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  1. Chassis prep complete... does anyone have the thread sizes for all of the captive threads on the chassis?
  2. Blue one, the red one was used in an exchange for this one. I’m hoping to get some black paint on this this afternoon looks like the rain is staying away.
  3. Prep of the chassis going well, satisfyingly after a good couple of weekends managed to paint the entire chassis in rust encapsulator and when it’s dry again then I can get the chassis top coat on. Preparing for rebuilding - does anyone have a list of the thread sizes for the chassis mounted bolts, e.g for the radius arm mountings, handbrake mountings, gearbox, steering rack etc? If they’re all metric then I can clean those up with the taps I have otherwise will need to acquire some imperial sizes Thanks Terry
  4. Hi, yes a bit of a story, I’ve ended up with a different Riviera , I'll dig out some more photos of the body on the car (maybe my drop box has expired given how long ago I started on my journey!)
  5. Thanks Mike and Pete, I think I’m going to go the blast and paint route. There’s a new place for chassis prep near me (Buzzweld in Yate) will reach out and see what they can do.
  6. Hi, yes it’s on....but not quite as originally planned . So it’s back on (thanks to lockdown) and I’m now at the complete body off stage and I’ve stripped the chassis. Although it’s a galvanised chassis, there are quite a few places where the galvanising has been damaged/lost and there’s surface rust. Appreciate any advice here on best chassis treatment/refurbishment, should I get it soda blasted and powder coated or avoid this route completely (I’ve read too many reviews - some are great, some terrible). Sounds like you’re moving well on your car!
  7. So engine out and split from the gearbox. The lack of clutch lever rubber grommet has led to a very rusty flywheel and clutch plate. Also there were a couple of clutch plate bolts out, one sat in the bottom of the bell housing and the plate is not flush to the flywheel, distorted, so that's to be replaced. I'm cleaning off the years of oil and grease and I was planning to check out the bottom end bearing surfaces for scores. I wasn't planning for a mega refurbishment (but who knows) so welcome advice on the jobs that I should be planning to do. I've never had the engine running but it doe
  8. Thanks Steve, that's a nice offer - would like to take you up on that next year when reinstalling - thanks again!
  9. ...thanks for the feedback on extending the hoist...yes going to need some bigger mates to balance it up......either that or just go and find someone in Bristol with a bigger engine hoist ?.
  10. Thanks for the pointers, given the height of my garage ceiling, any approximations as to how much I need to lift the body up by to clear the shock towers? ... and does the steering become disconnected at the interface with the steering rack?
  11. Engine out! Thanks for all of the pointers, I did have a struggle as the engine hoist was too short and my garage ceiling too low. Ended up having to push the car out with the hoist so I could raise it up high enough. I did get a leveller, not sure I could gave managed it without. For refitting I'm going to get a longer piece of square hollow section tube - so the reach us longer and I can lift it higher. Thanks again, I presume splitting the box and engine is pretty straight forward, and body off next - now that could be a challenge ?. Any recommendations for this bit?
  12. Hi, great feedback thanks. Yes the exhaust is off (that was a whole other story ?), there must be an easier way for that hidden away nut from the down pipe/manifold join. I didn't know about that circlip so that will be next, thanks. When I started to take the gearbox retaining bracket off, the gearbox started to drop - that's why I thought I needed a jack underneath it. It will be easier not to worry about that. How far forward will the gearbox need to go before the splines disengage? This weekends fun!
  13. Hi, it's been too long but back on my I'm ready to take out the engine and gearbox, I think I've done everything, but just some simple things I'd like to check. So: - all engine mountings unbolted, earth strap disconnected, all electricals off, oil pump and cooler off, carbs off, rad disconnected, drained of oil and water, clutch cable off, all water pipes off, oil pressure pipe off - gearbox mounting unbolted, gearbox supported on trolley, speedo and reversing cables disconnected Inside the car I've strapped the gear lever gaiter, I can't get the gear knob off - it doe
  14. Benco


  15. Hi, I've an Elite S1 that I don't need and not sure whether to sell it on or for dismantle for parts. Dan already has asked for some of the parts, is there anything anyone else is after? Best bits: probably the beige leather interior, rear is good, front seats are tired (but not as bad as some I've seen). I imagine the chassis is rotten, door beams definitely are. If you're after anything let me know. Cheers Terry
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