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  1. If you're an athlete living in a country that wrongly started a war with sovereign country, please expect you shan't be going to any international events or competing. It should go without saying, BUT these are difficult times.
  2. Excellent news Alan! Glad she's okay. Pet insurance usually covers emergencies, but there is a deductible which can vary from X to Y range depending upon their coverage.
  3. I didn't get a response on a separate Odometer, so I found some replacement Speedometer but they are in Riga, Latvia. Prices from $245 to $287. They are on Ebay., and Does anyone have experience with these companies. Just trying to see if they are legit.
  4. First of all, Alan I'm sorry this After Eight incident happened. I truly hope your puppy will be okay. Please update us on your puppy if possible. For future issues with dogs eating objects, foods or toxic foods that won't pass through their digestive system...get hydrogen peroxide down their throat thru any means necessary. Continue with the hydrogen peroxide until the dog throws up the item or food ingested. It's not easy getting it down and it requires a bit of force to hold the mouth closed to ensure they swallow the hydrogen peroxide. Of course, smaller dogs require less Hydrogen Peroxide than their larger counterparts. I've done this before but you need to do this within 30 minutes for best results. Sometimes you can't get to a vet fast enough. This also avoids surgery, but you should still take your pet to the vet to be certain. It's amazing how these things occur on a weekend! Of course, the emergency vet is typically more money (your dog is worth it). Remember: this is for emergencies only when you have no other choices. Why do I know this? I'm an experienced dog breeder with 20 years behind me and I've seen a lot of medical issues. However, I am NOT a Vet or Vet tech, so please bear that in mind.
  5. Does anyone know where I can find the LCD odometer display? Mine is slowly dying. I don't need to replace the speedometer just the odometer.
  6. What made me happy today? Good News from David today. Fantastic news David! Sorry about the drive being longer, but maybe those meals can make up for it. The building isn't boring at least and I'm happy the carpet works out better for Jennifer. You got through the legal process and that's what matters because it appears that Jennifer is going to be able to have access to more services hopefully.
  7. I hope they used a tube and sucked some of it into their lungs at least. I'm sure that stuff doesn't taste too good.
  8. So sorry to hear this and Yes, I was surprised to hear this! I recently watched and loved Derry Girls on Netflix which I believe is set in this turbulent timeframe. Not sure if you seen it, but I'm guessing it might not be accurate depiction since it's a comedy? My British history was focused more on the music scene since I "was" a professional musician at one time. That must have been an unpleasant and awkward dinner. Would you say it was as if you were dining with an old arch enemy?
  9. Sorry to hear of your banking issue. Definitely want to hear how you resolve this mess. I'm sure your daughter is upset. Would she have passed if it were just one fault?
  10. Ok guys, at least he's not constantly lying liked the person referred to on Page 26 of the New York Times in 12 point font as running for President 2024.
  11. WTF...This isn't good at all. We need to isolate this miserable piece of garbage and take him out. Put a $10 million dollar bounty on his head. I'm sure there plenty of takers in Russia. However, a full autopsy with DNA must be performed to confirm it's him.
  12. RIP Garrick. Too many great artists are leaving us this year. Barry...I'm happy you were able to spend some time with him. I've met my share of musicians due to a former job and being a musician as well. Boy, Lemmy was a real character when I was introduced to him. His choice of cologne was definitely cannabis powered. I'm afraid I've never met Sir Bob or Garrick, but I consider it a gift when your able to meet and get to know famous musicians (especially your heroes). And sorry I don't know the other members of the Boomtown Rats. Usually, I'm pretty familiar with English musicians. However, I do like "Up All Night" and "I Don't Like Mondays". I hope the other members of the group were able to enjoy royalties from those songs.
  13. David, Happy to hear about your possible nursing home solution. You really need to have more things go right way instead of the opposite direction. Glad you are still pushing forward.
  14. Another trip to security to review the video tape? You've probably gotten to know them a little better since the Evora incident. Do you think it could be the white BMW again? What are odds...probably better than the Powerball currently at $1.6 billion US. If it is the BMW again, the person obliviously needs new contacts or glasses. Plus their insurance company will cancel them.
  15. Thank you Chris! I see it in there now. Guess I forgot about editing mode somehow. Bill
  16. David, Fantastic news and gripping read. You have a talent for writing beyond most of us on this forum. I sincerely hope your SF90 Stradale will be an excellent rental choice while your Evora is in the "proper" repair shop. Your car insurance is rubbish and agree that you shall be not entertaining them when the new premium arrives. Thank the Lotus Gods for your success with the Evora and hopefully the real God will kindly intervene with Jennifer. Angie and I are rooting for you and Jennifer from the nosebleed seats in America.
  17. Hi Chris, I tried to add my 2003 V8 to the spreadsheet but it appears I have no rights/permissions to do so. Could someone add it to the spreadsheet with the necessary permissions? Here's the information: 8/5/21 SCCDC08283HA10524 2003 V8 Chrome Orange Magnolia interior Bogle Bill Valparaiso, IN USA 1 of 8 in Chrome Orange last body style / 1 of 2 with Magnolia interior (other is 2004 V8 FE) / All others Black Interior
  18. At least you still have your humor. It hasn't taken that away!
  19. Or maybe like Neidermeyer in Animal House who was killed by him own troops in Vietnam. Faithfully submitted by Senator Bluto B. Blutarski.
  20. David, You are not catching any breaks. What a prick! Amazing the thoughtlessness of this pseudo tree doctor.
  21. David, I just got back into town from CA and TN (California and Tennessee). I visited my brother who nearly died of Covid and it was a great visit. I was preoccupied with enjoying my brother being himself and a 40th high school reunion. Just read your updated on Jennifer from the 12th and we experienced issues finding an appropriate home for my late Mum-in-law. It was shotgun nursing home visiting hastily different facilities. Unfortunately, she got worse for pancreatic cancer and was placed into hospice and passed away 3 days later. Regardless, looking for homes was exhausting and they weren't all that great. I agree a place away from the ward would be beneficial to both of you. Your upcoming Oct 26th hearing will also provide you with the legal options necessary to provide needed care/assistance for Jennifer. It's a crab shot with language and motor skills, but hopefully a new location for Jennifer's care will help with recovery. The "would I stay here myself" conundrum is a hard question to ponder. We only saw 2 or 3 nursing homes before my wife's mum situation changed for the worse. I recall not being impressed with any of them. You are holding up incredibly during this ordeal. At least you can communicate with us and it might help sorting out future changes. I'm sure someone here has one parent in a nursing home (not sure if that's the proper term in Europe). Perhaps they could reply and give some input. I'm guessing Physio and Speech Therapist might not be on site at some of these facilities? You've got a lot on your mind and we are here to listen.
  22. Now that's a great B-day present for Putin. A lot of thought and love went into it obviously. Nothing say love like a former tank from your own army, refurbed a tank that's coming for yah! You might not be able to blow out your candles, but it can certainly take you head clean off!
  23. Pete, Please tell the warden of lockdown that you are innocent. The Exige Gods are not amused and they demand an end to all this silliness. Hang tight, Bill
  24. Oh my V8 Esprit needs fiberglass repair on the front passenger side wheel arch. Could you tell me what they charged you on the wheel arch? It's probably being billed to the "lady". I know they need to prep and paint. Is it a front or rear wheel arch?
  25. Mike I'm very sorry to hear that your Elise was backed in to. And the driver claiming the car is too low to the ground - guess they didn't have RAB (reverse auto braking). Sorry that you were drafted into the Unhappy thread as an reluctant author.
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