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  1. Dan-- do you know specifically which discs and Willwood calipers you used? Turning the discs down and re-drilling the bolt holes shouldn't be a problem as I have a great machinist close by. Thanks!
  2. ...but the problem is I'm in California. I'd like to get the front bumper and chin spoiler from a S2.2 Elite or Eclat to replace the hideous one on my US-spec 501. I've seen a few on UK EBay Motors, but they all say "cannot post to United States." I have to figure it's because the parts are so long, but it wouldn't be a real problem for me if the parts were (wait for it) sawn in half to fit into a smaller box. That's the nice thing about fiberglass, huh? I figure I could just bolt the bits in place on the car and glass'em back together. Thanks!
  3. I'd have thought this to be a pretty hot topic, but I looked through the dozen or so pages of topics in this area and there's nuttin' there, so has anyone done a rear disc conversion on an Elite or Eclat? I'm not looking at the revised Excel chassis. I really like the idea of keeping the inboard brakes and low unsprung weight at the wheels. The thing is, when I look at the diff/brake assembly, what I see is a really, really narrow live axle which is simply bolted into the chassis with the half shafts mounted where the wheels go on something like, well, an old Mustang, and converting Mustangs to rear disc brakes is a pretty common deal over here: It's basically a matter of finding a rotor of the correct offset and thickness to go with a suitable caliper and fabricating a mounting plate. Since I'm also planning to use different front brakes, I know I'll have to play with master cylinder bore sizes and probably use a bias adjuster on the rear circuit, as I did when I built a Cobra replica. In addition to ease of adjustment, the big deal is that where I live (and drive) the parking brake M U S T hold the car on hills, of which we have many! Thoughts or experiences? Thanks! John T, Pacifica, California
  4. Cool- Thanks, everyone! I'll have to give either an early morning or late, late night call. As long as his mill and lathe aren't from the 1790s, it's all good! I was thinking about trying to adapt the front brakes from something like a Z32 300zx, but his big brake kit for the Elite/Eclat looks like a no-brainer. Anyone ever used it?
  5. I couldn't find anything about this on the forums, so maybe someone knows if Lotusbits is still up and operating? I've tried emailing them a couple of times from here in smoky California, but have never received a reply. I hope they are.. Thanks! John T. San Francisco Bay Area
  6. Greetings from California! Question: What do club racers use to tow their cars to the track in Europe? I've got to look for a new tow vehicle. We use pick'em up trucks over here in the States and I hate pickup trucks. I like passenger vans, but currently among new vehicles there are only two over here, the Ford Transit and the Mercedes Metris (Vito) which are rated to tow 5000 lbs. I figure the two cars I'd be towing (a BMW 2002 or a Morgan +4) would come in about 3500 lbs. including the trailer. I don't remember seeing a lot of pickup trucks over there-- so how do Miatas get to Cadwell? Thanks! John Tennyson San Francisco
  7. It speaks volumes about the man and his creations (and their fans) that a chassis engineer would be so recognizable and so mourned. It'll be sad news to the Golden Gate Lotus Club on this Saturday. Most of us would have heard about it yesterday, but on Friday we had a track day at Laguna Seca. Just the way he would have wanted it, you'd have to figure.
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  9. Well, I've finally got time to start in on my '74 Elite and since I'm planning on an engine swap, can anyone tell me the distance from the front of the bell housing to the center of the shift lever hole on the transmission? Thanks!
  10. Can anyone post photos of this event next week for those of us stuck on the wrong side of the planet? Thanks!
  11. ! Has anyone tried this, and do you have before- and after- photos of how well it worked? I've been half-thinking of pulling the glass from the instruments and covering the entire gauge area with an angled, curved sheet of clear plastic, like a TR-7 or early MX-5. This would sure be a LOT easier!
  12. It comes down to a producer who has 'the touch.' The success of any TV series comes down to the chemistry of the cast and how well audiences like or identify with them-- think 'Seinfeld' or 'Friends'. Premise can get a series started, but it's the cast and scripts which keep it going. If the producers can put together another group of presenters who can make that happen, we'll watch. It's not impossible-- look at Aussie TG. Alexei Sayle? If I was the producer, his number would be the first I'd dial.
  13. I've just had a quick look, but couldn't see where this has come up before, so... Has anyone converted the rear hatch glass latching mechanism from the cable-operated S1 arrangement to the external latch set up of the S2.2 cars? I've got a '75 (and will also be ditching the rear wiper, welcome to California) and just wonder how many bits from the later car I'd need. Thanks! John
  14. Looks like his inner 14-year-old comes out when the cameras have stopped rolling as well. Whether you find him funny or offensive, it's a whole 'nuther ball game when he assaults someone. Think the BBC wants to send him abroad to film another segment after that? I wonder if this has anything to do with Sniff Petrol not being updated this week?
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