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  1. Ok so I have that the wrong way round.... Lotus factory settings for Nitron suspension on a V6 cup are (measured from full hard that's fully clockwise) Front:- Bump 7 clicks Rebound 14 clicks Rear:- Bump 7 clicks Rebound 12 clicks As above bump is on the canister rebound is on the bottom of the shock Hope that helps
  2. Ishy

    Evora GTE Registry

    Thanks for the vote of confidence ! I'm sure it will be great...... just looking at Gav's pics though, as much as they all look great the lighter colours are
  3. Ishy

    Evora GTE Registry

    Motorsport Green with Solar Yellow stripage.....
  4. Thanks that's interesting.... I'd be interested to have feedback following Goodwood on Tuesday if you don't mind. Think it's 7 clicks from full hard on the compression (canister/reservoir) both front & rear 12 clicks on the front rebound & 14 on the rear rebound both from full hard (shock bottom) That's from memory though rebound settings could possibly be the other way round.....
  5. Ishy

    Evora GTE Registry

    Ah just realised when I looked at the register that I didn't say what colour mine actually was.... When I say I'm worried about the colour of course they are all incredible & wouldn't turn down any one of the ones I've seen (with the possible exception of the gold one) but............... I always said I'd never buy a green car!
  6. Ishy

    Evora GTE Registry

    Trying not to get too excited especially since it's looking like it will probably be at least a month before I can drive mine.. IVA date is not till 12th August so even with a quick turn around at the DVLA it may as well be a September registration. TBD Number 20 is not Silver I'm afraid....... Gav's does look stunning as does your white one! Not 100% sure about the colour really did want a white one but was persuaded differently... Interior is black (not sports racer) half & half leather/alcantara.
  7. Ishy

    2016 Historic Monaco GP

    Ha Ha not normally that organised....
  8. Ishy

    Evora GTE Registry

    Well if Gav's right that must make mine number 20....... LHD 2+0 IPS
  9. Ishy

    2016 Historic Monaco GP

    Went to put the dates in my diary & can you believe I already have something booked for the Friday? Well I couldn't but it's true & I can't change it so afraid I'm out........
  10. Ishy

    2016 Historic Monaco GP

    We may be up for this, been saying we fancy it for a few years now...... I insisted on parking my own car at the Fairmont didn't go down very well but I got my own way & then felt a little foolish when I saw the other cars that I was parking my Elise amongst!
  11. Yes can only echo previous comments.... good to meet/put names to faces.. Thanks to all at Lotus/Classic Team Lotus & of course Paul for doing the organising...
  12. Hi Paul, yes sorry... Our party will be Richard Isherwood & Chris Wilkinson
  13. Hi Paul, Apologies for the delay just back from our Spa/Ring/Zolder trip.......... To eat we'd like baguettes from the Lighter Options Menu White with Hot Roast Shredded Pork for me please & Brown with Ham & Mustard for Chris please Thanks Richard
  14. First of all always measure you're adjustments as clicks from full hard not full soft..... Basically the adjustment at full hard is coarser than as you move to soft so the further you go the finer the adjustment. Try turning adjusters fully clockwise that's full hard, then backing off 10 clicks just as a starting point, I'd try that & then see how it feels...
  15. Hi Paul, As previously mentioned I'm most likely to be leaving at lunch time I'm afraid not sure if you'd like to do the photo shoot before lunch then another car is present? Also will I be ok to bring a guest (Chris) along ? Staying at the Bird in Hand.... they have one room remaining Old Thorn Barn is Fully booked
  16. Ishy

    LF1 Registry

    Hi Paul, No78 was sold by JCT Leeds.......
  17. Hi Paul, Bit slow confirming as my mother now has an operation on the 15th Trying to decide if it's an option to drive down the night before then set off back when we break for lunch..... Seems a lot of effort for 1/2 day at the factory, though it would be another LF1 down, One way or another I'll probably sort something & assuming I'm down I will be in the LF1
  18. PM sent, thanks much appreciated...
  19. Hi Paul, Me please.... Like the others don't know the telephone number but would be a great addition to my LF1 Cheers Richard
  20. Ok so I'm pretty flexible & can probably do any of those dates, may have good reason to be down 2nd week in July though so 15th would work for me....
  21. Ishy

    LF1 Plaques

    Here's mine 78 of 81 Senna 1987 Monaco....
  22. Like Tom I have already done the tour but I'm sure I could drag myself & the LF1 down for a gathering of LF1's, Date dependant though as were off to Spa & Zolder in early July.....
  23. Ishy


    Nothing very serious Peter just a few bits missing silly squeaks & rattles, the now standard rocking seat etc etc Seems like its taken forever to get it how I'd have expected it at delivery but got sorted in the end!
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