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  1. Problem solved for now, what I did was to pull all the ABS fuses to check and clean the contacts, did the same for the relays. I disconnected the plug at the left front solenoid and checked that I had voltage. Next with the key in the off position I put moderate pressure on the brake pedal and turned the key to the RUN position, did this three times and the ABS light went out. Rechecked with Espritmon and NO faults showing. Oh Happy Day
  2. My problem is the Yellow ABS light is on, I ran Espritmon and it showed Red dots in the boxes Hold and Release for the Left Front, also Red dots at items #4 enable relay, #10 left front hold, and #13 left release. What dose this mean?? is this a stuck relay? if so where is it located? how can I fix this?? Any HELP will be Appreciated. Thanks DaveS4s
  3. Thanks everyone for the info. . I guess I will be grinding up wrenches and sockets.
  4. I have a question for all the members that removed and installed there exhaust manifolds with the engine in place, What tools did you use to get the nuts off?? I was looking at my manifold and the only thing I could fit on the nuts ,was a 13mm. open end wrench. I tried a socket but it will not go over the nut because the cast manifold is in the way. So I would like to know if someone has come up with some special ground down welded up tool. Thanks DaveS4s
  5. Questions, in the photos of the Stevens manifold is the link rod bracket take the place of the heat shield ?? if it goes with the heat shield then it looks like the studs on the cam housing will be too short. Also what fasteners are suppose to be used to mount the turbo?? the holes in the flange are threaded, but no fasteners in my kit are that big?? Zig said he was using the Allen head bolts to mount the turbo, but the photo of the Steven manifold shows Hex head bolts that are not in my kit??? It would have been nice if ALUNOX would have included a break down of what fasteners to use at each location. I know it is still early, but I just want to get everything clear before I start the install this Winter . Thanks DaveS4s
  6. Just received my manifold today, LOVE IT, Now that brings up some questions, (1) wrap it , (2) powder coat it , or (3) leave it the hell alone????. Also is there some instructions for the install?? I know that it is basically pull off the old and put on the new, but what about the LINK ROD and the adjustment???
  7. I just received my invoice and I have a question. Is the total amount due in USD or is that the total in british pounds???
  8. I have not received a reply of any kind. I did not get a rejected e-mail notice either.
  9. Please add me for a Stevens Exhaust Manifold ( 1995 S4s ) and shipping to Newnan Georgia, U.S.A. Thank You Dave S4s
  10. Any idea on the cost of this fine stainless steel sculpture??? shipped to Atlanta Georgia , U.S.A.
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