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  1. Oh my V8 Esprit needs fiberglass repair on the front passenger side wheel arch. Could you tell me what they charged you on the wheel arch? It's probably being billed to the "lady". I know they need to prep and paint. Is it a front or rear wheel arch?
  2. Mike I'm very sorry to hear that your Elise was backed in to. And the driver claiming the car is too low to the ground - guess they didn't have RAB (reverse auto braking). Sorry that you were drafted into the Unhappy thread as an reluctant author.
  3. David I admire your patience - all 97 minutes of it! Hell yeah they were rash. You have so many other things that require attention. This is just wrong to add crap like this on your already full plate. And speaking of the Polis any news or movement there Dave? Is it wrong to think that the X5's BMW owner insurance should cover the costs after Polis review the CCTV footage? Or is there other process that I'm missing here?
  4. At least they know the likely cause, but it still sucks. I had an Angiogram about 2 years ago but it was for my prostate. So that's no help to you since you're getting stent work done. Regardless, I hope the stent takes care of your problem and never experience any cardiac issue again.
  5. I'm tired of having Putin be Putin. Is there anyone else better in the upper ranks that can remove him? Preferably someone who wants to tell the truth and stop the lunacy? Not a Right side or Left side but an Independent with a goal of stopping the stupidity and admit that Putin was wrong about Crimea and Ukraine, the Pipeline sabotage, give accurate numbers of the dead soldiers on both sides and finally apologize for an insecure megalomaniac that took control and lost all of his senses. Anyone, anyone? Bueller, Bueller. It's hard to admit when you're wrong, but I do it sometimes daily. It's nearly impossible for a narcissistic psychopath to do so.
  6. Putin should have been put in that explosion at the bottom of the sea. What a total f*ck stick!
  7. Yes Pete, please look after yourself. About 2 years ago, I had symptoms of a Heart Attack, but it turned out to be severe acid reflux. They did a chemical stress test and boy that's an awful test. I hope you get better soon as we need as many Esprit drivers out on the road - not in hospital.
  8. I agree with C8RKH. Putin is nuts and will probably be overthrown by his own people. Let's hope he taken out by any means necessary to end this illegal action against Ukraine.
  9. Wow, the crime show viewing is definitely paying off! David forensics investigator of Bathgate. I hope the CCTV is just another piece of evidence to seal up the case.
  10. Hopefully the foreign diplomat representing Russia will have a come to Jesus moment and defect while spilling the beans on Vlad's insanity.
  11. Please check out my snaps from LOG 41 in West Virginia. Click on link below to see more. I drove in my 2003 Chrome Orange Esprit V8 from Northwest Indiana and joined 2 Elises in London, OH and 2 more at the next stop.
  12. David you got hit on multiple fronts. Life's not fair as I reference your current situation. You'll been so patient with Jennifer's progress only to get hit with hospital protocols pulling a lot her progress backwards. Aside from the bad stuff,(and yes, it's quite a bit of it) it's good to hear from you. There's something about writing things down that helps with unpredictable circumstances. I'm sure I speak for ALL Lotus Forum members that we are always thinking about Jennifer and you. Aphasia is tough for both Jennifer and anyone communicating with her. They know what they want say, but sometimes can't say the word. Occasionally, you can finish their sentence and other times it's a sort of gibberish and you learn to move ahead. Hope you can get her back on track with recovery soon. Angie and I are thinking and hoping for Jennifer and you.
  13. Absolute F**kstick in the X5. An X5 can cost a decent sum. Unless it's a drug dealer, I thinking it was a female. If I'd hit any vehicle of significant cash, first of all I'd feel awful. But most of all I would attempt to find the owner and hope he understands that it was an accident and not deliberate. My brother's 90 Esprit was hit it in a parking lot at a grocery store. The woman that hit him told her insurance it was a little "yellow" car. When she finally mentioned it was a Lotus, her insurance agent said "Oh, that's gonna be a lot to fix". Cost $10,000 US dollars to replace the entire rear bumper and respray twice. In 1990 Yellow was a custom color, so they sprayed the wrong yellow first. The bumper had to be custom fabricated since there were no Lotus parts available. Took several months to get his car back.
  14. David you are indeed the trooper for Jennifer. I'm happy that you were able to fill in for worker's who are obviously struggling with their current workload. I'm guessing she's got the latest variant since that's the next booster shot that I and everybody out there needs to do their part to eradicate this bastard virus. It so good to hear all the good things she's accomplished. Hopefully, this is a set back only and she'll continue to come back from her stroke.
  15. Congrats on your Essex S3 win! Nice to see the Esprit doing well on the home ground.
  16. Oh that really doesn't sound good at all! I did the same thing except it was with a weed whacker & hornets. I only noticed they were coming out from the ground after I felt the rapid fire burning stings going up and down both legs. Nothing like hornet venom to spice up your day. It was only afterwards that I realized that these buggers could kill a man just by their numbers (felt like a machine gun of stingers). Impressive little buggers.
  17. I'm 57 and I had perfect vision up to age 45. Sometimes I think I should be considered handicapped because I need to wear glasses almost 90% of the time. Never knew how great my vision was until it starting going to sh*t.
  18. I have the V8 Esprit and the only things I changed were the steering wheel with a Momo and New MagnaFlo Cats. Upgraded the Alpine stereo to Blue Tooth. On my 91 SE Turbo Esprit - almost everything was replaced, but I sold it. I'll be at Log 41, hope to see you there!
  19. Hi David, I can't believe Covid was allowed to enter the facility by negligence. The person(s) responsible needs to be held accountable for all costs and any health issues incurred by staff or patients. If any patient/staff contracts or is unable to work or worse as a result of negligence, this individual must pay all expenses and hardships to affected members. As this was preventable event, prison time can and should be applied if any person is left disabled, intubated or a wrongful death occurs. There's no excuse for this and claiming ignorance won't help either. Maximum penalties will be applied to this arse of human trash. As I have had nearly 3 family members (Dad and 2 brothers) die from Covid, I obviously don't take this idiots actions lightly. I'm sorry David that this has impacted Jennifer and your already tough circumstances. This is just awful.
  20. Yep, he's been embolden even more by the shift to the right and authoritarian dictators in other parts of the world. This is a case where the bully needs more than a bloody nose - more like a body bag.
  21. What's with all the traffic in/out of Russia? I thought most countries had banned traffic from/to them? It's time for the people of Russia to over throw this prick!
  22. It's in fantastic shape! Thanks for letting us know.
  23. Nice rides! Is the Yellow Esprit a S2.2 series? Don't see a lot of those here in the States.
  24. What a nightmare! I hope Wendy gets better soon. The sensitivity to that sauce is astounding. I'm stunned the restaurant charged you. Thinking you should present them with the hospital bill when Wendy feels better.
  25. David, Thank you for updating us on the forum. I wouldn't concern yourself with any guilt for bed blocking unless she's 100% back to normal. Although it would great to think of a return to normal with normal physical activities and speech patterns, it's probably not realistic considering her situation. All we can hope for is continued progress and gradual positive changes for Jennifer. I hope you've been able to rest and give yourself a break. You need to do that and find a way to release built up emotions to keep your health in decent shape. I know if I was in your shoes, I would find myself challenged beyond my own wits. So hope you have that outlet with friends and family. Of course, there's people here on the forum that will listen. Not all of them will reply because they don't know what to say, but I know they are thinking about Jennifer. Bill
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