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  1. Hi, My Cup is number 93. Year 2014 and Carbon Grey.
  2. JJD


  3. I would be interested in this too. My Trofeos on the rear are getting bit low and I'm thinking in the next couple of months a change is due. The Trofeos do wear very quickly although are a good tyre. My dealer has suggested the ZZRs although the fronts are 215 (rather than the stock 205) and I am not sure if this may make the handling better or worse. Otherwise it sounds like the new Trofeo Rs will last much longer and could be a good option. Although both are perhaps not really good for driving in the wet on regular roads.
  4. Just got back from Spa on the weekend running 2.0 bar all round (29 psi). Probably should have been a bit higher but the car was handling nicely. Same concern over the Trofeos though. The rears aren't looking so great now (might be my bad driving) and there are probably only a couple of track days left in them. Fronts are better but not that much. I might go for the Corsas next just so they last a bit longer.
  5. Nothing wrong with that! Actually I was thinking of doing the same for the road. Particularly when you go over some nasty potholed roads you really start craving for softer suspension. Might try going down 2 clicks for the drive home tonight.
  6. Thanks Pits! Sounds like 3 clicks firmer is the way to go. Did you also adjust the rebound or left that at the stock settings? Seems like a bit of pain to adjust so I'm thinking I will leave it as is. Good advice on the tyre pressures. So looking forward to getting on the track.
  7. Does anyone have any suggested settings for the Nitron suspension on a V6 Cup? I'm getting ready for my first track day with the new car at Spa but haven't even tried to adjust the suspension yet from stock (7 clicks all round if I remember correctly). Any suggestions for what to start with for the track?
  8. JJD


    Thanks everyone for the welcome! Hi Pits, actually I have to say you are probably the reason why I ended up with the Cup. All those YouTube videos of your car were too much to bear! Dijion and Anneau du Rhin are the closest tracks to me. Although they are nice they cannot compare to Spa or the Ring. But when it comes to Alpine passes it's hard not to go past the Furka for me. Really they are all great except perhaps the Stelvio which is a bit overrated in my humble option. But right now any mountain pass without snow would be awesome!
  9. JJD


    Hi everyone, Thought it was about time I introduced myself as I have been lurking around the forum for a while. I'm an Australian living in Switzerland and just finished off running in my new Lotus and loving every minute. My last car (Elise R) was great but this is on a different level. Fantastic!! As the weather gets better I'm always open for any excuse to drive up the Alp passes if any other Forum members are in the area. Cheers, Jason
  10. Thanks Chris. Those products look great. I have been using a car wash without the carnauba wax mixed in. But I have also been using Turtle Ice polish afterwards. So far so good and the finish looks great. But not sure if after a while it might have a negative impact on the matte panels. Bouncer looks like a much better product and I think I'll use that from now on.
  11. Any reasons why this would be illegal? Not sure I understand why.
  12. Has anyone tried wiring in a set of the Elise/Exige Federal LED tail lights into a UK or EU Exige V6? It might be a personal preference, but having only one set of tail light rings light up annoys me and I'm not a big fan of the half circle fog light. I like having the two rings either side light up when the lights are on or when braking. Maybe it's a bling thing..... On my old Elise R I bought a set of the inboard US tail lights (the reverse light ones) and wired them in no problem. Although I never wired in the fog light part. I want to do the same on my Exige V6 and it looks like it should not be an issue. Although this time I want to wire in the fog light also. Anybody tried this? Or any thoughts on whether it may cause other problems?
  13. Thanks everyone for the feedback! Sounds like normal car wash is the way to go for now. I did ask the Lotus dealer about it but they weren't particular helpful. Great link about the myths of matte cars! Must admit I thought some of them were true. The Pits, I would be really interested to hear how the Swissvax products work out.
  14. Hi, I've been a long time lurker and have really enjoyed reading all the forums. A wealth of information which eventually drove me to update my old Elise R for a new V6 Cup. But I could not find anything specifically about caring for the matte panels. The car is only 2 weeks old but now with all the bad weather it is in need of a good wash. I have never owned a car with matte paint before and have heard mixed reports of what you should and should not do. Seems like a silly question, but any advice on how best to wash the matte panels? Can you use wash and wax car wash? Or should you use normal car wash? I'm guessing liquid polish is also out of the question. Thanks!
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