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  1. The one thing I really really want from the 400 over my 2014 Evora S is the gearbox (MT)...shorter through, less clunky,... Presumably, the actual the transmission is the same. I'm wondering if it would be possible to just replace the parts around the gear shifter from the S by those of the 400. Any thoughts?
  2. Agree. The pack is for bragging rights more than for performance.
  3. Each time you do that, it will "try" to reset but for whatever reason, it works say 90% of the time not 100%. Sometimes you can see it's trying to go back to zero but it just can't. Just need to do it again then. Not MY fix btw...I think @chylld from Australia came up with this one on the US forum.
  4. Let's keep in mind that when they say "sold out"' they mean you would have to wait if you ordered a new one from the factory. The dealers have not sold out their pending of orders of 6 months ago. In Toronto, there are 2 Lotus dealers around and each of them are waiting for four Evora 400s. On a total of 8, only one is sold so the car is available for sale, factory orders may not.
  5. For the speedo not resetting to zero: Take the key out and keep the doors close, wait for the dash lights to go out, and then open the door. This issue happens to me one and a while, especially during hot summer days.
  6. I would think too that they added a 3rd cat for Federals as they did for the S.
  7. Lots of useful information in your thread. Thanks! My preliminary conclusion is that the extra HP I could get from headers without remapping won't get me a significant gain. I just find the engine so smooth and responsive that I'm reluctant to change the electronics. BTW, my car (Canadian version) is stock except for Larini pipe and silencer and runs around 300 hp at the wheel which corresponds to about the advertised 345bhp at the crank. I'm reading your comments about cars coming out at less than 345bhp...I'm surprised as I thought car company were always advertising a conservative figu
  8. Lovedriving


  9. Really? I thought headers (without ECU tune) would increase power by about 20 whp... I'm quite happy with my sound (Larini decat pipe and silencer) but I'm looking for an extra 20-30 who without messing around with the ECU. I thought changing headers would help me get there...thoughts?
  10. Don't go bigger than 8 inches. Mine is a Sun Mountain with stand.
  11. I think this is a key point. Phil, it would be great if you could comment on the handling compares to the Evora S. Thanks.
  12. Maybe the throttle body connector...disconnect and reconnect...or change the connector pins to gold pins. It happened to me on the delivery day of my brand new 2014 Evora S. No problem since then.
  13. Plus 10k of options for the Porsche?
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