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  1. Call me a tight arse, but if I do go this route I think I’ll just do the front bumper, bonnet, fronts wings, mirrors ppf and then full ceramic coat. That will still be £2-2.5k, which is a fair chunk of cash, got to draw the line somewhere!
  2. Spoke to Rybrook, they use Elite Detailing in Solihull which is very close to the dealership. Had a quick chat with them and they estimate around £4K for full PPF.
  3. Denno

    Lotus Emira

    So in other words don’t hold our breath for finance examples this month then 😂
  4. Denno

    Lotus Emira

    Is it this month finance figures are going to be released?
  5. I prefer alcantara but fear it will feel too dark and boring inside. Where as tan or the light grey/ white leather really lifts it.
  6. Not sure about Lotus, but factory PPF doesn’t tend to be as good as a specialist and there is always paint correction required before applying on a new car, factory paint finish is never perfect.
  7. How many are considering having PPF and or ceramic coating done prior to collection? I’m thinking paint correction, PPF to at least the front areas and ceramic coated of entire car. My collection would be Rybrook Birmingham, not sure if they use anyone or whether I’d have to arrange myself. Anyone recommend a tried and tested place for this in the Midlands?
  8. I’m resigned to the fact I won’t get an i4 until March/April 23 at the earliest. If i was offered one autumn/winter next year I’d turn it down anyway as it just wouldn’t get any use until the following spring.
  9. Fair points. I tend to have daily’s that are not boring but not so good that I don’t want to bother taking out the toy. At the moment I have a Cupra 290 dsg as a daily which is enough fun and performance to get me through the daily commute and winter months without being so good at everything that it makes the weekend toy redundant. On the flip side it would be nice to just have the one car to reduce running costs etc but it would have to be a 911 if I ever went down that road.
  10. I’m sure an Emira could be used as a daily but I just don’t see it as a daily to be honest. It looks too special and like anything I’m sure the novelty of its beauty etc would fade quickly when using it everyday. Might be just me but I like to have a second car as a toy to enjoy purely for the pleasure of driving and something more practical for the boring stuff.
  11. I think you’re right on the potential price jump. Anyone remember not so long back when the Exige 350 came out people were getting them for £50k new with some haggling, within a couple of years the price went up to around £70k, that wasn’t inflation.
  12. Exactly this, it actually feels like they’re hiding something by not revealing all price options on all variants. Same with finance options, they should have released by now.
  13. There has been speculation on here or one of the Facebook groups that it will be around 5.9%
  14. A Cayman S spec’d to £77k is £19k deposit and around £920 a month over 3 years, would hope the finance on the Emira is better than that!
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