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  1. Like Tom I have already done the tour but I'm sure I could drag myself & the LF1 down for a gathering of LF1's, Date dependant though as were off to Spa & Zolder in early July.....
  2. Ishy


    Nothing very serious Peter just a few bits missing silly squeaks & rattles, the now standard rocking seat etc etc Seems like its taken forever to get it how I'd have expected it at delivery but got sorted in the end!
  3. Ishy


    Well I'm pleased to say that on Friday just seven months after first collecting it my V6 was finally complete & problem free (to the best of my knowledge) It's been a long road, have to admit I've wavered from time to time along the way, threatening to deliver it back to Hethel on more than one occasion....... The dealer (JCT Leeds) have been excellent throughout both accommodating & supportive nothing has been too much trouble & although it has taken some time/effort they have stuck with it. Just saying That shouldn't have needed to be the case it should have been right when it was collected but stick with it!
  4. Yes I know the position, flat on your back armpit up to the wheel & reach round the back I've often been seen in that position!
  5. Ah thanks for that, its similar to where I had them placed on my S2 then, I was never a fan of the Lotus S2 solution where they fixed the remote reservoirs to the wishbones... It's going to be Nitrons for me they will do everything I need from them.
  6. Yes I guess the lower ride height would result in much less role so putting far less load on the outside edge of the tyre.. Jonny where are your Nitron reservoir cans positioned?
  7. That's what I'd have thought more -ve camber required! That's what I'd have thought more -ve camber required! Bloody I pad so good I said it twice !
  8. Quick update for the list... No 26 Richard here & we'll be in the LF1 heading down with the other NYLOCers
  9. Oh really I'm surprised... Didn't think there was anything about the way you were driving that would suggest that sort of wear, Lines were pretty good, from where I was sitting.. If you had the toy's switched on I'd wonder about the electronics maybe breaking the wheels for stability especially in the wet, but if you were in race it's my understanding that this would not apply. Assuming it is just the Nitrons making the difference then I'm happy as I've just ordered mine!
  10. Ah I see........ Tony (the chap in the baby blue S1) that was with me left his car with Dave at ES Motorsport (the big trailer that was at Hethel) for the suspension tweaking now I've no experience with them but if Tony is prepared to leave his car with them then that's a good enough recommendation for me!
  11. Thinking the cup maybe has more camber as standard..? I'm no suspension genius but even taking for granted that the Nitrons give better suspension control I still think the wear on yours is a little excessive on the outside edge, just finding more reasons to add Nitrons.....
  12. Tom, Were they new before Hethel? That's pretty harsh considering the weather in the morning, rest of the tyre looks pretty good though just the shoulder, Think I'd be having some more -ve camber on the car...
  13. Jonny, Was just looking at the photo's of your tyre wear on the other thread & thinking they looked pretty good, Am I right in thinking you are running yours with settings & Geo as it came from the factory (except 3 clicks harder all round both bump & rebound)?? Also as I've not had such a good look at a cup car, can you tell me where they mount the remote cans for the Nitrons? Thanks Richard
  14. Just sent you a pm with spec but forgot to mention if he's interested we could maybe sort something with regards to his trade-in!
  15. He could do worse than have a look at my S2 if he would be doing as many trackdays as you!
  16. If it were a later car none.. However since this is a 2004 car then I think it will be a manual throttle car (all factory SC Elise's are dbw) My 05 plate car has the factory manual throttle upgrade though & seems to go ok! Also in the add it mentions the ecu has had a re-flash to alter the cam change point & in my experience the factory SC upgrade comes with it's own re-flash/ecu...........
  17. Shame......... Yes similar thoughts with regards to the Zenos was quite impressed with the drive especially since it had ZZR's on it!
  18. Kimbers I know have often stayed much closer but my mates are staying at the Premier Inn & besides work pays for Premier Inn!
  19. Yes doing it as my LF1 tour plus taking some relatives as I also have other tour vouchers! Our tour doesn't start till 15:30 is it not possible for you to make it? Drove the Zenos at Donnington Damian thought you had turned up again when I drove up in the LF1! Have you been to the Zenos factory as well as the arrive & drive?
  20. Few of us are at the Premier Inn Thetford. Most of my lot will be going back up North after the factory tour, whilst I hang around to meet the others at Premier Inn to stay over for the trackday not sure what time they will get down though..... Bit of an un reliable bunch! May try & visit Wymondham earlier in the day to have a look at a Zenos....
  21. Also booked on the trackday on the 25th & It's looking like myself & at least 3 others may well be joining you on the 24th, Just waiting for confirmation from Hethel....
  22. Where did you get them from ? My understanding was that Nitrons come in two different body widths? I thought the ones with a wider body were supplied with new top mounts.............
  23. Looks like my friend Alan (Yasmar on Nyloc) will be joining us if that's ok He has an S2 Sports Racer red & white one...
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