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    I'm booked for Anglesey already it's our regular Easter jaunt, You'll not find a better bunch for an excellent track day at a great circuit.... If you've not driven Anglesey then you've not driven the best Lotus track in the country (in my opinion) Plus you get to drive the two best layouts the GP in the morning & the costal (complete with corkscrew) in the afternoon, Think it's that way round anyway! Oh yes Bibs I think it took me two years to get approved on not quite sure what I'd done wrong?
  2. That's exactly what I do, it's nothing of a job!
  3. Maybe...... We'll have a heatwave end of Jan? My arm could be twisted!
  4. I'd be happy to meet up at Aintree (date dependant)
  5. The wheels came from Dave at Seriously Lotus, they are actually the 2nd set as the first came in the wrong shade of gold, Now they have got the colour right they are currently only available in this colour from Dave & if you have an LF1 (need to quote the build number when ordering)
  6. Currently Sector 111 harness bar (Seriously Lotus) as it's cold outside & it's incredibly easy/quick to fit! Just unbolt the STD seat belt top fixings drop bar into place then refasten the top fixings, Doesn't restrict the seats doesn't require the bulkhead cutting........ That said once the weather warms up I'll most likely fit a standard Lotus one as I have all the bits needed in the garage (somewhere) & like nothing more than spending a weekend taking the seats out, cutting bulkheads, generally cursing & removing skin from my hands/arms...... Actually thinking about it I'll ei
  7. My LF1 had a visit from Father Christmas ! A little something for the track! Belts:- Wheels/tyres:- Don't like the Trofeo's on the OEM rims (plus they wear to fast for my road mileage) so swapped to Corsa's for road use, Trofeo's now on alternative wheels for track use, added bonus is they sit nicely on the rims & don't leave the outer rim exposed like they do on the OEM wheels..
  8. Just in case....... If anybody is struggling to get Trofeo's they are still available from Seriously Lotus! Good price too..
  9. You can get a kit from Lotus, Front bolts to bottom of the towing post & protrudes through the grill (requires cutting of the grill) Rear requires the subframe to be drilled to allow fitment not fitted the rear to mine yet as looks like getting access to drill the holes could be an issue with the clam on? I'd be interested to hear from anybody who's fitted one that could confirm it's not as difficult as I think!
  10. Good idea but I've already ordered mine................. Typical !!
  11. Not sure the balance will be any good ? I'd generally stick to running the same tyres on each corner ( or front / rear at least ) !
  12. Mine is also missing ! All the other LF1's that I have seen have also had it missing as it seems have any other recent cars.. Which supports what i have been told that they are no longer being fitted. Personally I'd like one fitted to mine if possible..........
  13. Yes in just the same way the S2 roof panel did.... mine was off all summer, The only small difference is that on the LF1 (not sure about other V6's) they fitted tamper proof bolts instead of the usual torq's bolts, However that just means they have a pin in the middle of the star & once removed can be replaced with a standard fixing..
  14. Sounds good to me, I've had an e-mail to say they are waiting for dates from the team, Personally I'd like to go sooner rather than later if possible so that the car still has some relevance to the F1 team.... Will let you know what dates they come back with (not expecting a quick reply though everything seems to take forever)
  15. Coming to this a little late in the day but.... I too had all the same thoughts going around in my head before I finally decided on the LF! Apart from as some have said the LF1 being a good compromise that suited my intended use, The main driver for me was my perceived difficulty making my insurance company happy with a tracker install in a cup car which I was advised would potentially be a real issue, what with the remote cut off & lack of some of the wiring loom (not sure how true/accurate that is) but my insurance company insist on a tracker on anything over £50k so that helped pus
  16. Ishy

    LF1 Trinkets

    Mine was sent direct to my home & arrived with me Saturday morning, No vouchers as such for the tours just an e-mail address to contact to request available dates... Beware my helmet was mouldy when I opened it ! Popped into the dealers yesterday & they had a parcel full of the LF1 packs ready for other customers, mentioned the mouldy helmet incident so we checked one of the other packs & sure enough it was even mouldier than mine..................
  17. Is your helmet mouldy? Mine is As was at least one other at the dealers................. Factory visit..... no date yet for mine, the only problem with going next year is that the 2015 livery may have little if any resemblance to the LF1 (No private plate on mine)
  18. What time are you collecting? Just so I can avoid bringing my filthy example in at the same time it'll look even worse stood next to a nice new one....
  19. What he said! You could try Dave @ Seriously Lotus good price & great service in my experience.......
  20. Excellent video must get myself at least one of those cameras!
  21. No problem Simon, here's another pic from Monday!
  22. Thanks for the welcome, hopefully photo attached from Silverstone on Monday.....
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