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  1. Totally agree! No apologies necessary.
  2. Wow. Criminals and thugs. I hope they catch these bastards.
  3. Appearance is everything to Vlad. Let's hope he passes out on live TV or even something more embarrassing.
  4. I'm all in with SAMs picking off their jets during the fly by.
  5. NATO's not going to put up with Putin nonsense. However, I agree with the idea that the only way to stop the War is by Putin's death. Don't care who does it, just get it done before something horrible happens. He's obviously bonkers to credit his military for raping and killing civilians and children.
  6. Enjoy your Holiday! Looks like a great place to visit.
  7. If it meets my high expectations, I might even enquire about moving in there myself, . Glad to see you at least make progress enough to joke a little. Sorry that the experts aren't listening to you when it comes to accommodating your request to make Jennifer feel at ease. Unfortunately, some of the book smart SMEs don't have the necessary Street Smarts of listening to the most important person which happens to be YOU. 30 years of marriage and you end up knowing an awful lot of things about the significant other. I'm only at 22 years and an additional 9 years of dating with my spouse. I had to look for a nursing home for my Mother-In-Law. It's was not a pleasant experience since we were rushed through the process. However, her mom went into Hospice and passed 2 days later. Stage 4 Pancreatic cancer is quick. Luckily we all had our chances to say goodbye. My wife and I drug her around everywhere: All the Hawaiian islands, multiple Caribbean cruises, Ensenada, Catalina, San Francisco, Vegas, Alaska. But the wife's sister's family took her multiple times to Europe. Her name was Wilma and I miss her a lot. Fantastic Lady. Sorry I got side tracked. Getting back on track, I hope this nursing home will be a good fit for Jennifer if it works out. This has got to be taking its toll on you. I know it will help you knowing she's being taken care of properly. I have not made the trip over the pond to Europe yet. When I do, I hope to stop in Scotland because you never know when you're going to get a sudden craving for Haggis and proper Whiskey.
  8. I've been there before. Luckily, my wife crashed her expensive RV directly in front of me. I was looking for a way to tell her a newer Esprit was in the garage. I treated her nicely after the crash and she asked, "What have you've done with my husband"? A few hours later, I told her I needed to show her something out in the garage. She said okay at that point due to circumstances. I'm sure you've experience that uncomfortableness with pain when you get back with your new "ride" whatever it is?
  9. The action that needs to occur is removing Putin. A plan to have him ousted by any means necessary should be the top priority. The plan must include all with access to the nukes and the elimination of those personnel. If they are somehow caught/captured alive, then they would be imprisoned for all eternity and stand trial for all applicable war crimes. If found guilty of war crimes, public execution (broadcast worldwide) will be considered. The reason for the broadcast is simple. Anyone stupid enough to think they can causally take over a sovereign nation with or without nuclear capabilities will end up on the chopping block literally. I sincerely hope this is a plan being discussed and the other public stuff is a diversion. If the plan is successful, then Alexei Navalny should then be released and Elections can be held for a new leader.
  10. It would take me 10 minutes with no Starbuck stops. You win!
  11. Would this be Russian's that have access to global news channels responsible for this?
  12. I agree with you. I don't know if he'll use nukes (tactical or worse). But I do know that his military is expendable. The rhetoric he keeps spewing is toxic to everyone. If he's delusional enough to believe it, then there's a higher probability the war will go nuclear. A former co-worker of Putin's stated he only understand strength - no talks, no cease fires, no policies, no UN, no G7, no diplomacy. It's probably time to give him a bloody nose to stop this war. The real question might be "who" and "what weapon" will delivery the punch?
  13. Love this idea. I would add launching multiple cruise missiles at the Kremlin. Just make sure all those high powered Russian officials including Putin are there when they hit. Wipe out the major players responsible for this madness.
  14. Wow, I've had living wills drawn up starting 10 years ago. In fact, we had to update it when my mother-in-law passed away to modify the beneficiaries. Yes, it does help to have this in place in cases of emergency. It also makes it easier on family members. I'm so sorry to hear that Covid prevented your PoA. That's very unfortunate timing. Jennifer has her own schedule in regards to healing. She still may surprise you and the doctors. Please hang in there. This is a lot for one person to handle so please ask for help from family members and friends.
  15. Taking Tyrion to the Vet in the Premium Orange Juice mobile. 1st picture he's yelling at me to let him drive. And the 2nd picture, well it's self explanatory.
  16. No mistaking David Gilmour's guitar solo. Love that Pink Floyd joined with Andriy to make this video/tune. Also like that Nick Mason joined in on the drums. Of course, Waters wasn't present - that it's own battle within Floyd. Rick Wright is there in spirit, I know he would have joined in if he were still here. Wish you were here...Rick
  17. Putin has now secured his place beside Hitler in the history books. He will remembered as a murderous thug with a massive inferiority complex. I only hope his own people take him out or hired mercenaries. Just as in Nazi Germany, this will leave a scar for the remainder of the century on the Russian people. That's about the length of time it will take for Russia to pay back the damages to Ukraine. It's time for the Russian billionaires to hire a hit squad to remove him and his upper management from power. He most likely has a small network of military protection to prevent any ordinary Russian citizen from access. So that's where the billionaires come into play due to easier access. Yes, Hitler had far greater death numbers and atrocities in his genocide of the Jewish people. Putin's genocide of Ukraine includes all ethnic groups and regrettably children. He has joined a select few who value power at any cost including total extermination of the Ukrainian people. A Star Trek universe seems so far away with the worst of humanity on display. No intelligent alien species with would welcome us into the galaxy because we are too dangerous and unpredictable.
  18. I personally just wish that the US would elect a president who is younger than 60 and is not a delusional egomaniac like your former "peoples' President" as he likes to currently call himself. 100% agreement on younger President. I wanted Pete Buttigieg or Amy Klobuchar originally. Either one would have made a great VP/President or vice versa.
  19. I agree an 80 year old President can have some faults because I'm an American. However, senility is pushing it mate. Please remember that the U.S. and the NATO partners are united with their actions against this prick. That's important because it would be rude if one country decided to level Moscow without the consent of its world partners. The consequences of one country acting on its own could be devastating to Europe and the world. As for the butcher comment, our President actually has feelings unlike the previous one who is currently Putin's cheerleader. Biden is a human being and has flaws. We are ALL flawed. From my perspective, letting the world know the facts without compromising military operations within Ukraine is more important. I see your point with the Putin's propaganda machine and agree with you. At the same time, Putin will turn anything into propaganda since he's delusional. He believes his lies just like the previous U.S. President and they repeat their lies over and over. We thankfully live in the "free" world as opposed to the controlled and policed world of authoritarians. If we were in Moscow protesting or writing these ideas, we would be imprisoned for 10 years. Feel free to disagree because it's your right to do so. That's why democracy is so precious.
  20. Is it possible drugs might be causing any side effects or adding to the intensity of her symptoms? Did the doctor visit recently to provide you with any updates? I know you probably already considered these things, but just in case your mind was elsewhere.
  21. We all be waiting to hear how your next visit goes. Must to admit the intermittent on/off has got to be a challenge for you. Is it like a switch? Does it occur rapidly or does it slowly shift over time when Jennifer is regains her cognition?
  22. I like the "red" leaves.
  23. Alright, I fold. I only had a pair. You have the full (semi-full) house.
  24. Sorry for being vague...I meant other democracies participating in the efforts to crush Russia economically. The other dictatorships round the world don't give a crap and probably celebrate Putin because they are diluted as him.
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