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  1. Sorry to hear about your Dad's passing. I'm fortunate that my Dad really has no money and even if he did I wouldn't take it. Learned my lesson with my Mother-In-Law. She left money to her kids (her husband was killed by a drunk driver) and that caused rifts between the wife's family members. Personally, I would rather give the money back (it wasn't a lot) and have my Mother-In-Law back- minus the pancreatic cancer that took her away. She was a terrific woman. The wife and I would take her with us on all vacations. With that said, I still think your Dad's new wife should have taken notice of your family and done something.
  2. 2 1/2 weeks ago, I heard a squeaky noise at startup from the engine bay. Turns out my Aux Pulley is wobbling. Engine out service and that does it for the driving season this year. Just had my drive way redone. At least it happened in my garage and not hundreds of miles from home.
  3. Poor Jon Snow...he's always got to tell truth. The only visible happiness we saw in the last season was him seeing Ghost. Ghost looked as banged up as Snow did. Agree with Kimbers, Hydrogen Fuel Cell power is the wave. Batteries (large heavy ones) will end up in landfills. Engineers are probably working on "proper" battery disposal, but Hydrogen's exhaust is water. Hydrogen is also the most abundant element in the universe, so availability isn't a concern. Unfortunately, we are most likely the last generation to enjoy fossil fueled cars. It's hard to imagine what Ferrari, Lambo and Porsche will do when everything goes electric/hydrogen or some other option. What will the value of a Chiron, La Ferrari, P1, Aventador, Ford GT (all versions), Boss 429, Type 130* etc. be when they can no longer be driven? Granted most of these cars are treated like museum pieces that will never see actual daylight regardless. *Type 130 - Please be the new Esprit "the Electric Hybrid Ferrari Killer". I mentioned the Boss 9 and forgot the Shelby GT500. Sorry, not a fan of the other American muscle cars.
  4. Hello everyone, Anyone know of someone in the Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio area that will do an A/C recharge using R 12? Cannot and Will not convert to R 134. 1991 Esprit Turbo SE's feature barely adequate cooling using R 12. The car is basically a Greenhouse on wheels and black interior only makes it worse. Unfortunately, I do not live in a colder climate during summer season. I prefer the frozen knuckle syndrome I had the previous summers.
  5. Here's my car insults after nearly 5 years of ownership: 1. It looks like a Fiero? I was afraid to ask 1st generation (the absolute worst) or the 2nd generation? At least the 2nd gen isn't as horrific as the first. 2. I got the "kit" car while parked at Walmart. I let the guy know that was an inappropriate remark. He knew that I was not happy. He tried to back peddle his comment, but he ended up digging a deeper pit of despair. Very uncomfortable for both of us in the end. The not so bad comment: 1. Reminds me of an MR2. I actually wanted an Supercharged MR2 when I was 18 (oh so many years ago). Overall, most people are very interested and like seeing the car on the road aside from that state trooper last year. Ticket falls off in 2 weeks.
  6. Beautiful dogs! Danny. Speaking of Danny, well Dani (named after Daenerys in Game of Thrones) is my pregnant bitch. Here's her x-ray with 2 pups on board. The unhappy part is that there's only two. A lot of work went into this breeding. Some of our future owners will need to wait until another litter to get their pup unfortunately. Touchdown is next weekend time frame - we think. If anyone can spot more in there, let me know. That would make some other future owner very happy. Please ignore the HIPPA data - really only matters for humans anyways.
  7. Well said Danny! "A life without dogs...well, no life." I don't know how I could manage without mine. Best thought I will have running around in my brain today. Thank you.
  8. Go get them Wabbits... I have my dog's ashes in urns. Probably have them scattered with our remains when the wife and I depart the planet. Just get one of the nephews/nieces to do the scattering piece. This way we all go together assuming the wife and I exit at roughly the same time. Yeah, recently met with the financial planner and need to update the will to cover this little future gathering.
  9. I thought I saw more Malamute with Shadow. Utonagans also originated in the UK as a breed from what I searched. Boy big indeed! As a breeder of Miniature American Shepherds, it's always good to know other breeds. Your breed was completely new to me. Sorry the beach trip will be a hard one.
  10. David, Here's Seven and I together in the car. She did 0 to 60 almost as fast as the car. I miss her terribly.
  11. Sorry to hear your story. You did the right thing - you stopped your beloved family member's suffering. It is by far the hardest thing to do. I'm a dog breeder in the USA, but 2 of my dogs are Norfolk UK. 2 years ago, I had to put down 4 dogs in one year due to old age. Yes, I'm crying with you as I type this in their memory. Very few things make guys cry, but this is one of them. A dog loves you just the way you are and unconditional love is hard to come by these days. That's why your noble companion deserves respect and honor. To Shadow... say hello to Shagg, Skye, Seven and Solo on your journey. Farewell...
  12. Is it the BMW X3/X5/X6? or the Miata/BMW 328 (or whatever it is) in the left lane? I tried my LightRoom software and can't read it. My local police department doesn't have the software necessary to reconstruct missing pixel information
  13. Neal, Sorry to hear that your Elise's starter (or whatever it may end up to be) isn't working properly. That's an excellent run time of 22 years though! I'm sure you'll let everyone know the solution when it's found. Perfect! Yep, the Big Fish got away from Mueller this time. The Southern District courts still have their poles in the dark abyss.
  14. Just waiting for the thaw in the Midwest - it's been a longer winter than expected. My car needs a minor tune up and it's speedometer needs to rebuilt. Using my GPS as a speedometer temporary. But what makes me unhappy is the Mueller report. I had hoped for an indictment, but now we appeared to be (as you gentlemen say) buggered.
  15. Thanks Colin. Glad to know the UK is just as concerned as we are here in the US. It's been 2 years of absolute hell for me. No more billionaires (if he is even one - House of Reps will get his tax returns hopefully soon) in office. Billionaire's don't know how the common folk live and struggle paycheck to paycheck. Could you believe the pathetic Wilbur Ross (worth over $700 million) during the shutdown - "Oh, they can just take out a loan to get by". The concept of being without money for billionaires is totally alien. How can they identify with the "actual" working class. In your Parliament, are most of the members multi-millionaires or billionaires? Just think our US Senate, House of Reps, Supreme Court and yes the President needs to be middle class individuals and NOT corporation owners with unlimited funds. If you make more than $5 million annually, then you are disqualified from any office within the US Congressional system. I was never seriously worried about our country politically until this megalomaniac pushed his way into office. I need this season of Reality President to come to an end and never be repeated - no syndication either.
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