boil a bit towards the end as I think they just got too hot. No issues with the brake fluid at all but when I asked Lotus Motorsport if it was worth changing, they said yes if I'm intending on doing a few track days. As the car was there for a couple of weeks anyway (for it's service) I thought it was worth changing over. Not sure where we'll go next. Maybe Brands as its a little closer and I think they have an evening session planned in a month or so. Before I do that though, I'll have to change my exhaust back to standard as I can't risk it again. It sounds wonderful but is too loud for the track. Yeah the airbox seems to be good. Can't say there's the same difference that you got with the TRD airbox on the S2 Exige (which gave a noticeable supercharger whine), but it feels nice and responsive and seems much more eager on initial throttle and pickup. Overall I'm really impressed with the V6. It's a much more capable car than I am a driver and whilst quick in a straight line, the speed it can carry through corners and how much it can scrub off on braking is what impressed me the most. The Race mode was also very good and non-intrusive. It felt as if I was doing all the work in the car without a helping hand which is great. Sure it might not be all down to me, but at least I had the confidence to lean on the car a bit more and get a feel for what it was like up to the limit.
  4. Had a great day yesterday at Snetterton for my first track day in the V6. The day started at Lotus Motorsport where my car was having its first annual service. Whilst there I took the opportunity to have the brake fluid upgraded along with the Cup 360 TRD air box fitted. . Then I had the tyres nitrogen filled (it was free) before heading to Snetterton. It was a superb day and it was great to see what the car could both do and it didn't disappoint....although I might need some new tyres (good excuse for something a bit more sticky maybe?). I was lucky that the rain held off and also that they let my noisy (111db) car on track with a 102db static limit! I short shifted for the first hour which was a good chance to learn the track, but gave it the full beans afterwards and didn't get black flagged. Think I'll swap back to the standard exhaust if I do another day though. Now I just need to give the car a good clean!
  5. Do you work at the factory then or were you visiting? I spoke to Rowland today and it's all done, so I'll be collecting it next week. Can't wait
  6. My car is back at Motorsport for its service now and they're going to put some uprated brake fluid in. I'll let you know how I get on a Snetterton and whether they throw me off!
  7. 102db static and 90db driveby. I may have to keep the value shut and lift off by the sound meters!
  8. Am I right in thinking that the EX460 car in the videos is using Ohlins rather than Nitrons? If so, what's the consensus on the Ohlins? Are they the best suspension for road and track use?
  9. Unfortunately I had to cancel due to a business trip but I will rebook when I have time to leave the car there a while. Work is just so busy at the moment that I'll need to wait a little while. I'll report back when it's done though!
  10. I've got my first track day in the V6 booked in a few weeks time at Snetterton. Coincidently this ties in with my annual service where in taking the car back to Lotus Motorsport. Given the car will be with them a little while, are there any small mods that are worth doing to the car? I was thinking of maybe better brake fluid? If so, is there a recommended fluid to use? Apart from that I'm looking forward to trying out race mode and getting a feel for the performance without worrying about speed cameras!
  11. Hehe. Yep would be me Small world eh!! I sold the R32 and bought an Elise SC, sold that for an Exige 240PP. Then went sort of sensible with a tuned BMW 1M and then back to Exige V6. I too bought from Jamie at B&C.
  12. Arun, Random question, but did you used to own a red Fiesta ST years ago, know a chap called Johnny T and were also on Top Gear? I'm sure I've met you through the Fiesta ST club when we "were lads"
  13. I'd imagine the exhaust will sound similar to mine with the valve open? Here are a couple of videos and a photo
  14. Looks great. How easy is it to swap the ends over once the exhaust is on the car? I've been thinking about asking Jim to make some additional silencers for my car.
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