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  1. 25 minutes ago, Cdm2018 said:

    thankfully none of her family were near the shopping mall but for several hours she was terrified of bad news 😥

    Thankfully you're hosting her and watching out for her family!

  2. I'm having this issue as well.  I got what appeared to be an error which was flashing for a minutes.  Stopped the race for about 15 minutes.  It then took longer for the odometer to register the error.  Typically, the odometer displays within a few seconds, but this was a 5 to 10 second wait.  This occurred this morning for about 3 hours driving the car around town.  Now the screen is blank.

    2003 V8 LotusEsprit_Odometer_issues.jpg

  3. until then, the people have what they voted for. That's democracy.

    You are correct!

    Once Trump and his cronies are jailed, I hope we can impeach/remove some Supreme Court Justices due to McConnell's trickery.  Actually Clarence Thomas may need to step down due to his wife's activities and his involvement in election fraud/obstruction.  There are congressmen Hawley, Jordan, Brooks along with the likes of Bannon, Navarro, Stone, Mark Meadows that should have rooms reserved at Riker's Island Maximum Security Suites.  No Club Fed for these idiots.  It's F**k me in the Arse prison for these bastards.  

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  4. Women are now 2nd class citizens in the United States.   Apparently old white men in the Congress want to control reproductive decisions for women because they think they know best.   It's my belief that the Men should have recused themselves from this matter as they have no experience of what it's like to be female.   The vote should have excluded men due to lack of reference points.   Look for a bill in Congress that will force men to have a vasectomy until they are married for at least 2 years.  Then through an arduous legal processing request a vasectomy reversal.  The court will decide if you are granted this surgical procedure or not.  

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  5. Hopefully Putin will either die (health reasons or assassinated) rather than have the war continue for years.  Someone worse than Putin?  I hope that doesn't happen.

  6. 23 hours ago, march said:

     Finally it was tracked down to the valve which was changed and now is all good - well had A/C all the way home which was a first.

    The joys of buying a project car!

    Would that valve be the Expansion valve?

  7. Luckily it cleared up for the duration of the MOT only to reappear on the way back home .

    Hopefully, the high idle is just a floor mat getting in the way.

    My high idle was caused by the throttle cable getting stuck.  I had to lift up with the the pedal with my foot to stop it.  

    I forget if the cable had to be replaced to fix it as it was over 3 years ago.  This happened on my 91 SE Turbo Esprit and not my V8


  8. 40 minutes ago, march said:

    Yesterday was the first day in (I think) at least 10 years that I have considered the restoration of my Esprit V8 complete - Everything works as it should and it runs like a dream, even the air conditioning (which has been the most recent bug bear to be tackled). I don't think there is much that has not been replaced or rebuilt over this period. It's been painful and ridiculously expensive but it is done 😁 and I am so relieved, at times I thought I would never get to this point, even wanting to put it in a field and set fire to it a few times.

    It's been an experience.

    "at times I thought I would never get to this point, even wanting to put it in a field and set fire to it a few times."

    I've been there a few times with my prior 91 SE Turbo Esprit that I wanted set it a blaze.  But not so much with my V8.  Although my V8 has had a "E" service.  Yep, "E" service also adds to a "C" service with the following:  Tires Michelin Pilot Sport 4S, New CATs Magnaflow, 3rd Alternator this time Heavy Duty 2001 Cadillac Catera New part, Alpine CD BT stereo, Momo steering wheel plus new Aluminum Boss,  Lotus logo horn button, New Optima Yellow Top battery, New passenger seatbelt.  There's probably more stuff that I can't remember.

    Let us know what's up with your A/C.  Mine works and I'm so glad it's not R-12!

  9. 18 minutes ago, windymiller said:

    all clear on blood tests for prostrate issues !!! 😁

    Always good to hear!

    Got to draw blood for a PSA test today as well.  I had a PAE procedure about a year ago, but still have some minor issues.

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  10. How will the war (aka special military operation) end?  

    1.  Death of Putin - either by assignation, cancer/medical condition or coup (aka special military get the f**k out of this universe operation)

    2.  Refer to number one.


  11. 3 minutes ago, andydclements said:

    Cannot help but think that if Trump was on a board of a major Russian company he'd still hold that position irrespective of public opinion and would not be criticizing Putin etc.

    So true.  The more power and money the better for the Fat Man 45... regardless of the costs of human lives.  

  12. Nuremburg the Sequel is brought to you by Vlad.  Vlad is the spray that provides a protective layer of crap over any Russian lawyer defending murderous Russian soldiers.  Hopefully, Vlad is a limited offer and will not be sold anywhere but the Kremlin.  Vlad is toxic, radioactive and poisonous to all animals and humans.  You be glad when Vlad stops spreading crap and being distributed.  

  13. NATO's not going to put up with Putin nonsense.  However, I agree with the idea that the only way to stop the War is by Putin's death.  Don't care who does it, just get it done before something horrible happens.  He's obviously bonkers to credit his military for raping and killing civilians and children.

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