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    Bill Ogle
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    2003 Lotus Esprit Turbo Chrome Orange V8
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    Carbon Fiber Splitter, Silverline Exhaust & Momo Steering Wheel
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    Valparaiso, IN

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  1. Hello Everyone,

    After what seems like forever (18 months), I'm no longer without an Esprit.

    In fact I upgraded from a 91 SE Turbo Norfolk Yellow to a 2003 Esprit Turbo V8 in my favorite color Chrome Orange.  Here's some shots of my Premium Orange Juice mobile:

    I found out that there are 3 Final Edition Chrome Orange V8 Esprits from Andy Graham.  Hoping Andy might tell me how many 2002 Anniversary Chrome Oranges there are in that run. Plus if there are any non Finals and non 02 Anniversary models as well - I have one at least.  I'm aware through this forum that #63 is a chrome orange 02 Anniversary.  So with my car there's 5 at the moment.  This is for the last body style 2002 to 2004 run.

    Any help would be great.

    As for my car, the mods are as follows:

    Carbon Fiber front splitter

    Custom Silverline exhaust - beautiful tone and not over the top

    Momo steering wheel with black aluminum CNC boss.

    I would add a Bluetooth Alpine radio, but the semiconductor shortage has squashed that idea.

    Well, that's it for now...


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