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  2. Hi, advice please.... I'm selling a car with a private number plate, the number plate is staying with the car, what do I need to do to transfer it to the new owner? The DVLA website is so confusing, do I fill something in on the V5? Will the new owner then get a new certificate direct from DVLA? £80 fee? Thanks in advance

  3. Thanks, will do....I live in the pothole capital good advice, cheers
  4. ok, right.....I am a smart bird, and although I know a duff situation when I see one I have limited mechanical knowledge.... so : 1/ What is geometry? 2/Car bought 2 years ago from a 'supposedly' reputable lotus dealer 3/Car serviced and looked after by my local lotus specialist garage 4/Tyres supplied and fitted by a reputable local firm who my lotus guy has used for years 5/Does this ?? dodgy geometry affect my handling?....risky? 6/ I know tyre pressures are good sorry, just thinking aloud.... would really appreciate your feedback p.s.... why didn't they suggest this?.....h
  5. Hello again....well my nightmare continues...finally got my new rear Pirelli winters on this week and had a chat with the supplier, he checked back on my records and it turns out I was being generous with the 6000 estimate, they actually did just under 5000! AND when he took the rear Potenzas off (brand new this spring) they were also near legal limit and can't go back on... lasted 4000! he has offered to send both sets back to Pirelli and Bridgestone as he wasn't happy either. Anyone have any dealings with either company as I think I will also contact them...thanks in advance
  6. Thanks, I've heard they are good but couldn't source any last year, thanks for help, will keep an eye on temperatures this time, shame the Elise doesn't have one on board!
  7. Thanks, I wonder if that was the problem, I ran them for a few weeks in milder conditions as I had some new Potenza rears on order, does seem ridiculous though, the fronts are immaculate, look like they are off a different car, gutted! can you recommend a cheaper option?
  8. Hi, sorry I'm new to this forum.... can anyone advise me how long Pirelli winter tyres should last? I put 4 brand new on my Elise S2 last year, I did approx. 6000 of normal local driving, nothing silly and it didn't snow, they have been stored somewhere else since (I didn't see them again). Time to put them back on and I have been told the rears are illegal!! I know the rears wear down quicker but I honestly believed they would last longer than this, concerned! Any help much appreciated, thanks
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