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  1. No one replied to this... which is a bit surprising. I've sold my 2-11 a while back, but it had the stock IC (they are fitted with the larger LMS version, not the Exige S version). However I remember posts from 2-11 owners who tracked their cars that the side intakes had poor air flow & heat from the exhaust was further -VE, so they tried various things to counter this.
  2. Cain-it

    TLF GT430 Club

    Lotus UAE (Adamas) has had some Evora 430's. All GT's as far as I know .... somewhere from 3 to 5 units would be my estimate.
  3. Well here's 3 to begin with... there are more & some very good books / magazine features that go into more Elise & Exige details, but by the sounds you dont need that.
  4. What do the TVS1900 (without CC) make in terms of BHP / LB FT ?
  5. Congrats on your new addition 🙂
  6. In your situation, I'd definately get the later E400 clutch pack for your early S1, E400 lighter flywheel too.... all these parts combined are peanuts compare to the whole cost, which is mainly labour. If your gearbox is OK, I'd leave that alone. The E400 clutch pack was designed for more power, so in your NA S1 it will last even longer. Probably easier to buy too, as its a current item The E400 clutch is also has a lighter pedal operation compared to the S1 cars... nice when you get stuck in traffic. Good luck whatever your choice. If its true Lotus Cars don't have clutch packs in stock thats crazy!
  7. I dont have any 'inside info' regarding supercharged Lotus', but I'm sure Toyota / Lotus / Eaton / Harrop have huge data files of it. In particular Lotus have a long experience with forced induction drivetrains for their own cars & Engineering clients. Without their hard data, its easier just to view actions of the OEMs. As confirmed in the video, Harrop originally engineered TVS 1320 to fit the 2GRFE at the request of Toyota Australia, to offer a response to fast Holdens & Fords in the local market. Keeping it simple & economic, there was no inter cooling, the SC was small enough to fit under the standard bonnet, large enough to give a modest 5.5 psi boost pressure. For a sporty Toyota, which was unlikely to incur sustained heavy use, it was fit for purpose. Like all manufacturers Lotus Cars do enough to meet their product goals, not more. Otherwise its Engineering spend that Sales & Marketing can't recover. So Lotus used the Harrop 1320, unchanged from the original Toyota set-up. For Lotus too, it was a quick fix, fit for purpose. The Aisin transmissions that Lotus use with the 2GR-FE are rated to 400 NM / 295 lb ft, spookily thats what an Evora S / Exige S with the Harrop 1320 archives. The latest '430' powered cars have torque limited to 440 NM (450 NM Auto) even with the transmission internally uprated & externally cooled to cope. Only when fitted with Xtrac sequential transmission, is torque allow to achieve 525 NM, factory built. If Lotus Cars felt the TVS 1320 could achieve greater power goals, why would they add another supplier (Edelbrock), use their larger TVS 1650, housed in a new casting & add the complexity / weight / cost of charge cooling ? Add to these costs the global re-certification of the drivetrain. If Harrop felt the TVS 1320 could achieve greater power goals, why would they develop two Lotus dedicated TVS 1900 offers, with / without charge cooling ? Adding intercooler sandwich plate and using a smaller pulley to the TVS 1320 would have been much easier, but they didn't for a reason. Looking at other supercharger applications beyond the 2GR-FE, a 1320 sized SC is small for a 3.5 litre engine. The main Eaton web site does give data on the thermal efficiency on their different sized SCs and boost levels. My take from all this ? If you dont own the latest TVS 1650 factory built car, the TVS 1320 has limited headroom, the TVS 1900 - ideally CC, is the way to go. However there with be knock-on effects - the integrated manifold/cats & the standard transmission won't take the higher boost for long, so you'll need to budget for this too. Also power = heat, so additional cooling will be a factor.
  8. Oh, BTW, did you do a dyno run pre Vs post 1900 install? Dyno's / operators / conditions vary, but the difference pre Vs post install should be a better indication of what you've gained compared to what was expected.
  9. Marhaba Hussain Is the transmission manual or auto.... there'll be a difference in transmission losses. If auto, according to this post, there are some tweaks required to get more than stock power to the wheels : Even the larger SSC 1900 will heat soak over sustained use, just less so than the stock 1320 - neither have any cooling of the charge as part of the design. Considering the typical ambient temperatures in the UAE, are you aware that there's a version of the Harrop TVS 1900 SC with integrated charge cooler? BOE aren't the only vendor to offer it, SSC, EliseRacing, Calibrated Performance & others are options too : The UAE has poor quality automotive fuel compared to other countries. Cars that need higher quality fuel to achieve their optimum do suffer here HTHs
  10. Thanks for the reply. Did you buy the whole set / which hardness ? Feedback once fitted & bedded-in please
  11. Anyone tried them, or another solution ? +VE / -VE feedback ?
  12. Joking aside, I heard Komo-Tec were working on adapting a VW Group double clutch gearbox (from the RS3?) to fit the V6 in the Lotus.... dont know if this is true?
  13. February 2005– BG6 — 6-speed Toyota Avensis, Toyota Corolla, Toyota RAV4, Mazda6, Mazda5, Mitsubishi Eclipse, Mitsubishi Grandis, Jeep Compass, Jeep Patriot, Dodge Caliber, Dodge Journey, Lotus Exige, Lotus Evora
  14. Sorry to hear about the failure, hope you get fixed-up soon. I read somewhere that on the early CR gearboxes, the Lotus components used were not up to or within spec, so these are the ones with possible failure (the was a post on it on another Lotus forum). I've not heard of failures on the original LR gearboxes. Another post on here, regarding the E4*0 gearboxes, suggested Lotus have done some further internal changes beyond the in-spec CR components / LSD / oil cooler. It seemed to be components to aid shifting quality, in addition to the E4*0 external gearshift mech. Might be worth asking a few deeper questions.... once you open up the failed gearbox, it would be worth getting the latest spec internal components that Lotus use
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