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  1. I confrim that it was a clarion 111r.. now it is very very expensive! I turn into a blaupunkt of the same age..
  2. Hi guys, can you give an advice where can I find some spare parts, I've already checked SJ but unfortunatly lots part are no available. my esprit is a 1992 model se Highwing 2000cc I need a rear rim 8.5 16 radiator undertray (chargecooler, cooling, AC radiator) all grilles for SE front spoiler (they were missing when I bought car.. ;(...) some minor stuff like bolt for control arm, upper ball joint, abs module cover, relais + abs pump cover (is "all in one" big cover) thanks! Marco
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  4. No, I haven't remote control on key, I was asking that to be sure to look for the right cdl. I think I'll buy a same one!
  5. hi Barry! thanks a lot! this will be so usefull! one question, this cdl operates also with driver input key? or just with remote control? cheers Marco
  6. Aerial now is working!! Yeeeeeah!!! Step by step ???
  7. hi guys, thanks to all... unfortunately I have no time to work properly on esprit, but I realized that the first connectors are from the same harness, they match each other! they should be aerial harness.. although I've connected one to the other the aerial does not come out any ideas?? (my radio is a blaupunkt sqr 49 dusseldorf in great condition) I also have another problem, as you know in my car cdl module is missing, and it should be located in front luggage next to abs module. Well I've been searching for a used cdl module and I've seen lots of car with kiekert/gm 90 457 682 in it. The problem is, my harness is definetly not matching with modules I've seen! the harness is like this on first pic, but located as shown on pic 2... any advice??
  8. Andy nice work! I hope to have time during nexts weeks to do some jobs on car... I'l definetly have to change clucth red hose with a steel one beacuse my clutch change completely when car gets hot... I have a question. Why did you change header tank instead cleaning it? Cheers Marco
  9. Maybe the black box is ice warning module.. Anyone can confirm? Number 70
  10. Hi Malcolm I don't think they are radio or electric aereal beacuse all wires of radio are well located behind the center consolle, just above the ac control. instead these harness are on the left of steering column (LHD) ; between steering column and a/c vent.. although I can strecth them, I definetly can't get them near radio.
  11. when I get my car it shows something similar when blipping the throttle... it was the EBP valve not working properly. Check it out! Marco
  12. Hi guys during next days I'd like to continue working on my car and I need to figure out what are these harness under the dash (my car is LHD) can you give some advices??!.. Big yellow harness with two cables, one blue and one green. Small yellow harness with two cable, one brown and one purple. (Same photo with the bigger one, above the big one) Black harness with lots of cable. Behind and under the dash there is a black box with no write on it and it has only a black cable going into it.. What is that black box??
  13. Hi guys.. I'm going on repairing/restoring my baby !!! next two things are front nose level, I've already understand that it depends on driver side spring.. and radio... wich radio system was mounted on esprit se?? unfortunately clarion crx 111r is impossible to find; in your knowledge lotus did use blaupunkt?? wich ones? other options? well, I've searched on web but I haven't find any good information... cheers Marco
  14. Hi Neil , thanks a lot!! I'll definetly have a look on that website!!
  15. I guys, After few months working on my se I've sorted out most of issues and now I've to fix minor things.. As you have seen on title I need some spare parts beginning from 1.front grilles, I need all 3 of them, I've checked sjs but steve only got the oil cooler grilles and not the center one.. Any suggest?in your opinion can I make them myself?if it yes, how? 2. Central door locking: In my car are missing door micro switch and cdl module (I really don't understand why, however the rest of system is fitted in correctly or I assume that) can you help me to find door micro switch and a cdl module? Can I eventually use parts from mk1/2 elise/exige? 3. Ice warning system: my warning light always goes red and is not even do the check when starting car. I've searched for probe near front bumper but i can't find it so I assume is missing.. Where I can find/buy one? Thanks for help guys Cheers Marco PS she is grateful too
  16. Hi guys happy Christmas to all! I need some help to understand the function of these two harness located in the front luggage Cheers
  17. So here we are... At the end I have my brake work properly without abs warning light... I use a normal 5 pin relay 30ah for carsystem... A classic one with pins 30 85 86 87 87a Connected as showm on diagram, two cable (purple and yallow/black) are wired together to 87, purple from abs ecu into pin 30, brown/pink into pin 85 and green/pink into pin 86.. Pin 87a remains disconnected... At this point I turn on ignition (engine off) and the pump start its work... The abs warning light was off But after 40 sec that the pump was on the warning light goes on so assume I have no pressure on brake line... I take off accumulator and put a stopper on the hole.. At this point I try again to build up the pressure and guess what?? I get it!! After about other 20 sec pumping the relay stops automatically the pump!!!! Yeeee my pressure switch is working! And now I know how fix the brake system!! I hope this can be usefull Thanks everybody!!! Cheers Marco
  18. Abs pump relay looks like a normal 4/5 pins relay plus an internal resistance
  19. Hi guys I found the diagram of abs, I have to make some test..
  20. Thanks a lot!! This relay is quite impossible to find.. Also the gm 88927273.. Sanj's got one, but I'm afraid to use that because it's a good one and my abs system needs a heavy refresh, I'm afraid to burn relay out... So I'm looking for bypass it or a relay that can be used instead the original one to understand if the eletronics of abs system is ok... Advice Thanks to all for the photos and explanations Marco
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