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  1. Your coils are breaking down it is the same that happened to me you need to change it to fix problem sorry to tell you bad news well worth doing though
  2. fell asleep my guess or just a woman driver, driving a fast car , to fast, while doing the makeup just my thoughts ill get my coat
  3. Just an update a company in yorkshire are going to refurbish my turbos at a cost of
  4. Thanks for the help guys i managed to find a company in yorkshire to refurb for 150 each i will let you know how it goes, this company is actually a approved by garret who make the turbos so should know what there doing, rang them up very helpful and knew what he was talking about so will give them a try
  5. One of the seals has gone in the left side turbo has anyone had them reconditioned before were and how much? the turbos work fine aapart from this small oil leak obviously wilsons say new turbo but i know they can be reconditioned just dont know were any help please thanks???
  6. Hi jase getting married is still not an option for her to stay if you want to know the ins and outs give me a call wife is colombian and had to go through the visa process so know it quite well it is going to cost you which ever way you want to do it sorry to bring bad news lol
  7. Paul if it was closer mate i would be there glad to see someone else getting karting event up and running
  8. That made me laugh very funny martyn
  9. tuesday jon at brentwood 6pm arrive
  10. Seems to be alot of guys from Essex and south east in this forum who are missing out on the meets and events we organise. We are trying to get a karting championship arranged at brentwood karting a regular weekly or monthly points awarded for position finished in trophyies for each race and end of year trophy for top three drivers, race it is open to everyone so if any of you guys are interested please get in touch.
  11. Wilsons did a good job on the service did a few little things that needed doing at no extra cost like unbloking the windscreen wash jets cleaned the water bottle, not cheap but always feel it is best to get the major service done at a dealer plus you always have come back, as for the types bought the dunlop at super tyres
  12. anyone else interested in coming along as we have 10 so far ?
  13. ok here we go again different track this time lakeside karting top end speed is not so important on this track so i think it will make it a bit more interesting. all im after is a show of hands this will be in about 4-6 weeks once i know i have enough people. cost will be roughly the same price as last time and if everyone gets there on time (adam- martyn ) we should get a full 1 hour. can i just say sorry to Alex because this venue is near a shopping centre!! i think julian will agree this is a very good track ___________
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