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  1. I'm with Brendan O'Neill on this one - Dominic Cummings broke the lockdown? Good The hysteria over his trip to his parents' home is driven by nothing more than Remainer revenge. Etc. Etc. ....
  2. Interesting propoganda coming out of China and how this is being used in the West by the MSM ...
  3. Priorities, if its not guns or toilet rolls ... "Cannabis panic buyers were queueing round the block in the Netherlands to stock up on weed before a nationwide shut down. The Dutch government decided to lockdown the country on Sunday to stop the spread of coronavirus, and it sparked an immediate response from drug users. Queues steadily formed outside the famous ‘coffee shops’ – where cannabis can be legally bought – across the country. Some panic buyers waited all day to get their hands on supplies to last them through a quarantine that could last for weeks. All marijuana coffee shops were ordered to close by 6pm on Sunday, as part of comprehensive measures, which also affect saunas, sex clubs and sport schools." Read more: Twitter: | Facebook:
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