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  1. Hello John Yes, I took pictures, only of the seats, the pig farm girl wouldn't oblige.................. Best of luck with your seats. Kind regards Richard
  2. Hi I had a worse situation - no seats at all! So, I bought a pair of modern 'racing' seats from a girl at a Spanish pig farm - don't ask ...... for 50 euros. Stripped (only the seats) and chopped them, welded them to the bulkhead profile and had them cushioned and recovered for 400 euros (dollars) the pair. They are as light, if not lighter, than alloy seats and cost beans. Richard in sunny Spain restoring his bucket list Lotus Europa.
  3. The nuts on the door hinge are inevitably rusted together. It can take months of penetrating fluid to get them off. I'm impatient. After 2 days of f**ting about I centre popped the locknuts in the direction of undo and pulled out my pneumatic hammer gun. 2 seconds later the locknut was undone, all of the others followed in a similar fashion and speed. Job done except it took me a day to adjust them............ Richard in sunny Spain - call me if you need help............
  4. Hello All of you will eventually have to bite the bullet and adjust the doors. I explored the web for info and discovered that it would take between a week and a month to do. My hinges had never been touched and the driver's door had dropped by an inch (25mm). The top and bottom nuts needed minor surgery to the fibreglass to expose them and that was easy. They were very rusty and I applied a very expensive penetrating liquid the the bottom nuts - no go after a few days. I tried heating the spanner and applying it to the nut but no go. Then I had an inspiration: I did a spot ident into the top nut in the direction of undo. Then I got my trusty pneumatic hammer drill and set on hammer. 2 Seconds later the first of the nuts were off and the others followed in quick succession. Note that I had a wooden block behind the nuts in case of overshoot........ The top nuts were rusty and never been touched so this proves that the method is quick and easy, please be welcome to use it. Mind you, it took me a day to adjust them................. Richard in Sunny Spain
  5. Hello I am very interested in buying one of the cars, I am a serious buyer, not a time-waster. Which do you have available? Are they rolling so that they can be transported on a trailer/car transporter? Please give me a full description. Thanks Richard
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