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    Vx220 turbo / Cupra 290 dsg
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    290 bhp stage 4
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  1. This will be nearly £80k with black pack and on the road price, which is about what was expected I’d say.
  2. Hope not, I’ve not even had the invite email yet.
  3. Denno

    Lotus Emira

    Love that spec. I’m starting to consider other colours for the Emira other than the blue that I thought was a dead cert. Now I’m considering Nimbus Grey and maybe even go balls out for the Yellow. Think the colour choice is always the most difficult option to decide on.
  4. Denno

    Lotus Emira

    They still have to offer a no options base model under £60k, as that is what they have said from the off. That doesn’t mean they won’t increase options to ensure heavy spec cars are hitting £70k+ regardless of which variant. Agree that many will have put deposits down due to that headline figure, if that changes significantly there will be a lot of people dropping out IMO.
  5. Being one of the later depositors (12th July), I’m not expected to get a car until mid 2023 tbh. If between now and then a more powerful version of the i4 is released then I’m hoping I’ll be able to change my order to one of those and just pay the inevitable extra cost.
  6. So they only be able to give expected delivery dates once order is placed? Because I’d want to know if I have a 2-3 year wait BEFORE locking in the order!
  7. Think the green although a classic Lotus colour hides the lines, similar to the grey car. The red would be one that I’d need to see in the flesh to commit. The brighter colours seem to suit the car better IMO.
  8. You think around 1700 will drop out in the Uk then?
  9. Denno

    Lotus Emira

    Nail on the head with the wives comment 😁
  10. Must be a typo, bet it’s 304 lb ft
  11. Denno

    Lotus Emira

    Anyone else have trouble with the configurator? Just about works on my phone but laptop and iPads it doesn’t even load.
  12. Denno

    Lotus Type 116

    Here’s mine, owned for over 14 years, running around 300hp. Going to keep it despite an order for an Emira being placed.
  13. 12th July 21 ( so will probably get car in about 2025 ) - Denno - i4 (most likely)
  14. Coming from a vx220 turbo (which I’m intending to keep), I kind of feel I’m not really new to the marque, I’m sure die hard Lotus fans would disagree though
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