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  1. Yes, this is good. But there will be pro gun activists in some areas that will be marching "with their firearms". This is a recipe for disaster if these groups intermix. These pro gun people have the right to march - but they need to leave their "toys" at home. Again, Toys that kill.
  2. Yep, more sad news. Except this was a hand gun which should have been illegal for this person to purchase. However, it will probably come out that the weapon was owned by a parent or was stolen. If it was the parent, then they will be partly responsible since the weapon was not locked up. This is the 17th shooting this year. Unfortunately, the Austin bomber has taken the spotlight away from the gun control issue temporarily. Additionally, the Facebook/Cambridge Analytics and Stormy Daniels & Co. has a spotlight on it. Regrettably, it will take yet another mass shooting before the spotlight focuses again on gun control. I praise the students around the world for their inspiration, but we need to remove all NRA vested members from Congress before real progress can be achieved. This is far too slow a pace for individuals such as myself. As a side note... IF anyone brings a weapon to school other than authorized personnel (police and resource officers - NOT teachers) with the intend to inflict violence, then they should be aware that authorities should have shoot to kill orders. There is truly no need to waste the courts time and resources on these individuals. Plus wounding the suspect is not enough to stop them firing weapons. It's not enough to take down the shooter, they need to take out the shooter for the students and public safety. I'm just angry that the NRA values their guns more than children's lives.
  3. Did these always have Floyd Rose tremolos on them? Eddie Van Halen used these before switching to Music Man, correct?
  4. Never had a Charvel, but I always liked them. The one I wanted back in late 80s was priced at $2,500. It had a checkerboard/tic tack toe pattern. It was white with a thin blue grid pattern. But that was just too much for a young 20 year old.
  5. Yes, eye opening indeed! Amazing that you can survive a low velocity hand gun fired bullet as opposed to an AR-15 fired bullet which tears apart the insides and therefore doesn't need to be that accurate to cause fatalities. Most people bleed to death due to "velocity" at which the AR-15 bullet is fired. It comes down to basic physics. A short barreled 9 mm pistol cannot reach the speed of a rifle barreled counterpart. Hypothetically, if the Parkland shooter used hand guns instead of the AR-15 primarily, more student lives could have been saved in the aftermath due to the physics involved. With this said, it wouldn't have changed the fact that this tragedy wouldn't have been less horrific. The irony is that the hand gun is illegal to purchase which would have reduced causalities whereas the AR-15 was legal to purchase and caused much more terror and causalities.
  6. Yes, this bothers me as well. The NRA might argue that they are hunting rifles. But seriously who would hunt (non humanoids) with a semi automatic or automatic weapon? Anything smaller than a rabbit would be annihilated. You put 10 rounds in a small creature and there's nothing left to eat. It's also extremely unfair to larger creatures that you just hold down the trigger and point in their general direction until they fall to the ground. Where's the skill in that? Can you really call it hunting when they are using military assault weapons. It's kind of like using a Bugatti Chiron to drive to a mailbox which is only a few walking steps away. Yeah, you can do it, but why? It's the old saying (not sure who said this) - Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.
  7. Common sense laws don't apply to the NRA. The scope of these changes were minimal at best (should have been stronger), but even these minor changes stirred up NRA hornets nest. This is truly sad.
  8. Trump/Pence need to be legally removed from office. I'm having trouble stomaching Trump better than Hillary. I wanted Bernie, too. Yes, Bernie could have had big battles with Congress. I was more concerned about his age and that the battles could impact his health. Let me make this perfectly clear - having a Billionaire "who has no clue nor concept of what a life without money is like" cannot benefit our middle and/or lower class citizens. How can someone born to power/money/privilege have any concept of being relatively normal or poor? As an example, no normal person would take a large military outfitted 747 to Florida every fricking weekend knowing it costs taxpayers over $2 million per trip just to play golf. They would stay in DC and use that piece of hardware for official business only. We need to replace the billionaires with working class citizens who actually have a connection with the majority of people. Can you imagine Trump living middle class? That would be like a middle class citizen living in 3rd world poverty conditions. I can hear it now and his response to being demoted to middle class, "Oh, How Horrid" - spoken like C3PO since he's gold plated just like all his toilets at Mar Lago. What do you mean that I don't have a private jet? What do you mean that I only have one house? What's a mortgage? What only one car for each income earner? You mean I need to stand in line at airports and go through security? What no team of lawyers to bail me out of sexual harassment claims or blockade them with NDAs? Oh yeah and most important, you can't claim fake news anymore and you actually need to research facts (not make them up) before you open your mouth. Ron Paul would have better. Of course, just about any one (minus the obvious bad guys) would be better than what we are currently stuck with. I heard him (Trump) wanting to run a second term and it truly makes me physically ill.
  9. Well I'm guessing it's a Dingwall with Fan Frets and Ford GT40 Heritage Blue edition. Canadian based, ehh? Very nice!
  10. Yes, that's a good point. Pence is only slightly better than Trump in regards that he does actually have experience in politics. But he would need to be removed from office as well due to his backwards ideals. When Trump gets impeached (notice I say "when"), they should also replace/impeach Pence. We can claim that Trump removed so many from office that it won't matter anyways. It would be historical to have a "double" impeachment. I wonder if it's ever been done before? This is one time where it should happen.
  11. It just keeps going... lost our Economics advisor over the tariffs. I think we up to almost 50% staff departures - much higher than any previous president and in record time. Took 2 years for Bush to remove 33% of his staff. Now Stormy Daniels (porn star) is suing Trump. It would be ironic if a porn star could take out a president. That would be MeToo and TImesUp on steroids. Combine the 19 women for sexual harassment, Stormy Daniels, Russian interference, Tariffs, Corporate Tax rollback to 21% and that putrescent "mouth", that should be enough to eject him out of office. Once he's out - rollback the corporate tax from 21% to 35% percent, stop tariffs, join and enforce climate change. Then offer a World apology for ever having him in office and rebuild all damaged relationships with other countries that we have offended.
  12. That's nuclear Pink. I only had one Ibanez back in the day, but it had 3 single coil pickups. It was pink, but not retina burning pink like yours. Don't see too many lefties. What inlays are those?
  13. Hey Jacques, Looks like Trump in classic Trump redirection is trying to impose tariffs on aluminum and steel. He did this bizarre maneuver because he didn't want to public to see him cave to the NRA. He says he like chaos. Well we have plenty of that (thanks to his incompetence) and world doesn't appreciate what we are doing. Please understand that even his own party doesn't want the tariffs. He only did it to misdirected the gun control issue. I apologize on behalf of Americans for his stupidity. There were so many issues last week that CNN's ticker tape news they run at the bottom of the screen was full. Normally, they repeat in a 30 to 45 second loop. But I believe there were over 25 issues last week and damn near broke the ticker tape. I'm looking forward to spring and getting my car back on the road just to take my mind off this garbage. Unfortunately, the pot holes are massive due to ice/snow/rain and massive temperature changes. Ah, that can't be climate change when Europe is colder than Greenland! And that's the American news which isn't good for now...
  14. Jacques, Great points. You have every right to express how you feel. It's good to hear from Europe and Australia about how your continents view our situation. These isolated incidents of violence are growing due to lack of opportunities, education, apathy, job automation and job obsolescence . It's doesn't help that Russia has meddled into our election system and split/polarized parties as well increased hate groups. Here's my theory to provide a fix and keep in mind I'm no genius. I'm not a politician, but it fairly easy to see that money and power are the root of many of today's issue. The middle class pays for almost all the taxes while the upper class finds tax loopholes. The ultra rich hide their money offshore and own nearly 40% of the stock market. Until we tax the Billionaires their "fair" share, we won't be able to pay for basics such as infrastructure and health care. The good thing is that "some" millionaires want to be taxed more. They didn't need the corporate tax cut which will increase our national debt by $1.5 trillion dollars. If we could flip back to tax cut, tax the millionaires (not anything too greedy, yet reasonable), we could pave the way to recovery. There is a point where it's obscene to have billions when so many have nothing. If we could get these ultra rich to give up one of their $10 to $50 million play toys (Corporate jet, Malibu house, Yacht, Picasso, etc.) by paying more taxes, we could pull the US out of debt. The same goes for mega rich (those making from $50 to $250 million a year). They give up a lesser play toy in the range $500k to $1 million to taxes. The middle class is already paying their fair share since the amount of loopholes available are very limited. We take an insignificant amount from the rich (it's similar to us paying a speeding ticket) and give to the economy. I know we are at the lowest unemployment in history but that's because people are taking lesser jobs since their unemployment ran out. The older generation is being replaced by younger people since paying fair wages and benefits for experienced workers is too much for some companies. It makes complete business sense, but what happens is the 50 plus generation are left taking lesser paying jobs because companies can pay less wages/benefits and make more profit. IF this money goes back into the economy, then it opens up more opportunities for everyone - not just the rich. A healthier economy reduces the need for weapons, particularly automatic and semi automatic types. If the general population could have a descent place to live, transportation and can eat 3 descent meals a day that shouldn't be too much to ask. They would also need 2 vacations a year. I'm probably thinking more Utopian than realistic, but I grow tired of Billionaires in politics.
  15. Hey Jacques, Yep, it's happening again. It's about 250 miles from my house. The bad news - NRA met with Trump yesterday and he's apparently caved to the NRA. Delta will be charged $38 million in taxes due to some legislation that a NRA friendly governor will sign. It's sad because Delta employees a lot of people in Atlanta. This is NRA backlash on a very large company. Well see what else and who else they go after in the next few weeks I'm sure. The good news: REI, L.L. Bean and Kroger have joined the bandwagon like Dick's sporting goods and Walmart did. The weird news: In Las Vegas a billboard was vandalized. They added the word School Kids. So now this Military weapons firing range reads "Shot a School Kid only $29". Definitely makes a point and keeps the memory of Parkland fresh in people's minds.
  16. I hope the NRA does respond to the Pennsylvania couples' stupidity. If they support them, then that will cause more big corporations to pull out and continue the pressure on others to do the same. It would be smart for them to stay as far away from them as possible from this event to avoid pissing off more people/businesses/corporations and any intelligent species on the planet.
  17. A Pennsylvania couple renewing wedding vows has several AR-15s in church. The insensitivity is horrific and beyond insulting to the Parkland students and staff. There's only one word for this - Incompetence. The whole state of Pennsylvania should be ashamed for this shining example of extreme stupidity.
  18. Hope Hicks (the 4th communication's director) resigns after 9 hours of testimony yesterday to the Robert Mueller investigation. I think that's at least 15 people that have resigned since "The Don" took office. Mueller's going after Trump since he was attempting to put a Trump property in Moscow before the election. A U.S. representative mentioned that Trump has attacked Mexico, North Korea, Canada, UK, etc. - but NOT Russia. He won't even tell the NSA director to stop the Russian meddling that over 17 intelligence agencies have detected. I applaud Dick's Sporting's Goods. 700 retailers immediately removing assault type weapons, high capacity magazines and changing age to 21 to purchase rifles. This is action and sends a message to the NRA! Something our government is all to unfamiliar with for a long time. The NRA has stopped all gun control/reforms in the past, but that doesn't stop this retailer. Remington is filling for bankruptcy. While I'm not happy that people lose their jobs, it shows a sign of the times. The last mass shooting gun sales spiked. So this time gun manufacturers made more inventory to anticipate more sales since they didn't have enough. That didn't happen this time. The AR-15s are selling at %50 off due to oversupply. I'm thinking if a responsible gun owner is smart, they'll avoid this purchase to keep themselves out of the national news. One more thing...STOP using Air Force One to go to Mar Lago. This cost us over $2 million each time it goes to Florida. Air Force One is for official business only - not a personal play toy for golfing. He needs to use his "own" Trump jet or fly economy class like the rest of the world.
  19. Ramjet here's are my answers: Best candidate - no. I wanted Bernie Sanders and was saddened when Hillary won. I have no issues with a woman President, just that there were better choices than her. Trump played on FEAR primarily. He has split the country so much that you may as well replace United with Divided States of America. It really saddens me when he opens his mouth and I think oh God what's he going to say now. I'm thinking some people didn't vote. BUT I truly believe the Russians intentionally interfered with no real agenda except to split parties and create more hate groups. A job well done by them which our current President can't fathom. His ego is so large that it is incomprehensible that he could have lost the election. He consistently enjoys stating he won. He doesn't want to admit that he had help either directly or indirectly from Russian's interference or the James Comey investigation of her emails. Many of us can admit we are wrong. It's not easy to do, but with narcissistic megalomaniacs like him it's practically impossible.
  20. I am not thrilled with our current administration one bit. It's interesting that impeachment or the JFK thing hasn't happened due to his absolutely bizarre behavior. I was born after the JFK incident, but no President before him in my memory has tossed out the garbage he speaks of in either social media or press conferences. I would rather see him jailed for sexual assault and his money stripped. As part of his sentence, he needs to read everyday all the lies he told which I believe now are in the hundreds officially - thousands unofficially.
  21. He is the distraction king. I can't believe it's been a year and he's still in office. Just when I think it can't get any worse - it does. Even a reporter today said maybe he should do "less tweeting" and listen more. I'm not thrilled with FedEx today either. I recommend we all starting using UPS. so FedEx will get the message that the NRA is not the way. It really bothers me when he goes after Senator John McCain - even when he's terminally ill. He said he would stop it, but he recently brought it right back up again. What's next, does he go after the Florida students? No wait, Donald Trump, Jr. is doing that for him. How much more of his rhetoric can we take? Even his own daughter doesn't seem to agree with guns in the classroom and wants more discussion. I find it hard that she doesn't believe or have serious doubts with her father concerning the sexual harassment complaints from those women. Come on, 19 of them that have come forward. I have a suspicion there are more. If MeToo didn't happen, these 19 may have been silenced.
  22. Jerk is very appropriate. I think most people(without any training) who didn't know any of the staff/children would seriously think twice about entering a hostile shooting zone, with no weapons knowing their chances of survival are almost zero. His mouth just keeps running and it's awful. Again, sad.
  23. Agreed. Dump Trump 2018. How can he stay in office when the Aussie PM stepped down due to harassment allegations. He's got 19 women claiming harassment, 1 porn star pay off of $130k, 1 Playboy Playmate affair (that we know of), and the video explaining that he enjoys assaulting women. And this is just the women that he's pissing off. No other God I hate saying it "President" has received this amount of news coverage. Everyday, he makes his presence known because he's a look at me type. Our cars are look at me cars, BUT most of us drive them because they are great performance cars and it doesn't matter what others think. If people like our cars, great we will tell them stories and treat them respectfully. If they don't like them, they can go buy another car because it doesn't bother me. We don't purposely go out driving our cars with the absolute sole intention of "LOOK AT ME". In fact, most of the time I wish they wouldn't notice the car at all. But Trump is all about holding the spotlight on himself for as long as possible. The sad part is that he gets off on it. The more the better. I'm sure many Lotus car owner are just trying to get by and live decent lives while trying not to worry about what the next weird/wacked/dangerous thing this "LOOK AT ME" President will do.
  24. I figured they would come to America for certain shows, but I was more interested in Top Gear including America with the 70 year celebration. Grown tired of Hellcats, Avengers and Charger muscle cars since they are as common place as Civics, Accords and Corollas. When you see soooo many of them it's really is quite boring. It gets really annoying when there are two of them in the same color. Try getting two Evoras, Elises, Exiges or Esprits in the same color - that barely even happens at American British car show. Except for some annual British car shows, I'm typically the only Lotus at a car show. A Lotus on the road in a rare occurrence, but 2 Loti (is that the plural of Lotus?) on the same road together (not planned) is like the odds of seeing a UFO or Sasquatch. Britain probably has better odds of seeing 2 Loti together unplanned than we do?
  25. I was driving back yesterday and heard his routine. I absolutely loved it!
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