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  1. 2 hours ago, BfranklynV6 said:

    Is it worth upgrading to the 1-way over the stock suspension, or is it only really worth going 2 or 3 way?

    Also are these easy/cheap to get off come resale time?

    Seriously Lotus can supply a set of Nitron one ways optimised for road/occasional track use which are ideal for anyone not wanting the hassle of understanding/adjusting settings on the more complex 2/3ways.

    Added advantage is no remote reservoirs so very easy to fit or remove when required.

    They also have a variety of brake upgrades for fast road & track use.

    Give Dave @ Seriously Lotus a buzz & I’m sure he can sort you out 👍

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  2. 20 minutes ago, C8RKH said:

    Look. Lotus is a small company. It's a flea on the back of the poodle. I'm sure it tries its best but I am also sure in the last 10 years we came perilously close to losing it.

    If I was lucky enough to own a GTE the only thing I'd be truly pissed about would be the lack of key spares like the custom wishbones, wheels, etc. I'd expect the factory to keep spares or at least have a plan B.

    Exactly that....

  3. Yes indeed... I have no issue with “other” GTE’s it’s the fact that Lotus disposed of the remainder of the parts which some of us had been assured would be kept available to repair our cars should they need it.. yes maybe naive to believe Lotus would do as they said but nevertheless a commitment was made. Personally I’m appalled at the way Lotus treats its loyal customers!

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  4. 3 hours ago, 21gg said:

    Fair point Gav, cheers. The picture C8RKH posted shows a bolt hole drilled in the side frame but not sure if this was how it was done by mansory/factory? Obviously it's only the seat belt clip as the outer/lower anchor point is on the car floor.

    Adfer,  have you got any pictures of the seat belt mounts on yours?


    This may help Gav if I can manage to upload it ok..




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  5. 25 minutes ago, Trevsked said:

    I’ve been looking for those seats, any more available?


    I have a pair like those on the rack in my store, think mine are the reclining ones though....could be yours!

  6. For the record..., I love the car but just simply never drive it.

    Didn't buy it with the intention of not driving it, just find that with 3 road trips each year plus my race/rally commitments I simply don't get enough chance to drive it, it's not been an easy decision to sell, every time I see the car I change my mind but it frustrates me that it's just not getting used.....

    Still think that it's a better car than anything else Lotus has to offer including the new 430 obviously just my opinion!

  7. Having been a little unhappy with my 3ways when first fitted (Nitron had just had the info provided to them by Lotus I believe)

    Dave at Seriously Lotus has spent considerable time/effort, having a multitude of changes made to them. I've driven literally thousands of miles both road & track to get the setup right (I'm really picky)

    Finally I have to say they are incredible far better than stock on road & much better balance on track.

    As an alternative for your application with less road miles than me, I'd up the spring rates to the ones on Dave's car, same balance as mine but stiffer all round giving better performance on track but still compliant enough for traveling to track & back. Not saying I'd be happy driving it to the Alps & back though, if that's your thing you'd need the same springs as me....


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  8. 17 hours ago, Seriouslylotus said:

    One thing that's important as you say is the ones you have are NOT the standard off the shelf nitrons.

    Ishy and i between us have now done 2-3000 road miles and about 200 laps on various circuits. Fine tuning valving and spring rates for the kit that you have

    The benefits as you are well aware the dampers come pre set for ride height and damping adjustment. Basically how your car is now.

    Ha Ha & then the rest...........

  9. I've removed the airbag wheel on mine, it's nothing of a job..

    I'm sure a dealer would be able to go into your cars ECU & turn off the airbag feature (I'm assuming that's what they do on the cup cars as the removable wheel is a dealer fit)

    However not having that facility we simply pushed a small resistor into the holes in the plug that were left vacant when the airbag plug came out, seems to do the trick without any issues.

    To date my V6 hasn't required an MOT but previously did the same to my 09 plate Elise & never had any issues at MOT time (though I may just have been lucky?)


    NB. Having removed the airbag wheel the replacement boss, horn ring, wheel & removable gubbins can all be obtained from Dave @Seriouslylotus

  10. 51 minutes ago, PaulLF1 said:

    so you have just made a start........:lol:

    :lol: middle of April should see us part way (suspension, fuel tank, s/wheel, harness, toe eye)  ready for Exiges track day at Anglesey.

    Aero bits should (fingers crossed) be just after Anglesey & before Hethel at the end of April.

    Then....... oil cooler, brakes, power upgrade :)

  11. Just now, Seriouslylotus said:

    What about the fuel tank?:)

    Oh yes of course 60ltr tank, anything else I've forgotten Dave....

    Big brake kit as well (trying not to add this up!)

    Machined front uprights 

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