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  1. Further on this, I called in at Lakeside Engineering and Max kindly pointed out that the wire/connector I had looked at was the right one. He suggested I remove and clean out the coolant level tube, which I did and to be fair muck did come out, but nothing has changed. The car on idle saw the temp go up and down on the gauge, its clearly a temperamental thing. . . . .anyone know where I can get a gauge ? He further suggested checking and if need be cleaning up the earth points around the engine, which will be this weekends tinkerings
  2. had another look at the engine and what I thought would be the connection to the sensor (spade connector) to thermostat looking thing, Pulled it off expecting the gauge to read right across to hot as I am told they do when disconnected and nothing changed. The car was warmed up at this point. So, I guess I pulled of the wrong wire. . . .should have taken a pic, but didn't. Otherwise, went out for a run in it on Sunday and it behaved itself, even getting a thumbs up from a dude in his SLS merc ! Just goes to show that a certain type of car nut appreciates seeing an Esprit on the road. . . .
  3. Thanks or your input, mine is a 98 late dash model. I will double check the wiring connection for corrosion etc over the weekend. I haven't tinkered with Espritmon. . . . . .computers are like witchcraft to me !
  4. nothing ! I guess something is on its way out, but it seems to be behaving at the moment, perhaps has its a 98 car its having a teenage moment !
  5. well during and since the weekend trips, which must be 500 miles plus all has been normal, and this includes sitting on the M3 for 40 mins. So whilst I am not considering it 100% cured, it hasn't happened again !
  6. cheers for the info Fjmuurling. . .I will investigate again. . .with a torch !
  7. thanks for the various suggestions, the caps were round the wrong way originally this was discovered sometime ago before the radiator self destructed, so I know this was changed, the level indicator in the plastic header tank was also looked at and this appears in order too. as for the the sensor and its seating, from the brief look I had yesterday it looked ok, providing I was looking at the right thing. . . .I assume its the one buried under the multiple hoses above the starter motor ?? Just to be sure the fans were cutting in I ran the car yesterday and they fire up just between 90-100 on the gauge and quickly get to work so I am comfortable they are getting the right info to work, as they shut off a minute or so later when the temp goes down. So best I hunt out the sensor. . .
  8. It does have the plastic tank you are right, the part which generates the low coolant level was also checked, I know this was looked at as was the expansion tank, so a check over again certainly is a good idea. I will report back. I assume there is a way to check the read out of the temp sensor ? did I read somewhere it is all to do with resistance ??
  9. cheers for your reply, the car has actually done 700 odd miles since the rad job (forgot my Christmas trip) and I have kept my eye on the levels as you might expect.. . . I will double check again tomorrow.
  10. Guys, after a new radiator a couple of hundred miles ago, the car is running fine and dandy. However without any relevant traffic related conditions and according to the gauge the needle will on occasions creep quite quickly up and then down again. Sometimes it reaches 110 and then falls back to its normal running position of 80c . . . . .this all happens in a matter of a minute, so I assume its the gauge or sensor. Anyone got any experience on this ? The coolant level light stays out, so I don't suspect anything other than a duff signal. . .as a further test, in a start up and leave to warm up cycle the car gets to temperature, the fans kick in and all seems normal. . .the fact that it appears to be random makes me think it is the sensor but does anyone have any wise words ??
  11. thanks for the link Bibs. . lots of info there, appreciate it
  12. Not getting any joy on the search feature. . .can anyone assist ?
  13. thanks for the reply, i couldn't see anything in the search Forum. . .im probably doing something wrong and will try again. cheers Benters
  14. reliably informed my brake accumulator pump needs replacing, anyone know if this is a Lotus only part or can it be found on anything else ?
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