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  1. On this 84, as per the parts diagram: The light stays on full for 20 seconds, then fades out over a few seconds.
  2. According to Tim Engels specs sheet at the 'Engine Mounting Legs to Rubbers' are 54 to 61 Nm.
  3. This from Tim Engel recently on the Yahoo Group for the Turbo Esprit:
  4. The clamp should go at the end of the column. That's how it is in the service manual. In this image you can also see the bearing has been pushed out of the rubber spacer, as the inner shaft has come loose on this column. The spacer is 14.7mm long overall. The outer flange is 3mm long. On the inside there is a lip at each end, so the spacer is held in place on top of the bearing.
  5. Surely the bottom of the mesh should stay put? The top section of the column moving forwards causes the mesh to concertina. I can supply a picture and dimensions of the rubber spacer when I get home.
  6. 1/2 mile outside a small village, which is itself several miles from what counts as civilisation in Norfolk, we get 8 Mb/s. My old folks on the outskirts of Norwich get 16, so 41 is fast.
  7. Yes, the nut just spins on the shaft and the base of the arm isn't sitting flat. Not sure that pin isn't weakening the whole thing either.
  8. Hope the image below helps. Like various other bits of my car, looks like it's been 'modified'.
  9. Thanks for digging this thread up, I was wondering what 'D158' meant.
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