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  1. Porsche owners have been taking the piss for years flipping cars for much more than £20k so fair play if these people get anywhere near £100k for an Emira.
  2. For a 12th July deposit last year, should I have been chased for the second deposit by now? It’s gone awfully quiet.
  3. Denno

    Test Drives

    The dilemma I have of not being able to test drive an i4 until November is I have a test drive booked with a different marque in a couple of weeks but not keen to place an order until I test drive the Emira which I’ve had a deposit down on since 12th July. Unless I put a deposit down on the other car regardless and pull one of the deposits once I have tried the both and made a decision.
  4. Denno

    Test Drives

    Has there been any comms around i4 test drives? Presume not but would the end of the year be realistic?
  5. There’s a video on one of the Facebook pages showing a unofficial 0-200 acceleration test. Not sure of the accuracy but the video suggests a time of mid 17 seconds. With the 100-200 around 12 seconds. Is that pretty much the expectation from people for the manual v6 version?
  6. I’ve noticed not much is shifting second hand at the moment with prices as they are, surely a correction is due soon given the state of the economy. The times during Covid where everyone was splashing the cash due to surplus cash from having no holidays or nights out to pay for are well and truly over.
  7. I’m 12th July for i4, email states delivery in 2023 but no detail of spring/ summer and have not had contact for a second deposit yet.
  8. Or put £50k down and £25k personal loan wouldn’t be much interest paid over the term, especially compared to pcp.
  9. Is it safe to say early depositors for the i4 FE going to be receiving their cars this winter ?
  10. Understand what you are saying in reference to tuning but you can bet your bottom dollar that Lotus will suddenly unleash a 400+ Version with no doubt little effort and a hefty price increase. This all about the marketing and leaving plenty of head room to bring out a faster version. If everyone at Lotus that was quizzed said it was easy to tune they would be potentially cutting off their nose for when they release future versions.
  11. Really need to see the options price list on the base car to see what I’d realistically be paying for what I’d actually want to spec! I’d estimate it would be under £70k but would be nice to be able to make an informed decision. Lotus seem very reluctant to give us all the information we should have by now to make the choice.
  12. Be amazed if they can keep the i4 at £60k by winter 2023 but even if they do they’ll claw it back with higher cost on the options surely. Should really announce the price of the options now though so that people can choose whether or not to pay the premium for the F.E or not.
  13. Call me a tight arse, but if I do go this route I think I’ll just do the front bumper, bonnet, fronts wings, mirrors ppf and then full ceramic coat. That will still be £2-2.5k, which is a fair chunk of cash, got to draw the line somewhere!
  14. Spoke to Rybrook, they use Elite Detailing in Solihull which is very close to the dealership. Had a quick chat with them and they estimate around £4K for full PPF.
  15. Denno

    Lotus Emira

    So in other words don’t hold our breath for finance examples this month then 😂
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