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  1. Thanks very much, Martin. Although I am sorted out for the time being - courtesy of two new years from Tex (thanks again!) this is extremely useful info. *rears!
  2. Many thanks to all for advice on alternatives and huge thanks to Tex for coming up with a brand new pair of Cup2 rears - exactly what I needed.
  3. Thnks for that Paul - I saw the single one (and asked if they had a pair) but hadn't seen any used one.
  4. Hi Colin - I will absolutely buy those from you if not ludicrously priced (which I don't suppose would be the case from anyone one this forum!). Can you drop me a line at [email protected] and I will gladly arrange payment and sort out collection.
  5. There appear to be no Michelin Sport Cup 2 tyres available in the UK (at least in Exige 410 rear sizes). All suppliers who are advertising come back to say, oh sorry, none available. News from Michelin (one source) "We can see 14 weeks ahead and no producation is scheduled." News from Michelin direct (from someone who had a car in their Super car paddock at FoS) Zilch. My rears are cooked and won't pass the MOT due in 2 weeks time. No recommendation from Lotus, Bell and Colvill (my trusty and much estimed Lotus Dealer), Lotus Silverstone, or anyne else. I am probably going to go with Michelin PS 5s (the PS4 replacement) but does anyone have any recommendations for a Sport Cup 2 replacement? (The fronts have a bit of wear left and I only want to replace the rears right now.)
  6. Great stuff @Mattmahope!! Sounds brilliant. Looking forward to another day out together.
  7. A little bit of DP news for those interested: David Pittard set pole for VLN4 and fought tooth-to-nail for the lead in the first stint: “It was brilliant! That was not an endurance race, that was a full-on ADAC GT Masters sprint race going on there!” FULL INTERVIEW🎙⬇️
  8. Yes of course - and thanks for that. The +2S is staying on the road for now, although it might get a couple of track outings just for the hell of it before it eventually heads off for a very well deserved restoration. (For which I am currently saving up!)
  9. Thanks for that - very helpful. One concern was about making the car harder - but I don't mind that too much. Just wondered whether there were any other considerations. I'm happy if other people are running them.
  10. My +2 130S needs new suspension bushes. I've had a suggestion about fitting modern polyurethane ones but I'm not sure it's a good idea! Any experience or advice welcome!
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