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  1. My money says the next V6 Exige wheels to become available from Lotus will be..................... Red!
  2. Yes I know what you are saying... though as far as I am concerned it's as it left the dealers, just the same as if I'd had it fitted at Hethel before it left Lotus (same tank as Motorsport would fit just fitted by a dealer) Ditto with regards to the warranty situation Besides I've every confidence in the Pro Alloy tank & the dealer that installed it..
  3. I'm not expecting any issues! The car is on my fleet policy & unless a problem was directly related to the tank (god forbid) I see no issues Warranty wise again unless it's a tank problem I see no issues.. It certainly made touring round the Alps less of a problem.
  4. I went for the Pro Alloy 60ltr tank as when I borrowed a V6 for a few days before buying I got tired of filling up all the time.. During the summer in a group of mixed Elise/Exige we did nearly 3k miles around Europe & I have to say it was rather nice to have plenty of fuel left while some of the others were sweating desperate for fuel...
  5. Sorry it took a while then I'm late as I see Lancelin 2k7 posted a photo earlier today..... Lancelin 2k7 maybe I'm just deaf.... doesn't sound that loud to me!
  6. Can't say I've much experience of many others but I've always been really happy with mine & wouldn't plan to change, Doing lots of road miles & lots of trackdays so good varied use.... Castrol SRF fluid Pagid RS14's Others have recommended Pagid RS42's to overcome the problems with 14's though I've never felt I had any problems with them!? Did try some Performance Friction pads a little time ago & though they were great I'll never forgive them for what they did to my wheels..... More recently I fitted some std Ferodo 2500's up front (I have the big break upgrade on my S2) as the 14's I thought were in the garage had vanished & I can now understand why others may have issues with the 14's but for me I'll soon be back in the garage popping some 14's back in. Just my thoughts/observations on my S2 hope they help..
  7. Bit slow posting but had an excellent day at Lotus F1/Enstone on Tuesday, good to meet you guys & put some faces to names etc.. Oh & thanks for sorting the pub meeting place out as well nice spot though you could have found some cleaner roads. sizona... you were quite right about your "Race" steering wheel mine is a "Team" the factory fit a "Tuner"
  8. Afraid not but I can take some Sunday if the snow clears! I also thought the twin pipe looked better than the std single, So took the easy option as couldn't be bothered trying to get in touch with Jim (too much like hard work though no doubt worth it) & if I went for the Larini I'd probably have ended up spending an arm & a leg on the whole syatem...
  9. Suspect between the two Lotus ones you may see a slight improvement (even if it's mostly down to weight) To be honest for me it was more about the look & added bonus I do prefer the sound. Some other manufacturers may well claim power increases but I'm not sure to what extent? My S2 has a full Larini system on it & that certainly seems to pull better than it did before....
  10. It was on when I saw you at Silverstone! I've not really worried about the limits as I'm in the habit of generally only doing the louder days with my old S2 anyway 10th March with LoT may work out for me will see what I can do....
  11. I have the Lotus sports exhaust on my LF1 & if I'm honest when it was first fitted & bearing in mind I had only done approx. 1000 miles with the std exhaust in my opinion it wasn't as loud as the std exhaust in sport mode (baffles open) though the note was different... T3Jn that day when we were all at Silverstone do you remember the green & orange V6's that shared the garage with us? Well we spent a little time that day listening to them coming past the pits as one had the std & one had the sports exhaust, We came to the conclusion that volume wise not much in it but sports sounded to burble a bit more... No science or measuring of course just what we thought listening as they passed the pits!
  12. Yes they do though I think any Exige on std rims with Trofeo's on would be the same think you just notice it more with the gold rims on the LF1 That's one of the reasons I took my Trofeo's off straight away & replaced them with the Corsa as the Corsa has a rim protector bulge thing... My Trofeo's are now on a set of the Team Dynamics wheels which do not protrude in the same way..
  13. Sorry didn't take any, there are a few on Russell Gibbons FB page but nothing that looks any different really apart from the gold access surrounds & covers for the cut off's it didn't really look any different from the outside... The cup interior LF1 style looked stunning though in my opinion!
  14. Danny #27 10/2 Aylesbury Simon #19 10/2 York/Leeds Richard #78 10/2 York/Leeds David. #01. 12/2 Woodstock Frank #79 12/2 Germany Steve #31 12/2 Leeds
  15. Ishy

    V6 or V6 Cup

    I'd agree completely with this! PDK is great in the Porsche I wouldn't want one without it.. Drove an Evora with the auto box though & I know it's supposed to be much improved in the Exige but it's still the same box, Perfectly good for the road but my Lotus gets plenty of track use & I really wouldn't want that box in my Exige...
  16. Ishy

    LF1 Registry

    My first thought was wish I'd known this was possible, but to be honest I'd probably still have bought the STD car, Those cup LF1 seats did look nice though! I'm considering going down the CupR aero kit route......
  17. Ishy

    LF1 Registry

    I was told yesterday 7 which are taken from the original build numbers, Still gold wheels everything the same but Cup spec, cup interior looked nice LF1 style...
  18. Ishy

    LF1 Registry

    Back on the LF1 registry topic! Has anybody seen the LF1 cup spec car on the stand at the Autosports show? Car looks stunning! (sorry didn't take any photos) Apparently 7 of the LF1's have been built to cup spec for the US market where the V6 is not available in lesser specification...
  19. Ishy

    LF1 Registry

    It would be great to convoy down & yes Carol will be going but afraid the 12th would probably not work for me... Assuming others are taking the LF1's along then that's what we'll do unless the weather dictates a real need for 4wd.
  20. Ishy

    LF1 Registry

    Yes I thought a few of them correctly positioned may make a great photo.
  21. Ishy

    LF1 Registry

    Yes bit late notice isn't it! Lucky for me I'm able to do the 10th though from the sounds of things we may be lucky to be being offered any date at all......... Next question is................ those that are attending on the 10th are you going in the LF1??
  22. Ishy

    LF1 Registry

    I mailed Rob in November for tour dates, He replied with a number of dates for the Hethel tour for early 2015 (but confirmed it was no problem to go later in the year) He also said that he currently had no dates for the F1 tour but would forward them as soon as he had something.... By coincidence I received an e-mail last night from him telling me "the F1 team have come back to me and their tour date will be on Feb 10th, would you like to attend?" The implication seeming to be that this is THE date! I have e-mailed this morning asking for timings so I can judge hotel requirements as it's a good distance, anybody else fancy a bite to eat before/after?
  23. That was my understanding also.... I was told that though the Trofeo R is already available in some sizes it would not be available in a suitable size for the V6 front until April.
  24. Ishy

    I'm booked for Anglesey already it's our regular Easter jaunt, You'll not find a better bunch for an excellent track day at a great circuit.... If you've not driven Anglesey then you've not driven the best Lotus track in the country (in my opinion) Plus you get to drive the two best layouts the GP in the morning & the costal (complete with corkscrew) in the afternoon, Think it's that way round anyway! Oh yes Bibs I think it took me two years to get approved on not quite sure what I'd done wrong?
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