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  1. Is it the BMW X3/X5/X6? or the Miata/BMW 328 (or whatever it is) in the left lane? I tried my LightRoom software and can't read it. My local police department doesn't have the software necessary to reconstruct missing pixel information
  2. Neal, Sorry to hear that your Elise's starter (or whatever it may end up to be) isn't working properly. That's an excellent run time of 22 years though! I'm sure you'll let everyone know the solution when it's found. Perfect! Yep, the Big Fish got away from Mueller this time. The Southern District courts still have their poles in the dark abyss.
  3. Just waiting for the thaw in the Midwest - it's been a longer winter than expected. My car needs a minor tune up and it's speedometer needs to rebuilt. Using my GPS as a speedometer temporary. But what makes me unhappy is the Mueller report. I had hoped for an indictment, but now we appeared to be (as you gentlemen say) buggered.
  4. Thanks Colin. Glad to know the UK is just as concerned as we are here in the US. It's been 2 years of absolute hell for me. No more billionaires (if he is even one - House of Reps will get his tax returns hopefully soon) in office. Billionaire's don't know how the common folk live and struggle paycheck to paycheck. Could you believe the pathetic Wilbur Ross (worth over $700 million) during the shutdown - "Oh, they can just take out a loan to get by". The concept of being without money for billionaires is totally alien. How can they identify with the "actual" working class. In your Parliament, are most of the members multi-millionaires or billionaires? Just think our US Senate, House of Reps, Supreme Court and yes the President needs to be middle class individuals and NOT corporation owners with unlimited funds. If you make more than $5 million annually, then you are disqualified from any office within the US Congressional system. I was never seriously worried about our country politically until this megalomaniac pushed his way into office. I need this season of Reality President to come to an end and never be repeated - no syndication either.
  5. Moving away for Valentine's day, 2/15 /19 is now National made up Emergency Day in the USA. It was very sad that Parkland shooting was yesterday. This unnecessary emergency has taken away from the Parkland survivors, focusing on gun control and the Mueller probe. It's all about diversion. I know you guys got the Brexit stuff to deal with, but I just thought I'd share our misery from the other side of the pond.
  6. This is definitely an axe designed for Game of Thrones giants - not mere mortals.
  7. your S4s, better than any Flying V or almost any guitar on the planet. Ok, maybe Harrison's Ricky 12 might be an exception and Lennon's 325 and 325/12 JG Rickys. Ah bloody hell, every frickin "actual" Beatle guitar and bass for that matter. Your country has great legends in both music and automobiles. America, we "might" be 2nd best and we will always know the Britain is number 1 .
  8. The Flying Vs I couldn't handle since it requires standing all the time to play. I can't really sit down and play them comfortably. In my high school guitar class, the best guitar player had a white one. Every practice, I didn't see him sit down either. I might be picky (ok pun semi-intended) and silly. Stop that - that's much too silly to be concerned about.
  9. Ok, first guitars with best value and performance: 1. Fender Heavy Metal Strat only $550 with case. Play a lot of gigs with this one. Black on black with rosewood fingerboard. 2. Rickenbacker 330/12 FG only $450 (it was a second due to a slightly bent keywind) Granted it has the jingle jingle sound, but a great jingle it is. Now, weirdest guitars: 1. Steinberger stick guitar with Trans Tremolo. Cost was about $2k (it was the "it" guitar in the early 90s for a very, very brief time). Had issues with no head stock. Didn't know where I was and had to look at the fingerboard too much. I'm used to looking at the crowd and not my hands. Only had to look when doing the complicated stuff. The Steinberger I couldn't do that. Only got because the bass player had the Steinberger bass. 2. B.C Rich - RIch Bich 6 string (about $1,600 - 1981 cost) - very colorful it was Magenta type Purple. Got it in high school as a Senior and. traded it for Moog Taurus Pedals (the original pedals - not the Taurus II ) about 3 years later. One more category - weirdest guitars that I would want: 1. Ovation Deacon (the Shark Fin) - 6 or 12 string. Only have seen the Breadwinner (low budget version of the Deacon) in the flesh once. 2. Parker Fly guitar. Haven't played one yet or even seen one in person. Ok, someone else turn now...
  10. Very nice. What pickups are those? I wish I had the pickup selector switch. The sweet switch on mine doesn't really do much for me. Hoping the two I see on yours do a little more than mine.
  11. I only have "one" PRS Signature model #357 from the late 80s early 90s. I'm also not a dentist, lawyer nor doctor. Signature models / Private Stock PRS guitars are too expensive these days for the normal musician to acquire so I understand why you mentioned the few professions that could afford these works of art. PRS stands for Price Really Sucks for most of us.
  12. Nice Collection!. Like the Parker Fly. Who makes the 8 string and what's the tuning? Like the f holes on the acoustic classical, too.
  13. You can also restore the items in the Recycle Bin just in case you did not "permanently" them (depends on how your defaults are setup). If that doesn't work, you could attempt a System Recovery (although it's not suppose touch actual files - only program files). Restore Windows to earlier date - A known working state. Again, this System Restore is a stretch but Data Recovery can be expensive.
  14. Search from a Windows prompt. Type in *.jpg and search all media (i.e. local drives and thumb drives and external drives). This assumes you shoot jpeg format and not Raw, DNG, etc otherwise you'll need to type that extension. This command will locate all files with a .jpg extension on your PC or Laptop. Again, assumes Windows OS (Operating System).
  15. Ok, got pulled over again in less than a month! This time I was swerving. Why? Because my speedometer is stuck at 30 mph. It was night time and the cop thought I was drunk. Explained to the cop that I just got my car running again and now I got fix this. Got lucky and just received a warning. I was swerving since I was trying to figure out what was happening with my gauge. Now I get look through the forums for speedo issues. Another thing. Is it too much to ask that millennials park properly around nicer cars. Maybe there needs to be a class to instruct them on etiquette? Had an 18 year old driving Mom's extra large Chevy Suburban soccer behemoth park within 6 inches of my passenger side. There were spots everywhere, but the need to park next to me to walk a few less steps to the yogurt shop was more important. There are certain cars people should avoid parking next to as the cost to repair is simply too high even for minor things. The basic rule of thumb: IF it looks expensive, don't park next to it. It is especially frustrating when you purposely park far away (with nobody near you) and someone parks along side.
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