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  1. I've had other local police being nice about things. One commented that he loved the car. This guy made no mention of my car and looked at me like I was the enemy. I liked the radar video - hopefully that guy had more luck than I did.
  2. Well it finally happened after 16,000 miles of driving, a speeding ticket. Pulled over by an Indiana State Trooper and he was an total arse. He was acting like I committed a felony. Harsh and almost yelling at me. Told him I was sorry and I wasn't a dick about it. I didn't offer an excuse as I knew it would only cause more trouble. It made me feel like not driving again because I never want to have an experience like that again. It's sad because I just got the car all sorted and running well (took a long time to get there). Had the feeling if I wasn't a white guy, the situation could have been much worse. Anyone else have a bad speeding violation experience with a police officer?
  3. I just replaced my ICE probe sensor with the help of JAE for this elusive part - see attached photo. Inexpensive for a Lotus part ($45 approx. US). Not easy to find and may have been their last one. I hope you have small hands because it's very tight the way the sensor is connected. Additionally, the sensor doesn't come with the rubber shroud. It goes over the temperature probe and is very, very difficult to thread over the probe. Had to put it into a vice very carefully and pull it on over the probe. Even with lubricate, it required several attempts to get this rubber shroud past the probe. Once over the probe, I was able to fit it through the very small hole in the bottom of the front bumper, connect the probe to the plastic P clip and push in the rubber shroud. I then wrapped the probe wires once around the wiring harness and connected it to the adapter. I was really crossing my fingers that it would work since it took 20 minutes to get the old one out and the same to put the new one in. I have a 91 SE and needed to put out my old sensor to confirm it was the correct part before I ordered it. Even if you remove the probe completely, the Red light on the dash will remain on. My original ICE probe sensor (the end piece) was also missing. It constantly displayed a solid red light on the dash module. Once I replaced it, the light went out. The proper way it works is when starting the car, the Green light will display for about 10 seconds and go off if the temperature is above 34 F. When the temp reaches within 2 degrees of 32 F, the green light will come on. This also worked, but it took about 2 minutes or so for the detector after it was outside my garage or roughly 2 miles into my drive. The next part I'm a little fuzzy on. At 32 F, I believe the Green and Red lights can flash or stay on simultaneously. I haven't got there yet to confirm this functionality. The last part is when the temperature drops below 30 F and the Red light will display. Not sure if I will be able to test this or not since I have summer tires. Might just go around the block for a minute or two to see if it works. There's a better and more detailed explanation in the manual. I hope this helps.
  4. A sad statistic on the USA news - More people killed in schools this years than in the military. 31 vs 13 so far (it's sad I need to use the conditional phrase "so far" since there will be more) Trump was at a recent NRA function basically partying it up with them. His idea of arming school teachers is ludicrous (no offense to SpaceBalls the movie or Tesla cars). The majority of teachers do not want any part in this Looney Tunes scheme (no offense to Warner Brothers either). With his incompetence and lack of any morals, we will need to wait until he's out of office before any serious change of gun laws can be effective or Congress has the bollocks to move against him. The good news is more women are going into office. This should have some positive impact overall. This may eliminate some of the NDAs that narcissist millionaires/billionaires require because they believe that they can legally rape or sexually abuse women. I hope the rest of the world realizes that Trump has told over 3,000 lies since taking office. He will not apologize or admit he's wrong no matter what the circumstance. Under these conditions, the USA and the rest of the world are truly worried about the next stupid move or crazy idea that's next. I'm truly sorry that USA is setting a bad example for other more civilized countries. We are no longer civilized since the White House continues to berate people (even ones that are dying of Brain Cancer) and get away with it. Unlike this administration, I CAN admit when I'm wrong. They cannot do this one simple task since it would make them appear weak. Just because someone's situation is hopeless, doesn't give them the right to destroy others lives. Why can't they just take themselves out?
  5. Hey Jacques, Heads up only. Double check your vacuum pump bracket while you're in there. Reason why is because mine cracked which caused my water pump belt to go slack and boom goes the coolant. I have unfortunately ABS so my vacuum pump is only controlling the heater/cold flap at the moment. I've disabled the EBPV and throttle jack (think vacuum pump controls these as well). Had to weld the bracket back together since we were unsuccessful sourcing a replacement bracket.
  6. In Northwest Indiana for Pheasant hunting - same applies to other game birds and crow. Appears that machine guns are not prohibited, but "most" will use shot guns if they are professionals. Please note that the rules are most likely different depending on what state/county you choose to hunt. I wish machine guns were illegal for hunting in Indiana. There are specific rules for when/where/time of day and number of birds depending upon species. There are no equipment or ammunition restrictions for pheasant hunting. A 12- or 20-gauge shotgun loaded with 4- to 6-size shot is recommended. Nontoxic shot is required when hunting pheasant on some DNR properties. Coatings of copper, nickel, tin, zinc, zinc chloride, zinc chrome, and fluoropolymers on approved non-toxic shot types are allowed. Lead shot plated with copper, nickel or other material does not qualify. It is illegal to possess shells loaded with anything other than approved non-toxic shot while hunting ducks, geese and coots anywhere in the state. The use of lead shot for hunting waterfowl was banned nationwide in 1991. It is illegal to possess lead shot while hunting mourning doves on any state-managed property.
  7. I hoping it will happen at the state level first since the federal government is stalling. As with businesses that actually know that climate change is a fact (something the current Prez has trouble admitting), many are choosing to be compliant with the original plan and sticking to the Paris accord. One Northeastern US state is choosing to increase the age to 21, ban bump stocks, increase their background checks and "possibly" ban assault style weapons. I forget which one but I believe each state will need to go to battle since Trump is spineless when it comes to gun control. He didn't even acknowledge the March for our Lives march and hid at Mar Lago - wasting again another $2 million of our tax dollars so he can play frickin 18 holes.
  8. Ramjet, Yes, you are absolutely correct. Trump had to waste over $2 million of our tax dollars to golf this weekend rather than be a "REAL" President and support our very brave and intelligent youth. Any other President would have been proud to stand with these remarkable young people. Frankly, it is insulting for a President to turn his back on this important event. Of course, he was golfing during the Women's March and we all know that he treats women as objects instead of human beings. Trump has a Playmate, Porn Star and former Celebrity Apprentice suing him now and that has him preoccupied. Notice how he is NOT speaking up against these women when reporters ask questions relating to these issues. At the beginning of the election he was vehemently stating they were all lying and they would all be sued. Now the women are going after him. I can't wait to watch 60 minutes tomorrow. The Playmate CNN interview was disappointing in regards to legal portion. I was hoping for something that would link him to election fraud using campaign finances to cover up his grotesque behaviors. We all know he banged her and that's truly vile to think about. Regardless, I believe he wouldn't have joined the March For Our Lives (even IF he was in Washington) because of the impending lawsuits and the threat of reporters attempting to asking more questions. It is also very sad that he can't acknowledge Russian involvement in the attempted assassination of the 2 Russians on UK soil. Instead he congratulated Putin on winning a rigged election. I'm sure everyone on this forum knows that ALL the US intelligence committee members are unanimous concerning Russian meddling in the recent US elections. I want it known to ALL of the UK, that I apologize for this President's incompetence. The United States stands with Britain. We have a serious problem with our extremely toxic President. Once Mueller dives into his tax returns and follows the money trail, we should have an answer as to why he's so soft on Russia. Go Stormy Go.
  9. Yes, this is good. But there will be pro gun activists in some areas that will be marching "with their firearms". This is a recipe for disaster if these groups intermix. These pro gun people have the right to march - but they need to leave their "toys" at home. Again, Toys that kill.
  10. Yep, more sad news. Except this was a hand gun which should have been illegal for this person to purchase. However, it will probably come out that the weapon was owned by a parent or was stolen. If it was the parent, then they will be partly responsible since the weapon was not locked up. This is the 17th shooting this year. Unfortunately, the Austin bomber has taken the spotlight away from the gun control issue temporarily. Additionally, the Facebook/Cambridge Analytics and Stormy Daniels & Co. has a spotlight on it. Regrettably, it will take yet another mass shooting before the spotlight focuses again on gun control. I praise the students around the world for their inspiration, but we need to remove all NRA vested members from Congress before real progress can be achieved. This is far too slow a pace for individuals such as myself. As a side note... IF anyone brings a weapon to school other than authorized personnel (police and resource officers - NOT teachers) with the intend to inflict violence, then they should be aware that authorities should have shoot to kill orders. There is truly no need to waste the courts time and resources on these individuals. Plus wounding the suspect is not enough to stop them firing weapons. It's not enough to take down the shooter, they need to take out the shooter for the students and public safety. I'm just angry that the NRA values their guns more than children's lives.
  11. Did these always have Floyd Rose tremolos on them? Eddie Van Halen used these before switching to Music Man, correct?
  12. Never had a Charvel, but I always liked them. The one I wanted back in late 80s was priced at $2,500. It had a checkerboard/tic tack toe pattern. It was white with a thin blue grid pattern. But that was just too much for a young 20 year old.
  13. Yes, eye opening indeed! Amazing that you can survive a low velocity hand gun fired bullet as opposed to an AR-15 fired bullet which tears apart the insides and therefore doesn't need to be that accurate to cause fatalities. Most people bleed to death due to "velocity" at which the AR-15 bullet is fired. It comes down to basic physics. A short barreled 9 mm pistol cannot reach the speed of a rifle barreled counterpart. Hypothetically, if the Parkland shooter used hand guns instead of the AR-15 primarily, more student lives could have been saved in the aftermath due to the physics involved. With this said, it wouldn't have changed the fact that this tragedy wouldn't have been less horrific. The irony is that the hand gun is illegal to purchase which would have reduced causalities whereas the AR-15 was legal to purchase and caused much more terror and causalities.
  14. Yes, this bothers me as well. The NRA might argue that they are hunting rifles. But seriously who would hunt (non humanoids) with a semi automatic or automatic weapon? Anything smaller than a rabbit would be annihilated. You put 10 rounds in a small creature and there's nothing left to eat. It's also extremely unfair to larger creatures that you just hold down the trigger and point in their general direction until they fall to the ground. Where's the skill in that? Can you really call it hunting when they are using military assault weapons. It's kind of like using a Bugatti Chiron to drive to a mailbox which is only a few walking steps away. Yeah, you can do it, but why? It's the old saying (not sure who said this) - Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.
  15. Common sense laws don't apply to the NRA. The scope of these changes were minimal at best (should have been stronger), but even these minor changes stirred up NRA hornets nest. This is truly sad.
  16. Trump/Pence need to be legally removed from office. I'm having trouble stomaching Trump better than Hillary. I wanted Bernie, too. Yes, Bernie could have had big battles with Congress. I was more concerned about his age and that the battles could impact his health. Let me make this perfectly clear - having a Billionaire "who has no clue nor concept of what a life without money is like" cannot benefit our middle and/or lower class citizens. How can someone born to power/money/privilege have any concept of being relatively normal or poor? As an example, no normal person would take a large military outfitted 747 to Florida every fricking weekend knowing it costs taxpayers over $2 million per trip just to play golf. They would stay in DC and use that piece of hardware for official business only. We need to replace the billionaires with working class citizens who actually have a connection with the majority of people. Can you imagine Trump living middle class? That would be like a middle class citizen living in 3rd world poverty conditions. I can hear it now and his response to being demoted to middle class, "Oh, How Horrid" - spoken like C3PO since he's gold plated just like all his toilets at Mar Lago. What do you mean that I don't have a private jet? What do you mean that I only have one house? What's a mortgage? What only one car for each income earner? You mean I need to stand in line at airports and go through security? What no team of lawyers to bail me out of sexual harassment claims or blockade them with NDAs? Oh yeah and most important, you can't claim fake news anymore and you actually need to research facts (not make them up) before you open your mouth. Ron Paul would have better. Of course, just about any one (minus the obvious bad guys) would be better than what we are currently stuck with. I heard him (Trump) wanting to run a second term and it truly makes me physically ill.
  17. Well I'm guessing it's a Dingwall with Fan Frets and Ford GT40 Heritage Blue edition. Canadian based, ehh? Very nice!
  18. Yes, that's a good point. Pence is only slightly better than Trump in regards that he does actually have experience in politics. But he would need to be removed from office as well due to his backwards ideals. When Trump gets impeached (notice I say "when"), they should also replace/impeach Pence. We can claim that Trump removed so many from office that it won't matter anyways. It would be historical to have a "double" impeachment. I wonder if it's ever been done before? This is one time where it should happen.
  19. It just keeps going... lost our Economics advisor over the tariffs. I think we up to almost 50% staff departures - much higher than any previous president and in record time. Took 2 years for Bush to remove 33% of his staff. Now Stormy Daniels (porn star) is suing Trump. It would be ironic if a porn star could take out a president. That would be MeToo and TImesUp on steroids. Combine the 19 women for sexual harassment, Stormy Daniels, Russian interference, Tariffs, Corporate Tax rollback to 21% and that putrescent "mouth", that should be enough to eject him out of office. Once he's out - rollback the corporate tax from 21% to 35% percent, stop tariffs, join and enforce climate change. Then offer a World apology for ever having him in office and rebuild all damaged relationships with other countries that we have offended.
  20. That's nuclear Pink. I only had one Ibanez back in the day, but it had 3 single coil pickups. It was pink, but not retina burning pink like yours. Don't see too many lefties. What inlays are those?
  21. Hey Jacques, Looks like Trump in classic Trump redirection is trying to impose tariffs on aluminum and steel. He did this bizarre maneuver because he didn't want to public to see him cave to the NRA. He says he like chaos. Well we have plenty of that (thanks to his incompetence) and world doesn't appreciate what we are doing. Please understand that even his own party doesn't want the tariffs. He only did it to misdirected the gun control issue. I apologize on behalf of Americans for his stupidity. There were so many issues last week that CNN's ticker tape news they run at the bottom of the screen was full. Normally, they repeat in a 30 to 45 second loop. But I believe there were over 25 issues last week and damn near broke the ticker tape. I'm looking forward to spring and getting my car back on the road just to take my mind off this garbage. Unfortunately, the pot holes are massive due to ice/snow/rain and massive temperature changes. Ah, that can't be climate change when Europe is colder than Greenland! And that's the American news which isn't good for now...
  22. Jacques, Great points. You have every right to express how you feel. It's good to hear from Europe and Australia about how your continents view our situation. These isolated incidents of violence are growing due to lack of opportunities, education, apathy, job automation and job obsolescence . It's doesn't help that Russia has meddled into our election system and split/polarized parties as well increased hate groups. Here's my theory to provide a fix and keep in mind I'm no genius. I'm not a politician, but it fairly easy to see that money and power are the root of many of today's issue. The middle class pays for almost all the taxes while the upper class finds tax loopholes. The ultra rich hide their money offshore and own nearly 40% of the stock market. Until we tax the Billionaires their "fair" share, we won't be able to pay for basics such as infrastructure and health care. The good thing is that "some" millionaires want to be taxed more. They didn't need the corporate tax cut which will increase our national debt by $1.5 trillion dollars. If we could flip back to tax cut, tax the millionaires (not anything too greedy, yet reasonable), we could pave the way to recovery. There is a point where it's obscene to have billions when so many have nothing. If we could get these ultra rich to give up one of their $10 to $50 million play toys (Corporate jet, Malibu house, Yacht, Picasso, etc.) by paying more taxes, we could pull the US out of debt. The same goes for mega rich (those making from $50 to $250 million a year). They give up a lesser play toy in the range $500k to $1 million to taxes. The middle class is already paying their fair share since the amount of loopholes available are very limited. We take an insignificant amount from the rich (it's similar to us paying a speeding ticket) and give to the economy. I know we are at the lowest unemployment in history but that's because people are taking lesser jobs since their unemployment ran out. The older generation is being replaced by younger people since paying fair wages and benefits for experienced workers is too much for some companies. It makes complete business sense, but what happens is the 50 plus generation are left taking lesser paying jobs because companies can pay less wages/benefits and make more profit. IF this money goes back into the economy, then it opens up more opportunities for everyone - not just the rich. A healthier economy reduces the need for weapons, particularly automatic and semi automatic types. If the general population could have a descent place to live, transportation and can eat 3 descent meals a day that shouldn't be too much to ask. They would also need 2 vacations a year. I'm probably thinking more Utopian than realistic, but I grow tired of Billionaires in politics.
  23. Hey Jacques, Yep, it's happening again. It's about 250 miles from my house. The bad news - NRA met with Trump yesterday and he's apparently caved to the NRA. Delta will be charged $38 million in taxes due to some legislation that a NRA friendly governor will sign. It's sad because Delta employees a lot of people in Atlanta. This is NRA backlash on a very large company. Well see what else and who else they go after in the next few weeks I'm sure. The good news: REI, L.L. Bean and Kroger have joined the bandwagon like Dick's sporting goods and Walmart did. The weird news: In Las Vegas a billboard was vandalized. They added the word School Kids. So now this Military weapons firing range reads "Shot a School Kid only $29". Definitely makes a point and keeps the memory of Parkland fresh in people's minds.
  24. I hope the NRA does respond to the Pennsylvania couples' stupidity. If they support them, then that will cause more big corporations to pull out and continue the pressure on others to do the same. It would be smart for them to stay as far away from them as possible from this event to avoid pissing off more people/businesses/corporations and any intelligent species on the planet.
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