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  1. Does anyone have a photograph that shows how the individual pieces of the panel mount to the binnacle? My S2 was modified in the 1980s and a somewhat dodgy three section wood panel was fitted. I'm currently converting this back to the original layout, but the only mounting points that I have are a few strips of timber glued to the binnacle. Any images, or even just a decent description would be much appreciated. Many thanks in advance. George
  2. My S2 was re-trimmed sometime in the eighties and was fitted with a wood veneer dash. I am now in the process of converting this back to the original materials and layout and was hoping someone out there could help me with the locations of the switches on the dash. From what I can see the four switches on the left are arranged as follows: Top left, lights? Bottom left, panel lights? Top right, fog light Then for the right hand side: Upper, heated rear screen, Lower, fan speed This may of course be completely wrong so I'd be interested to hear what layouts are out there. Many thanks, George
  3. It is indeed the convex side of the pulley. The interesting part for me is that the wear pattern seems to run in an arc from the tips of the toothed area, just seems very strange. Interestingly the pulley bolt didn't seem to be that tight, but then the pulley should be kept in the same relative position to the toothed pulley due to the key. In any case the tensioner has been rebuilt, the bearing was a bit rough and I will check everything before the engine is eventually started. Just wish I had some more history about the car but then it has been off the road a very long time.
  4. I just emptied the parts washer, AKA the dishwasher (wife still in bed!!) and found this strange wear pattern on the crank pulley. It looks like the timing belt pulley has been fretting against it, but this would seem unlikely as they are both keyed to the crank. Has anyone seen anything similar or do any of you have any suggestions? I have never seen the engine run but it looks like the belt is sitting right at the front of the pulleys where it might rub against the crank pulley, but why the strange toothed pattern? Many thanks, again! George
  5. Photo is of the gearbox mount which has rotted away to a large extent on the right hand side. I then needed to chop it about to remove it as the fasteners had picked up in the alloy of the gearbox and didn't want to move, an impact driver worked its magic however. Would someone out there with an S2 be kind enough to measure the mount from end to end, this is the only measurement I'm missing? Many thanks in advance, George
  6. Merry Christmas to all of you out there and my thanks for your help. Hopefully my S2 will be back in service during 2019 after being off the road for more than 25 years, more that half of its life.
  7. The boiling point of the coolant with a 15psi cap would be c121C while with a 10psi one would be c115C
  8. Thanks anyway Pete. As a matter of interest how is yours finished where it butts up to the rear window, any sort of finisher around the aperture? George
  9. My car is trimmed in leather/vinyl. The attached pic while not my car is very similar in style and indeed colour. The bulkhead panel I need info about is the one with the interior finish, vinyl in my case. Thanks again in advance. George
  10. Does anyone have a photograph that shows the trim panel on the rear bulkhead on an S2 i.e. the one behind the seats. I am trying to re-trim a bare panel and any info as to where there are joins in the vinyl and how it is finished where it returns into the rear window would be very useful. Many thanks in advance. George
  11. Green/Black, Green/Orange, + Black ground.
  12. Nice looking car, good luck with the restoration! Just one question though, if there are 18,500 miles on the clock why has it had its 25,000 service?
  13. No, but you do need a stepped drift of the correct dimensions to avoid damaging the guides during installation.
  14. Brett, I supported the crossgate bell-crank and clevis assembly with a small chisel wedged underneath it and then just tapped out the spiral pin with a suitably sized drift. On my car the pin came out very easily, not too much resistance at all. I have reused the same pin without any problems. George
  15. Lou, My car is a UK spec 1979 S2 and I happen to be sitting with my switches in a bag beside me! I have just looked at them and I have four that are ribbed and two that aren't. The ones that are plain are the lights and panel switches, maybe it's just pot luck depending where they were sourced from at any one time! Sorry not to be able to shed any light on things! George
  16. Just look in the place where you think that there's absolutely no chance that the cage might have gone and that's where you'll find it!!
  17. If you don't happen to have a multimeter then with a simple circuit like this you could at least find where you are getting 12v with a test lamp.
  18. Christian, Paul, many thanks to both of you. George
  19. Many thanks Christianm It all makes sense now! I was thrown by the fact tat the new pipe wasn't even close to being the correct shape. Bracket now test fitted and the pipe has been bent to fit. Bit of a struggle getting one of the bends tight enough though!
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