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  1. That would be a no on the Throttle Positioning Sensor and the only one I didn't order on Tuesday. Do you think I need one possibly? I have the MAP, barometric, IAC and Flywheel sensor coming in on Friday. I'll try to replace the fuel pump tomorrow night. My plan is to replace the Fuel Pump and run Freescan to check the codes afterwards. Travis recommended replacing the fuel pump due to age (25 years plus) and the pulsation part issue. I'm getting tired of waiting so I just order the parts so they are available if I really need them. Thank Ian for replying so quickly. Bill
  2. Okay, here's the latest. Replaced DI module, Pressure regulator valve, charcoal canister, O2 sensor, fuel filter, plug wires, spark plugs, coils and ECM. Oh, the new throttle cable in which the abutment screw needed modification to retro fit the obsolete A version part with a C version part. What's the difference so far... the car was idling rough, rich fuel smell and turbo lag. Once the pressure regulator value was replaced the fuel smell disappeared. Still rough idling. Once the O2 sensor was replaced the idling was improved a little bit. Once the DI module and charcoal canister were replaced the idling appears to be almost normal at 1050 to 1100 rpms. We got the DI module and Charcoal Canister in late last night. I decided to take it out to see if it was still running in limp mode and yes it still is running that way. The CEL light is still on. Unfortunately, I was too tired to hook up Freescan. No back firing (it's never done that). When I step on the gas I get nothing and it takes forever to get the RPM up. The turbo is not engaging since it's in limp mode. Stepping on the gas it hesitates and can stall easily. Gotta ease into the pedal just right while engaging first gear. Next step is to replace the fuel pump. I misread the manual and originally thought it was necessary to remove the rear 1/4 glass panel. I missed the word trim. Although it would be easier to do work on fuel pump without the glass. To remove the top part of the fuel pump (retaining ring component) - are there any suggestions as to the best access to get to remove that retainer? sitting in the boot? etc? Does anyone know where I can get a pressure checker which connects to the pressure regulator valve? Is that strictly a Lotus part or can I get it at Auto Zone/Napa store? Is that a metric thread or standard on the port? One of these days, the car will ride again...I'm now at 5 months since maintenance started. Thanks again as always
  3. Can someone tell me where I can find the EMH (Engine Management Handbook or Manual)? I don't think my Lotus Workshop manual has this information. All I have is Lotus Service Notes which is helpful to a point, but it doesn't list the error codes. Thank you, Bill
  4. Yes, the battery was disconnected before swapping the ECU. No, we did not replace the plate behind the coils - just the coils. Should we replace the plate? I'm going to be order more parts today after catching up on work. Thank again for all your help. Bill
  5. I just ran Freescan. Error code 41 Engine Speed Signal Missing is displaying. Only ran the car for 4 minutes for the log file.
  6. Ok, the throttle cable is back on and boy that wasn't an easy task. We also put in the new ECM which is now throwing a Check Engine Light immediately after turning over the engine. Also fixed a transmission bolt discovered after my car came back from service (nut fell off into the pan below). Fixed the sunroof latches (new pins). Unfortunately, I tried just pulling out the car and it appears to be in "limp home" mode. Fuel smell, running rich and rough idling. I will run Freescan to see what codes now populate. I'm guessing I got an O2 sensor or Idler sensor that's bad since there is brand new plugs, plug wires, ignition coils, fuel filter and air filter in place. We also verified the battery was good. I'm pretty exhausted as we worked on it most of the day. The abutment nut had to be drilled out to get the 3rd generation cable through it. Also discovered another abutment nut (even smaller one in the bottom pan).
  7. Thanks Ian, Are the 2 injectors on the charge cooler the Secondary ones?
  8. Guys, As I was test driving with Freescan running, my throttle cable broke. Thought I would be back up and running, but it turns out that I have the 1st generation throttle cable (looks like a microphone) is obsolete (confirmed by Lotus England yesterday morning). So the oversized cable is coming back to me since I need to re-engineer the abutment bracket (Lotus stated to file it out). I also cannot get a new abutment bracket which fits this 3rd gen throttle cable since that's obsolete. So after I get the cable tomorrow and reworking the abutment bracket to fit it, I will again try to get the throttle cable installed. In the meantime, I picked up a new ECM. I have replaced the fuel filter, air filter (K&N), plugs, plug wires and ignition coils during the downtime. Is there a simple test for the fuel injectors? There are 6 total, correct? Thank you, Bill
  9. I ordered the K&N air filter. Lotus Part number A907E6182F / K&N part number 33-2784 about $60 shipped. I hope this is the right one.
  10. Thanks Ian. I figured that was the case. Got Freescan and CDM com drivers loaded. Waiting for cable to arrive to get the codes. I will send them to the forum when I get them. Bill
  11. I got Free Scan loaded and ordered the cables today. Hope to have diagnostic codes when I receive the cable. Working on finishing up my Master Bath remodel, so might not be able to check the electrical.
  12. Ian and Barry - first of all Thank you for all this information and for responding so quickly! I also sent a message to Travis earlier as well. I'll be working on getting the software downloaded and ordering the cable. I will work with my mechanically inclined neighbor today to check the electrical and do the old school check on the plugs. Take a plug wire off and see what happens (if nothing happens, then that could be a problem plug/wire). Not sure if I would get a bad batch of plugs. I doubt it since the new plugs have about 300 to 500 miles on them and this issue just reared it's ugly head after the 3rd time I got my car back. The CEL light still works when turning the ignition to accessory position. I won't be driving the car until I get to the bottom of the code issues. I believe I only put about 40 miles on it with this issue. I'll see if we can check the electrical for the clock/rheostat for A/C lighting/ice probe, but I'm a little apprehensive about taking off the binnacle. Getting into "lotus" position is not comfortable either plus I'm a little claustrophobic so that doesn't help at all. Why didn't I take auto shop in high school - damn it! I'm learning everything I can from my exceptionally skilled neighbor but I'm ashamed to say that I don't have the gift. However, I did "guess" right on the gear linkage when the Lotus repair shop didn't tighten it down. I'm just happy when the clutch slave went belly up that I didn't start the car in first and drive through my family room. My car and home insurance people would have loved that claim. My clutch foot was all the way to floor and the car still lurched backwards (again lucky with other cars were not behind me). Ian - the love the Blue color on your Esprit! Mine is yellow. Of course, there's very few colors that the Esprit doesn't look good in. In the Midwest, I get people looking at the car and they don't know what it is. I drive where they consider a Corvette an exotic (which it isn't) so the Midwest backwards thinking public get very confused when I pull up. At least in England, they "know" what your car is! Bill
  13. Hello Group, I sent a message to Travis earlier this morning about this issue with my 91 SE. It appears my car is doing about the same thing as described and it's fuel consumption has increased from moderate to very thirsty. It is rough idling and the turbo is not smooth and seems to hesitate. The car still runs and this just started last night. I took it out for about 20 miles and noticed about the same issues, but the CEL light has disappeared. I also notice my clock (which appeared to have burnt out LEDs was working?), My ice warning sensor is lighting up (both Green/Red simultaneously) even though it's nearly 80 degrees. My A/C center console as not worked since I got it, but I suspect the ECM has been slowly failing over time. I picked the car last Labor Day and it has almost an entire C service completed. Ran out of money to finish it since I had to put in a new clutch, new flywheel , new clutch slave, HD timing belt, v belt, water pump, upper and lower ball joints, rebuild rear brake calipers, new plugs the list gets bigger. I should probably say what wasn't done: Air Filter - which I'll go an order a K&N filter. Anyone have the part number off hand? Master Clutch cylinder A/C service leaked to atmosphere - so no A/C for me. As I just put brand new plugs in, will it be necessary to swap out for new plugs after replacing the ECU? You can smell the fuel, but it's not leaking and no fluids can be seen dripping from the engine bay. Oil pressure seems okay and Water Temp only goes hot when stuck in traffic 100 C (just right at the red line), but goes down after moving again just above 85 C. I purchased the CD rom for my car. Is the EMH part included and what does EMH (forgive my stupidity) stand for? It has the Workshop and Parts modules on the CD. Lastly, Freescan - do you plug it into the rear of the car where the fuel reset switch compartment is located? Being that I have similar symptoms as others, I'm not sure if I should bother with Freescan. I have Win 95 and Win 7 laptops to use Freescan, but not sure if it's truly needed at this point. One thing I noticed is many Esprit owners are very talented mechanics by necessity. Unfortunately, I don't fall into that category so I'm very jealous of you guys with skills. I'm doing my best to learn, but it's a struggle. "Got stuck in traffic and catalyst started to burn" - what catalyst is Vanya referring to? Sorry, for so many questions and logic jumps in advance. Bill
  14. Hi Guys, Gator put on the following Firestone tyres for me: 195/55/15 Firehawk Oval Indy 500 245/50 /16 Firehawk Wide Oval Indy 500 I originally had the Dunlop Sports before of course which are now impossible to find. I've only driven less than 500 miles. Tyres seem to work okay but then again I'm not a racing type. It's simple too expensive for repairs if something goes wrong on the track. I spun out while powering into left hand turn from a stop light. There had been an accident the night before and oil was still present on the recently wet road conditions. I did a 180 degree spin (no damage), but that was on the 12 year old Dunlops which look almost new. I learned not to power into turns in wet conditions at that point. I'm not sure if Firestone is readily available in the UK or not? However, the tyre is slightlly skinnier and about a 1/8 to 1/4 lower. I also had the upper and lower ball joints replaced so I'll need to calibrate my speedometer later. The tyres were incredibly inexpensive in Lotus terms only about $600 US dollars for the set mounted and balanced. Of couse, my car needed a front end alignment with the addition of the new ball joints which added a lot more cost. I hope this helps a little. Bill
  15. Well at least Top Speed (the boys are back) will crush Top Blondie Gear. Sorry, good looking blondes are a dime a dozen. Although anyone who attempts to step into Jeremy shoes will be buggered (I think that's the way you blokes say it).
  16. Love it! Although Jeremy might not exactly fit this teenage demographic.
  17. Alan, I think you your are on to something with the conspiracy thing. btw... I loved the Butch Cassidy skit with Jeremy on the 928 (pseudo bicycle) and James May knocking him off the car at the end (off camera implied). I'm just going to say it. I Love Jeremy. I wish I could be him. To be able to get away with the crap he's been able to pull off and make a living at it absolutely amazing. I will miss Top Gear. And that means handing it over to our tame racing driver....Some say - God, I'll miss that! .
  18. Well, it seems to be official according to the BBC with the sacking part. I don't think Hammond and May should continue without him. They should go onto Netflix or some other network where all three can be together. Let's face it, they are the Beatles of the car entertainment world. Break them up and it's definitely not the same. I'm amazed the BBC would terminiate their biggest cash cow. On another note... I'm really pissed at Argentina for throwing rocks at the Red V8 Twin Turbo on the Patagonia Christmas special. I'm sure they would have all agreed that the Lotus won overall especiallly with that Mach One Mustang breaking down all over the place. They couldn't bring the cars back to the studio and rate them like they normally would have done. I will never visit Argentina as a result.
  19. Thanks Ian, I figured that was the case since my research turned up in tatters (UK version) / diddly squat (US). Anyway, I'll see what Gator Motorsports specs for the tyres (got to get used to that spelling). I dropped off the car on Monday, so I'm expecting some news maybe next week being that it is in for it's first C service. Noticed you have a few mods on your car. Mine is all stock since I spent more than anticipated with the impending C service and tyres. Not sure if I'll be able to get to that level plus my insurance doesn't want any mods done.
  20. That is definitely cool in the pearl white! I love the comment when opening the garage. Sometimes I go into my garage and shake my head and can't believe the car is actually in my garage. Of course mine is a 91 SE single turbo in Norfolk Yellow and wants to desperately grow up to be a twin turbo V8 (it would be nice to have power steering and cruise control!). My brother has the same one, same color except his is a 90. Technically, his is a custom yellow since in 90 Yellow was a custom color. Anyway, enough about me and your Esprit is a stunner.
  21. Hello 91 Turbo Esprit SE owners, I need new tires and the fronts 215/50 15 inch are proving very difficult to find. Gator Motors in Indianapolis is doing my C service and one of the components needed aside from the C service is new tires. My Dunlops are 12 years old with most likely about 15k on them. They look pretty good, but I can't take a chance on dry rot. Of course, even the rears 245/50 16 inch are hard to find. A matching set of soft compounds or all seasons is what I prefer. Anyone else trying to get tires for their Esprit (year 5/89 to 93ish)? Anyone have any suggestions? Gator will probably find them somewhere, but I want to know if anyone else has found a solution. Thank you, Bill
  22. Hello Lotus group members, I need to replace the tires on my 91 Esprit Turbo SE. Has anyone been successful finding tires for their Esprit? Just wondering if there's any updates. I might be able to put Michelin Defenders, but I'll probably going to have Gator motorsports in Indianapolis source the tires. Any suggestions would be great. Thank you, Bill
  23. I had a BC RIch Bich 6 String in purple that I traded for Moog Taurus Pedals (the Rush, Yes, Asia, U2 type Tauras pedals and not the other ones). I can honest say your guitar has more knobs and switches than that BC RIch. By the way it was a real BC Rich Bich from the got it from the factory direct in 1982 - not the NJ series garbage. Another guitar that I probably should have kept. Oh well. You win the guitar with the most knobs award. A guitarist one of my bands had the Roland GK-77 Guitar Syn. What a $2,400 US piece a crap as well. That was the first attempt at a Midi guitar I believe aside from the 70s Arp Avatar (remember that one?). It took me so long to record songs because the tracking was so terrible. I forgot what he did with it. Any way, your guitar is very stunning. I'm glad people on this forum appreciate these things.
  24. Yes, very nice! I love it when you pay a small price and sudden all those years go by and it's a classic. Never realized some of my guitars are nearly my age either. My Rickenbacker 330/12 FG turns 47 in March. My PRS I believe is almost 25 years old-just like my Esprit. Hopefully we will all turn into classics one day.
  25. Okay. That's fair. I just googled the Tesla Roadster only to find out it's a Lotus Elise Glider. I wondered why I liked it so much when it came out!
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