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  1. Thanks Mike, I managed to get the video edited today, it's now on Youtube; Still getting used to making videos.
  2. No worries Kieran, I forgot to mention that in my post earlier, if anyone is interested in any photos without the watermark just let me know and I can get them sorted. I can be contacted by email: [email protected] or through Facebook and Flickr.
  3. Thanks for the comments. I just had a quick play with the pics in Adobe Lightroom. I'll need to get some of the GoPro footage edited, I've not had a proper chance to look at it yet. Sorry if I didn't speak much to everyone the cars were a big distraction haha. Here's a link to my Facebook page, I tend to update it more regularly than Flickr; CD58 ASH Carspotting
  4. Thanks for letting me come along again and take some pictures, here is a quick preview. I managed to get around 300 picures today, I'll have a look through them in the next few days and get them posted. ThanksColin<a href=" title="Lotus parking only. by CD58 ASH Carspotting on Flickr"><img src="" width="800" height="601" alt="Lotus parking only."></a>
  5. I should make this one, I'll try to get there a wee bit early to get pictures of the cars arriving. 1. Al. 2. Sharron & Dave 3. Craig (Dewarcraig) 4. Kieran (Fueltheburn) - if in the UK 5. Marge and John 6. Duggie & Susan (hopefully recovered from new year celebrations by then) 7. Gerard (gedi) 8. Ali (Smoo25) 9. Dominic 10. Mike C 11. CD58ASHCarspotting (Colin)
  6. Thanks guys, I know it is a nightmare trying to keep cars clean at this time of year. I'll keep an eye on the site for meets and hopefully be able to make some more.
  7. Thanks for that John & Wendy, it was good to talk to both of you on Sunday. The Elan sounded good, hope you get the heater fixed soon. Thanks will have a look at that later. I work weekends (chinese deliveries, not in the VXR though) so find it hard to get too far away from home but if I get the chance I'll try to get up north sometime, thanks for the invite. I've only started the site in the last few months because I've been seeing a lot of cars around, I think I was boring my friends with cars I'd seen on my personal Facebook page haha. That's the photos online theres's 44 I had a couple of doublers. I'll start posting them now but might post the rest tomorrow if its going to take too long, if anyone wants the watermark removed just ask and I'll get the pics to you minus the watermark. Thanks Colin Here's all of them as thumbnails
  8. Hi guys, Sorry it's taken a couple of days but the pics are ready. I'm just uploading them. I've got 46 in total so might take a while for the upload to complete but will post them when they're up. I posted the donut video on the Facebook page earlier, here's the link if anyone missed it; Was nice to meet you guys thanks for letting me hang around and take pictures. Thanks again, Colin.
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