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  1. Hi, thanks, I’ve left a message with SJ - but given the dimensions shared by Pete, I guess that I could easily take that shoulder off of the track rod end to achieve 70mm....
  2. Hi, sadly nothing changed on the rack - only some paint and new polymer mountings....
  3. Thanks for the feedback, ok, I’ve measured mine being 78mm from centre of pin to end of the threaded part. So on the face of it they’re too long. But I also had a look at my pre-disassembly photos and see that I previously had the track rod ends connecting ‘up’ (nut on top) rather than ‘down’. So I took the steering arms off and swapped them over, thinking that the extra distance might help, but sadly not. That then has me thinking whether I’ve got the correct link arms/trunnions on the correct side.... which maybe a completely red herring. But just to check here: I’ve the rig
  4. Delighted to share that the front end largely complete with just hub bearings to change and brake ‘link pipes’ to be built for each side. ...but a quick question about track rod ends... I measured the position of the track rod ends on the arms when I took everything apart. Now I’ve fitted new ones, it seems that I can’t screw the new ends in far enough (both sides) to ensure that the wheels are pointing in the same direction.... seems to have too much toe out... ... what am I missing? Could the new track rod ends (From SJ for a manual rack) be longer than the ones I replaced (and hav
  5. Hi, I’ve not yet taken my dodgy rear bearings out, but I’ve found a couple of reportedly Austin maxi bearings. I once found the dimensions of the rear bearings on a forum here, but I can’t find it again....does anyone have the I Dia, O Dia and width of the bearing?
  6. So to help (I hope) here’s a sketch of how I have used the kit in the trunnion. The square profile sealing ring is a tight fit around the circumference of the bush flange, and it’s also about the same thickness as the flange itself. I presume that when bolted in, the sleeve is tightened against the outer washer and the lower wishbone. I guess the bush itself might also become compressed between the trunnion, the outer washer and the lower wishbone? The trunnion then rotates around the bush (and also against the face of the inner washer). The sealing ring is a tight fit - it h
  7. Hi, yes you’re spot on, the bushes were a tight fit in the trunnion. I think the outer of the 2 metal washers is being caught between the lower link and the metal sleeve (I didn’t think the hole on this washer was big enough to let the sleeve ‘through’ to the lower link). I’ll check that out and if that’s not the case maybe it’s just because it’s all ‘unworn’ at the moment. thx for feedback!
  8. Hi Dan, thx for coming back, I’m wondering about the tightness of the trunnion and how easily it should move up and down (rotate) around its new bush kit at the end of the lower link arm. With its new kit it was a snug fit in the arm itself and that was before torquing up the trunnion bolt. I can rotate it up and down but I’m not sure whether it should be as stiff as it is. Before I cut the old ones free, one of them was really tight and the other was so loose that with the weight of the link arm it would ‘flop forward’ on its own.
  9. Slow but steady progress on the front end. After scaring myself compressing the springs (with plenty of safety measures in place) I’ve now fitted the shock absorbers and after finding a friendly garage to press in the lower link bushes - I’ve fitted the new trunnions. I’ve torqued up the trunnion bolts - with everything supergreased - but the trunnions seem quite stiff to move. What should I be expecting?
  10. Hi, I’ve been through the forum and found great links to the parts list, but I was hoping to find a parts list that also shows bolt length sizes & thread sizes. Appreciate pointers or links if available. Thanks Terry
  11. Well Pete, you’re right thanks for the feedback (now I need to have a word with myself for not thinking about that!). When assembling is it a case of screwing them completely in until they are unable to move any further and backing off a turn? Or another method? thanks Terry
  12. I’m slowly acquiring bits and pieces for the front suspension rebuild, it’s going to be my Christmas activity and present to myself 🙂. In my disassembly haste I didn’t label my passenger / driver side vertical links. I’ve new trunnions etc and these are labelled ‘L’ and ‘R’. 1) ‘L’ - I presume means passenger side - could anyone confirm? 2) How can I identify which of the vertical links goes with which trunnion? Thanks
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