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  1. After seeing the Emira I went straight to Porsche which was only a couple of miles away and looking over some 992’s they looked very similar in size to the Emira.
  2. Denno

    Lotus Emira

    Just had my call from the customer service team. I was told to expect pricing for the i4 FE by the end of the year/ start of 2022. I asked about the rumours of delays going into 2023 but was told they still expect deliveries from autumn next year.
  3. Very true and the fact it’s only the blue or grey we actually see anything of. Excitement will most likely rekindle when we get to see actual demo cars etc
  4. Just a point on the Exige, having seen a couple that were near the Emira the other day they look like a toy compared to the Emira and the Emira looks much more expensive when you see them together, if that matters to anyone.
  5. Again it just highlights the poor communication from Lotus from the get go. I had to chase the dealer for my invite, the response was to contact Lotus direct. Lotus then sent me a link to book but stated that I could just arrange direct with the dealer if I preferred. Having seen the car though I came away a little underwhelmed but can’t point my finger on why. The wife who couldn’t care less about cars said that the Emira looked the nicest out of all the cars there, that included a Lambo, Maclaren’s and Aston Martins.
  6. Not sure how long Lotus Rybrook Birmingham have the car but if you haven’t got an appointment you might be able to just pop down there and have a nose. I turned up for a 3pm appointment today and wasn’t asked to confirm invite or anything, just walked in. There was no official unveiling as such and no opening speech, not sure why. Spent a good 20 minutes having a nose round and then went over to Porsche a couple of miles up the road. I was having a look round two 992’s and was surprised how similar in size they appeared in relation to the Emira. Whether it was because the Lotus was viewed inside and the 911’s outside but was expecting the latter to be much bigger.
  7. I’m there tomorrow, let’s see what all the fuss is about
  8. Watching all this unravel I’m kind of happy not to be an early adopter and get to see/ drive the cars before committing. I would be uncomfortable locking in a spec that I don’t know how it will turn out until collection !
  9. Get the v6 fe manual early next year and then you’ll have something to look forward with having the i4 in a couple of years
  10. I have kind of accepted I would be a 2023 i4 anyway with not being an early depositor. It’s a long time to wait but I’m looking at the positives. Can see the reviews, have a proper test drive, see the exterior colours and interior differences etc so will most likely just leave my deposit in and wait it out. Also if the market crashes and there are suddenly £40k used examples available I’d just buy one of those knowing I’ve saved a big chunk of depreciation not buying new. Win win all round by being patient
  11. Must admit never liked the iPad stuck on the dash look on any car. Looks tacky.
  12. After hearing that deposit holders on here have all had emails to book the road show I decided to chase my invite. Had an apology email and managed to get booked in at my chosen dealer which still had some slots left luckily. Doesn’t fill me with confidence though that they literally forgot to let me know!
  13. This will be nearly £80k with black pack and on the road price, which is about what was expected I’d say.
  14. Hope not, I’ve not even had the invite email yet.
  15. Denno

    Lotus Emira

    Love that spec. I’m starting to consider other colours for the Emira other than the blue that I thought was a dead cert. Now I’m considering Nimbus Grey and maybe even go balls out for the Yellow. Think the colour choice is always the most difficult option to decide on.
  16. Denno

    Lotus Emira

    They still have to offer a no options base model under £60k, as that is what they have said from the off. That doesn’t mean they won’t increase options to ensure heavy spec cars are hitting £70k+ regardless of which variant. Agree that many will have put deposits down due to that headline figure, if that changes significantly there will be a lot of people dropping out IMO.
  17. Being one of the later depositors (12th July), I’m not expected to get a car until mid 2023 tbh. If between now and then a more powerful version of the i4 is released then I’m hoping I’ll be able to change my order to one of those and just pay the inevitable extra cost.
  18. So they only be able to give expected delivery dates once order is placed? Because I’d want to know if I have a 2-3 year wait BEFORE locking in the order!
  19. Think the green although a classic Lotus colour hides the lines, similar to the grey car. The red would be one that I’d need to see in the flesh to commit. The brighter colours seem to suit the car better IMO.
  20. You think around 1700 will drop out in the Uk then?
  21. Denno

    Lotus Emira

    Nail on the head with the wives comment 😁
  22. Must be a typo, bet it’s 304 lb ft
  23. Denno

    Lotus Emira

    Anyone else have trouble with the configurator? Just about works on my phone but laptop and iPads it doesn’t even load.
  24. Denno

    Lotus Type 116

    Here’s mine, owned for over 14 years, running around 300hp. Going to keep it despite an order for an Emira being placed.
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