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  1. Yep, so we update the 2nd amendment to reflect the current times instead of musket times.  Since the NRA donated $31 million to Trumps campaign, they are going to fight this one hard just as much as the previous shootings.  If you ever watched the Matrix movie, it's like the scene where they explain to Neo that everyone that has faced an Agent (the NRA) has died (in this case legislation).  Sandy Hook, the NRA won again with multiple children dead.  The Vegas shooting, the NRA won again - lots more dead.  The reason why Parkland is different is because the high school kids can use social media and organize quickly.  They also hit the media head on with no delays so no one would forget.  It wasn't TOO soon for them to talk.  This is why I admire the shaved head girl and all students who questioned why this happened.  There was another girl who was hit with shrapnel wounds to her face and was interviewed with CNN with fresh wounds still not healed.  Trump called her in the hospital and said, "I hear you're a big fan of mine and I'm a big fan of yours."  She wasn't a fan.  She described him as expressing no empathy and she was not comforted by the call.  Isn't that sad. A basic skill that every President or adult should possess in this kind of situation, but unable to fathom.  These are kids. Kids and different groups are attacking them when they have already been through hell.  A 14 year old victim of Parkland had to send a message to Melania Trump (who promised to go after Cyber Bullies) to be reminded by this 14 year old to have Donald Trump Jr. stop attacking her via social media.  This 14 year old has received several threats- is that right?  She's 14!

  2. Bibs,

    We have 5 million registered NRA members and those are the only ones we can verify.  There are most likely a million or so unregistered owners.  Many NRA owners consider their weapons like an arm or leg.  They are that devoted and you are crossing sacred ground to them.  Imagine if you were told that you can't drive your Evoras anymore?  You have your toys and they have theirs.  They are NOT going to give them up easily after almost a quarter century.  Your toy doesn't typically kill people unless your intoxicated and it has not been stolen.  That turns almost any car into a weapon.

    I'm guessing we have tens of millions of guns.  That's a lot of clean up.

    I agree that if they were gone, then it would be a lot simpler.  Realistically, it will take a radical movement for that to happen.  IF I marched down the street with a sign stating revoke the 2nd amendment, I would have a high chance of being murdered depending upon what city I chose.  I would really love to see the Chicago murder drop since I'm only 60 miles from the city. 

    Just like we need to reduce our carbon footprint.  We can't just easily state - stop fossil fuels now.  It would through the world economy into chaos.  Granted that's a drastic example, but eventually Oil will be phased out so it doesn't bankrupt billions and possibly trillions of dollar industries and obsolete close to a million jobs.

    I wish it could be like cigarettes when I was in California.  Everyone thought that it would cause panic.  What happened?  People started going outside of businesses to smoke.  Suddenly, non-smokers started to show up at restaurants that would have NEVER considered going before that time.  Indiana is the home of discounted cigarettes and illegal fireworks.  It's taken Indiana a long time to comply with non-smoking, but some of these smokers will smoke where your eyeball would freeze in less than 10 seconds.  But we still sell Disneyland type grenade launched fireworks, that one is going to take a bit longer to get over.

    IF we stated pull the guns now, we could be asking for a Wild West Showdown.  I hear rifles being shot around my house all the time.  We had a dog agility event at a farm that had target practice the next farm across, but with semi automatic weapons.  The dogs (all of them) were frightened due to these guns.  It was a big dog event, but these gun owners didn't care that they were frightening our dogs.  We couldn't argue with them since they had enough fire power to level a full street block.  Sometimes, you get that "thug" mentality instead of the professional/responsible owners. 

    I completely understand where you are coming from Bibs.  I want to live in a Star Trek world, too.

  3. First of all, thank you ALL for discussing this terrible event with great passion. 

    A reporter from the Hill just this morning wanted to nominate the Parkland Florida kids for a Noble Peace Prize.  I have to say that The Shaved Head Girl is my hero.  Those kids have restored my faith in Millennials. 

    This movement inspired by the survivors (again these are heroes) could have the potential to affect the NRA.  Notice that I refer to the NRA and NOT the 2nd amendment.  As an American, we are not trying to deny 2nd amendment rights.  You’re still going to get your gun, BUT after you’ve been thoroughly vetted to own and operate a gun/rifle.  IF you fail the vetting process (which needs to be updated), then no weapons for that person.  Additionally, any felon or domestic abuser cannot have a gun.

    Here are some reasonable things to consider for proper vetting:

    • Minimum Age 21 to purchase firearms.

    • Ban/Outlaw bump stocks.

    • Increased and updated background checks.

    • 10 day waiting period for all new purchases.

    • Red Flag owners with 10 or more guns.

    These items are not denying gun owners their toys.  The Toy Gun owners group exists only to shoot weapons.  They get that rush and they enjoy it.  These groups can be professional.  However, some members can have different points of view that give these professional owners a tarnished perception.

    There’s a good reason owning weapons for farmers to protect stock from coyotes.

    Hunters also have good reason to own weapons.  Hopefully, these are hunters that kill to eat.  Not kill for thrill or kill to torture.

    Of course, then there are the professions that require a weapon:  armed guards, military, police, FBI, etc.  This group could have a different vetting process because their position requires it.  However, their Agency would be responsible for supplying weapons.  Any additional weapons (not required by their jobs) would require the standard vetting process.

    With all this said, there’s no real reason to have an Assault Styled/Functioning weapons except for Military and Swat organizations.  I do not agree with the public’s ability to own these types of weapons.  These are the “exotic” weapons and only a select group of individuals should be able to possess them.  These weapons are designed for one thing and one thing only – killing people.  You don’t need an AR-15 to hunt. 

    You’ll notice that I left off banning assault style weapons from my reasonable vetting list.  Unfortunately, this gets back to the NRA.  They are an exceptionally powerful organization.  The good news is that many large corporations (United, Delta, Hertz, Enterprise and more) are disassociating themselves from the NRA.  The way to make anyone hurt and have them notice is money.  The more money you take away the less power they possess.  I can only hope companies continue to follow their lead.

    I applaud the countries who have banned firearms such as the UK.  I wish we could be that way and arming teachers is not the way.  They have already started ARMMEWITH group and it’s not weapons they want to use.

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  4. In Indiana,  we only have emissions testing to be concerned about and there are only two counties in the state that do emissions testing.  They weren't checking for anything else except for Tell Tale lights - which I was luckily mine were working properly.  I believe they tested the fuel cap as well.  I had to release the emergency brake - both times when I went there.  There was no charge for emissions testing if you passed.  Sounds like MOT is much more stricter.

  5. Well I picked up the Puma Sport Cat or Future Cat (or whatever kitty you prefer).  They look like the ones below and they are pretty comfortable and reasonably priced when compared to the Piloti brand at least.  They aren't the easiest thing to find.  Had to go to an outlet mall with a Puma store.  I read multiple stories in regards to purchasing online and some involved several returns.  It was important that I try them on since my feet are prone to ingrown toenails.   I normally wear wide shoes, but this proved to be difficult for me when driving my friends 2017 Evora 400.  My ankle kept slipping out of my normal wide shoe, plus the clutch and brake were too close together to manage.  I couldn't really enjoy driving the car since I was so worried about the feet issues.

    I'm pretty happy with the BMW Puma shoes.  Already helped in normal traffic with my 91 Esprit Turbo SE.  Some guy decided to brake quickly in front of me as I was speeding up.  My wide shoes would have had issues and I might be writing a sad story as opposed to this message.  I needed to go with a size 11 US and I usually get 10.5 US to get the right fit.  Also got a lower end Puma suede driving shoe and keep those in the boot just in case.  Those are also size 11.

    I did try the Ferrari shoes but those were way too narrow for my Sasquatch wide feet.  I liked those a lot, but again wasn't comfortable.  Not sure how to do the heel toe thing, but I'm not racing my car.  I just want to be sure when I go for the clutch, I get the clutch.  Go for the brake, get the brake and not hit BOTH the clutch and brake due to big wide shoes.

    It's weird that my ankle slips out when driving the Evora and not the Esprit when driving with my wide shoes.  I'm guessing the seating positions are different.  I had struggled to drive my car with the wide shoes and I'm happy to report these shoes have solved this for me.  Never realized how important the right shoes were.  Think Wallace & Grommet, It's the wrong trousers! (but shoes in this case).

    BMW MS Changer 2 Men’s Shoes

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  6. Hello everyone,

    Opening this one up again with a twist.  In my case, only the Hi Speed wiper position works and I must time shutting off the column switch correctly to seat it in the proper/normal resting position for the wiper blade.

    I would like to be able to use the intermittent wipers and shut off the wipers normally if possible.

    Would this be an issue with the column switch itself or the module that you are referring to as the intermittent wipe/wash module (note I believe my manual states this part as the Delay unit, windscreen wipers) part number A082M6457E for cars with S.I.R.

    Thank you for any assistance.



  7. I absolutely love my pop up headlights (now that they are working properly).  It is so classic and unique to the car.  Didn't realize they were phased out due to restrictions.  However, if a retro Esprit were made you could do pop down as suggested and it shouldn't take too much away from the design.  These lights would need to be the high intensity lights.  However, I heard that if I were to put HID in my Esprit it is almost $800 US each - yikes.  But they light up the road much better than the originals.

  8.   Ok, this is much longer than I originally thought it would be.  Apologize for the length...

    The Retro Esprit is fine by me.  Think of all the Retro Ford Mustangs, Dodge Avengers and Challengers (hate both of them since they look like cop cars and I need to slow down every time I see them), and Chevrolet Camaros.  These are all muscle cars of course and retro-ized with boxy beefed up bodies.  However, the problem with these Retros is that they are "everywhere".  I can't go to the grocery store without seeing one of these cars which says they are popular and therefore successful. 

    When an Esprit shows up 77 to 2004, they don't know what it is.  Hence,  my license plate is "WHAAT" due to this phenomenon.  It is unique and a completely separate animal for all other vehicles.

    My favorite car at the moment is the new Ford GT.  It is impossible to own this vehicle for most humans on the planet.  But I use this car as an example of what the "new" Esprit could be.  Their reproduction GT in 2004 to 2006 (not sure of the exact dates) is an example of what could be done with an Esprit.   Furthermore, they took their GT to the next level with their new enhanced GT (including the price) for 2017.

    Just as Ford has ran two versions of the GT - the retro GT and the enhanced/steroidal GT,  The Esprit could be successful using the same formula.  They just need the investors and the balls to do so.

    They could start with the retro Esprit in both Stevens/Sport 300 and Final Edition versions.  In each case they could do the following:

    1. Replace the Renault Transmission with the new ford transmission used in the new GT 2017.  In the Stevens/Sport 300, shifting would be improved tremendously and in the Final Edition the horsepower would jump to at least 400 to 500 hp. (might need to add computer assisted control so you won't lose control of the back end with the extra power)

    2. Body modifications should be kept toned down with only slight changes.

    3.  Tech improvements would include updated electronics, limited slip differential, expanded cooling for both Charge Cooler and Main radiators, Cooling seats,  Glass Panel roof with reflective screen technology,  Electric Pump for CC pump, Power Steering (that works properly),  Uprated Turbo(s), and finally A/C that Polar Bears would say that's cold.  Okay, these tech improvements will add weight to the car but should be balanced by higher horsepower.  Minimum HP should be 350 hp for the 4 cylinder and 450 hp for the V8.

    Options:  Race, Comfort and Sport mode / Paddle shifting.  No automatics.

    For the next generation Esprit:

    1.  Include all the above items mentioned previously for the retro version.

    2.  Updated body modifications which enhance the Esprit.  Again similar to what Ford did with the aforementioned GT.

    3.  Increase HP by at least 100 hp.  0 to 60 mph in less than 4 seconds with a top speed of 200 mph.

    4.  A "C" service should be completed without the need to remove the engine.

    Ok, I'll stop now.  Yep, probably asking the moon and having Julia Robert ride with me in my car.



  9. Hi Jacques,

    I couldn't do 15" front and rear and I agree the staggered look is much more appealing.  I've seen 17" front and rears and that looks okay, but 15" is too small to do that IMO.

    I have Firestone Firehawks  Oval Indy 15 f and 16 r right now, but will probably go to Kumho's providing I can get a matching set when these are spent.  I wish they made Michelin Pilots in these sizes, but it's simply not meant to be.  My only cars with Michelins are my Outback and CrossTrek.  Alright, my CrossTrek will have Michelins in another 28k.

    Of course the Firestone tyres might not be available your area, so Kumho's might be one and they are a great value.





  10. Hi Alejandro,

    Also have a 91 SE.

    I'm using Firestone Firehawk 195/55/15 Oval Indy 500 on the front and 245/50/16 Firehawk Wide Oval Indy 500 in the rear using the original OZ Route rims.

    They are okay for street.  Haven't raced yet since the car has had a lot of maintenance (many $$$$$) - think D service instead of C service.  Would like to race, but afraid I might break something really expensive.

    I couldn't get the exact factory spec size in the front, but this was the best I could do to have a matching set.  I wanted Michelin Pilots, but they don't make them in our size.

    The only good thing is the price is significantly lower $579.00 plus tax for all four balanced and mounted.  The Michelin's are well over a grand for all four when going to 17 fronts and 18 rears.

    I hope this helps.



  11. Kimbers...beautifully written email.  Let's hope they get the message.

    Vanya --- classic.  Totally agree with the indistinguishable line as I have immense difficulties telling the Porsche models apart from each other.  Well this one is a 911, but this one is another 911 that cost only 90 grand more and from the outside I can't tell the difference!  Maybe it's stereo has a volume knob that goes to eleven?

    From the U.S perspective,  I find this lack of Lotus participation/mentioning in the "new" Top Gear just as disturbing as our President.

    Matt LeBlanc will be no "Friend" of mine until the Evora 400 or 410 is reviewed.  My actual friend just picked up a new 2017 Evora 400 and it's fantastic.  I will try to keep up with him in my 91 Turbo Esprit (and most likely fail) once I bleed my radiator properly.

    Did you notice they even moved the Red Esprit on the set to a new position which limits the time you see it.  At least Extra Gear shows the Red Esprit more. 

    Long live British motor works.



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  12. Real Men play natural finish mahogany - well So does the Edge in U2.  He probably has several Explorers in his collection.  It's the "I will follow" guitar.  I might be wrong on the finish of Edge's Explorer, but he still plays it today along with the 1967 330/12 FG Rickenbacker which I helped his guitar tech Dallas Schoo refurbish with all new chrome bits back in the 90s.  Probably needs new chrome again.

    I never played one, but I'll trust you on the comfort comments.


  13. Hi Ron,

    My friend and I test drove the 2017 Evora 400.  Pretty nice.  He might be going for the Evora.  I appreciate you letting me know and I did tell him.

    He also has a 2014 Ferrari 458 which just got into an accident on Tuesday (ain't going be cheap), so that's been bothering him and could affect the overall decision process.

    Thank you,



  14. Didn't that Chrome Orange 2000 with the Sport 350 wing belong to Nicholas Cage or his dad (Francis Ford Coppola)?  I've seen pictures somewhere on the forum.  I'm actually a bigger fan of the Sport 300 wing, but unfortunately I hear only 3 Sport 300s ever made it to the United States.  Thanks for letting me know about the salvage Red 02 to Canada.

  15. Just so everyone knows...

    There are 3 Chrome Orange and 11 New Norfolk Mustard out of 82 Final Editions according to Hethel.  I am pretty sure there's a Chrome Orange in Southern CA (Irvine/Newport Beach area) since 7 years ago it was there available for sale.  Not sure if it's still there or not?

    Any way looking to for any color Final Edition, but prefer Yellow or Orange.



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