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    Thank you very much for posting and checking this out, guys!


    So what was missing? Not many: every time I thought of a car it appeared sooner or later.


    Don't think we saw a Maserati Bora, certainly no Panther Solo, AM Lagonda. Not sure if I noticed a Porsche 924 either, but that may have passed me by (there was a 944 near the end). No ISO Lele or Grifo Mk2. Of course, we'll forgive him the one-off concept cars like the AM Bulldog.


    The Aston Martin Lagonda and Panther Solo were on my bucket list. I searched feverishly, contacting probably close to a dozen owners trying to get that car and just couldn't get through to anybody. And the Panther Solo - I have no idea where to find one of those, they are so rare! If you know of one, I love your help because there is always the possibility of a Volume 2 of this video!


    I would absolutely love to get the Aston Martin Bulldog, but that would be incredibly difficult to find. I think it's privately owned somewhere.


    And just for the record, the 924 makes a very brief appearance at the 10:37 mark. :)


    IIRC the Panther Solo 2 headlamps rolled into view on their logitudinal axis. Which was weird. The Solo 1 did I think have pop ups, but it's development was cancelled very late on when Panther's owner saw the MR2 for the first time and realised he couldn't compete. So the Solo 2 went up market to compete in the Esprit Turbo, Porsche 944 space. Which it didn't. Only about 20 were made but I think it remains the only car to roll its eyes at you. Which was weird. As I said.....


    That's exactly right. The Solo 1 did have popups. Panther realized that the Solo cost way more than the MR2, and Toyota was a much more developed and well known company. So that's when Panther decided to change their plans and aim at other targets.




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  2. Hey guys! I'm doing a little compilation video of popup headlights, and I'm looking to record the headlights popping up on an Elite/Eclat/Excel. I live in the Detroit area and willing to make a drive. I will also be in Phoenix and LA around Christmastime, if anyone has one there. If there aren't any within 100 miles of me, then sending me footage of the headlights is fine. Thank you very much for your time, and I am hoping to include these rare gems in the video!



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