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  1. Loss of productivity basically - if only they could understand the knock on effect - not saying that people should be in there for an hour a time but there was a good buzz about the place.
  2. There seems to be no man management whatsoever - people are not built up for their strengths but constantly beaten down and told how rubbish they are. A recent edict was brought in penalising everyone who was not on site by 8:15 exactly. Previously people were more flexible and came in a bit late but worked unitl 7 or 8 oclock at night or even later. since the strict 8:15 ruling the staff car park is now empty at 17:16. No longer allowed to have breakfasts in the canteen - this may seem trivial but most of the elise was designed in that canteen! If you take a way the ability to interac
  3. I think that the problem is, whereas before whilst the redundancies hurt and were extremely painful people could see a clear vision and defined plan with leadership - sadly none of these things are present at the moment.
  4. Unfortunately it has been evident for some time that the current management are not capable of running a bath let alone a car company. The current staff are so demotivated it is impossible to see how the company can continue. Every one that I speak to (and that's a lot) does not want to be there and says that it is a horrible atmosphere to try and work in. There is absolutely no respect for the current senior management. When I look back at what those staff have achieved in the past this is nothing short of criminal. Well done DRB-HICOM you have killed an iconic brand. Unless Lo
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